While on the press tour for The Rover, we were lucky enough to catch up with Robert Pattinson and find out all about his hair – past, present, and future.

Here, we’ll explore what makes Robert Pattinson’s hair so special, how he has revolutionised the way we perceive men’s hair, and the steps he is taking to ensure his locks remain as healthy as they look today.

The Man Behind The Manicure

“I’ve been blessed with great hair, which I think is rather unique,” Robert Pattinson told us. “There are a lot of men with really great hair, but there are not that many with my particular combination of hair and looks. When I meet a guy who has my hair and looks, I think ‘Yeah, that’s kind of special’.”

The actor has been vocal about the importance of hair in his life, explaining to Vogue, “I’ve always been quite proud of my hair because it’s very unique in the way that it grows. I’ve always really loved experimenting with different hairstyles, and I’ve tried out a few different things over the years.”

Revolutionising The Way We Perceive Men’s Hair

Robert Pattinson has always been a champion for men’s hair, wearing bold hairstyles and experimenting with different textures and lengths to showcase the versatility of his mane. While women oftentimes shy away from experimenting with their hair due to a desire to maintain a certain look, Robert Pattinson’s approach has driven much of the change in men’s fashion today.

“I think society is slowly but surely starting to realise that not only are men’s and women’s bodies different, but their hair is also different,” he told us. “I think that people are slowly realising that if you want to be cool, you have to be willing to experiment with your hair, as I’ve always been quite willing to do.”

In a world dominated by women, men are often judged on their looks alone. However, with more men believing that a full-face portrait is the best way to make an impact, the desire to experiment with our hair has never been greater.

Healthy Hair Is Key

The key to Robert Pattinson’s youthful appearance is undoubtedly his incredible hair. The actor has been open about the fact that he takes great care of his hair, regularly using protein therapy to maintain its shine.

“I think it’s a combination of things. I eat well, I train hard, and I think it’s a bit of luck as well,” he told us. “I take care of my body – it shows – and I think that the way I look is because of that. I’m not going to knock my good looks because they’ve certainly helped.”

According to the actor, one theory that tries to explain his incredible good looks is that he was actually born with a silver spoon in his mouth. “I was lucky enough to be born into a big family, and this family trait of mine helped a lot,” he said. “I’ve always been surrounded by a lot of people, and I think this is probably why I’ve been able to stay so healthy all these years.”

A Passion For Skincare

While Robert Pattinson’s main focus when it comes to his health is on his hair, he is equally dedicated to maintaining his skin’s healthiness. The actor is well-known for his skin care regime, which consists of a product he has used for years, Murad Calciumsal-Serum. As a result, his skin is nearly camera-ready, thanks to its incredible glow and tamed wrinkles.

“I get really irritated when I step out in the sun because I don’t like overexposure to UV rays,” he told us. “If I’m not careful, it can cause many problems. So I try to avoid it as much as possible. I use a sunblock every day, and I use this particular product in the morning to make sure that my skin is well prepared for the day.”

With skin cancer rates on the rise and the ageing population set to increase, the need for effective and organic skincare products is more vital than ever.