We can’t get enough of Robert Pattinson—even when he isn’t wearing black leather jackets. The actor has been in the news as of late for some seriously impressive reasons, from his break up with Bella to his role in the upcoming film, Good Time.

While we wait for news on the next step in his career, let’s take a look back at some of his best looks throughout his illustrious career.

The Black Leather Jacket

What’s not to love about Roberts Pattinson in a black leather jacket? The two-time Twilight actor is serious about his leather jackets—and we mean this in the best way possible. In fact, not only does he wear them a lot, but he also modifies them with pieces from his collection, adding a modern update to the classic look.

His first major appearance in a leather jacket was during the 2014 American Ucla basketball game against San Diego State. The actor was spotted wearing his signature black leather jacket and matching beanie.

The sports jacket brand is certainly on trend this year, and we can see a lot of celebrities wearing them. From Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez to Bella and Kitkats, many celebrities have sported the trend-setter this year.

The High-Rise Look

This year, Pattinson took an interesting route to the red carpet. Instead of going for a traditional route with an over-sized luxury bag or a sporty Mercedes Benz, he opted for a simple but elegant look. And what better way to accessorize than with a stunning red rose.

This is the look that will make you stand out. We can see how this would be an interesting choice for a Valentine’s Day date, although you’d probably need to go the extra mile for your lady (and wallet).

The Rebellious Look

The rebellious look is one which makes us want to stand still and stare. It’s the type of look that makes us question the fashion world and how it works. It’s the type of look that demands our attention—causing us to stop what we’re doing and go take a peek.

Pattinson’s look in the 2018 movie, Ready to Fight, has got to be one of the hottest looks we’ve seen all season. The actor wore a black leather jacket with silver studs and matching black pants with silver studs. While this look may not be for the faint-hearted, we have a feeling that people will still be talking about it long after the movie has been released.

The Classic Look

We can’t call Pattinson’s look in the 2017 movie, The Photograph, a failure. It was an interesting choice for the actor, who plays a photographer who falls in love with an impromptu model (played by Alicia Vikander) while taking photographs for a magazine.

The classic look has never been more on trend than it is now. From Grace Kelly and Ingrid Bergman in their heyday to Elizabeth Taylor and the current Duchess of Cambridge, the style has been popularized by Hollywood’s finest.

This look is easy to replicate. Simply combine a blazer and jeans with a stitched belt and matching accessories such as watch and bag for the ultimate classic look.

The Underdog Look

We love a good underdog story, don’t we? Pattinson takes this look in the 2015 movie, The Walking Dead Collector’s Edition Blu-ray. We can see him play a geeky but lovable nerd who teams up with a group of other geeks to save cinema.

They don’t have much money, so they’ve decided to pool their resources together to buy a zombie-themed party trick to perform at the end.

Pattinson’s team wins in the end, and we find out that he’s actually a zombie. Who cares, right? We care. We want to see more of this kind of role.

This is one of the more unique looks we’ve seen from the actor. If you’ve ever seen him play a character with a brain tumour or who is suffering from epilepsy, you know what kind of looks he creates. Not many people can pull this kind of character off, but he manages.

The Modernized Look

This year, Pattinson turned 34 years old, so it’s about time he updated his wardrobe. And what better way to update your wardrobe than with high-quality leatherwear?

The actor already owned a leather jacket collection. Now, with the new wave of veganism and ethical fashion rising, he decided to expand his collection with vegan leather and organic cotton. This is something that never happened before, especially since leather is such a hot theme this year.

Even the most stylish of celebs have been seen donning sheepskin and cowhide leather garments. This year, it’s the ultimate update for a fashion icon.

The Trend-Setting Look

The jacket worn by Pattinson on the set of The Walking Dead Collector’s Edition Blu-ray is actually part of his collection. This year, the superstar has been seen holding court on the red carpet with his fellow designers. While it’s not exactly a rare occurrence, it is rather impressive to see someone of his status co-opting the runway and embracing it as much as he does.

This is a trend-setter. Next year, we’ll see stars sporting these designer leather items on the red carpets.

The Role Model Look

We can’t talk about Pattinson’s style without mentioning his major role model, Gucci’s founder and CEO, Michele Laurenzano. While many fashion-related stories revolve around the famous designers, it’s the roles stars play in films and television shows that inspire fashion trends—not to mention the people they look up to.

Pattinson has been seen wearing Gucci many times on-screen, from A Clockwork Orange to The Walking Dead. It’s only natural that he would want to emulate the style of the designer.

The Bravest Look

There’s no question that soldiers are some of the most stylish people we know. It just goes to show you that fashion and aesthetics can be applied to a real-life situation.

Pattinson’s look in the 2015 movie, Sinking, may be one of the most impressive examples of this. We can see the actor walking the red carpet in full military regalia. It is quite an ensemble, consisting of a blazer, a scarf, a hat, glasses and a shako (crown).

And just like that, he transforms himself into an elegant but powerful figure.

This is perhaps the most stylish look we’ve seen from Pattinson. Everything about him exudes pride and authority. If ever there was a fashion icon who embodied the will to fight for what is right, it’s Robert Pattinson.