For the last eight months, Robert Pattinson has been our favorite Hollywood celebrity. The British actor has starred in three hit movies, been nominated for a Golden Globe, and most recently, gotten engaged to his Twilight co-star, Rosie Pierri.

But now that the wedding bells are ringing and the happy couple has said ‘I do,’ it’s time for us to get emotional and nostalgic over our favorite celebrity son-in-law. Specifically, we’ve got to talk about his hair!

Just last week, the 33-year-old actor shared an Instagram photo of himself in which he can be seen completely bald. “Not sure what’ll happen with my hair but here goes nothing #bald #barmy,” he wrote in the caption. We don’t know if this means he’ll grow out his hair for the rest of his life (showering once a week will probably ensure that), but considering the backlash he got over his last hairplug attempt, maybe not.

Hair Is The Ultimate Metaphor

When it comes to symbolism, hair is one of the most powerful tools a person can have. As we’ve established, hair is both a symbol of status and strength. A woman’s hair can make or break her entire look. A man’s hair says a lot about him. It can hint at his age, his profession, the state of his health, and even the direction of his career. For this reason, it’s often the subject of much Hollywood talk.

Why Does Hair Matter To Robert?

So, what’s the deal with Robert’s hair? Is he just doing this for the paparazzi? Or did he have a change of heart?

To start with, let’s just talk about how lucky we are to have this photo. It’s a stark contrast to the many candid photos we see of Robert every day. It’s great to be able to study his every move. See what he’s really thinking. Check out his facial expressions. We get to see a side of Robert that most people don’t get to see. It’s like a whole new side of the actor!

But, as much as we love having this photo, it’s not like this is the first time we’ve seen him completely bald. Back in 2011, he famously shaved his head for a role in the critically-acclaimed horror movie, A Good Day To Die Hard. Even then, we knew something was up. When you shave your head for a role, it’s usually a definitive statement.

Tropic Thunder And Reactions

For me, the moment that really stood out was when he showed up to the premiere of Tropic Thunder in 2009 completely bald. I thought he looked awesome! He was a completely different person. The funny thing is that, even now, eight years later, that’s still how I feel about it. To this day, I think he looks absolutely phenomenal!

Even after all these years, the idea of having hair still makes me incredibly emotional. I love everything about Robert Pattinson, but his hair particularly. Seeing him without it is like a piece of me is being taken away. This is why, when he shaved his head a second time recently for the promotional tour for his new movie, The Witness, I nearly lost it.

Hair And The Evolution Of Attractiveness

Hair has always been a symbol of physical attractiveness. Over the years, we’ve seen many iconic figures completely change their appearance through hair texture and style. It started way back in the 1800s when men started wearing their hair long and puffed out. And it continued through the 20th century with famous women like Marjorie Merriweather Post, who popularized the Gibson Girl look in the early 1900s. We even saw it used as a tool of social control in the 1950s, with women going bald as a way to protest the Cocktail Revival in America.

But what’s interesting is that this is no longer the case when it comes to physical attraction. According to Vogue, over the last few years, our admiration for the physical attractiveness of others has declined. What was once considered “perfect” beauty has now been defined as, “what is easiest to achieve and most convenient.”

So, if hair no longer denotes physical attraction, what does it mean? Is it still important? Yes. Of course it is. But what does it mean? When you stop and think about it, “perfect” beauty is exactly what we admire in others. It’s what we strive for in ourselves. It’s what makes us fell more deeply in love. It’s what makes them appealing. It’s what makes them interesting. It’s what makes them unforgettable. It’s what makes them perfect.

The Meaning Of “Not Sure What’ll Happen With My Hair”

What does “not sure what’ll happen with my hair” mean? It means he’ll play it by ear. He doesn’t know what his hair will look like once it’s grown out. Or maybe he does, and he just doesn’t want to reveal it yet. Whatever the reason, it’s endearing. It makes us feel like he’s still a kid at heart. Like he’s still figuring out life. Which, in a way, he is.

So, is hair still important to Robert? Yes. Of course it is. Without it, he’d simply be another pretty face walking down the street. Hair is such a powerful tool. When used correctly, it can mean so much. When misused, it can ruin a person’s entire look. It’s important to find the right way to utilize it.