Robert Pattinson’s black coat is the ultimate winter wear. The actor’s bold style choice is a bold move for the cooler months, but it’s one he’s been wanting to make for a while. “I’ve always liked black clothes and black accessories during the colder months, but it’s always been very expensive to be bold like this,” he told Vogue back in 2015. “Then this year I realized that during the colder months, a black coat or a black shirt could be very elegant and fashionable, and it wouldn’t be bad for women either.”

The Timeless Style

Not only is Robert Pattinson’s black coat timeless, it’s also designed to be worn more than once. The style guru behind the influential blog Mine is an Angel shared on Instagram.

“It’s funny because I feel like it’s a little bit of an ‘older brother’ coat. You know, kind of like a classic trench coat vibe but in black,” Pattinson said. “I feel like it’s something that a man can wear multiple times because it becomes easier to wear each time you wear it.”

The Perfect Fit For A Night Out

When it comes to keeping warm, nothing says style and sophistication like a perfect fit. Of course, you’ll want to check the fits of your coat and your dress before heading out, but the style of your clothes will have an impact on your night’s look too. When you wear something that’s not quite right, it can make you appear less poised and more like you’re having trouble walking.

Even if you’re not out for a glamorous evening, but instead want to stay at home to cozy up with your partner, a poorly fitting dress can ruin your chances of looking your best. When it comes to keeping warm, comfort is important too, so make sure that the dress you wear is both cozy and flattering, otherwise you’ll be wishing you had opted for something else.

When it comes to wearing black, there are so many rules and guidelines. First off, make sure that the color suits you; if it doesn’t you look like a mess. Also, bear in mind that darker colors tend to be more elegant and fashionable. If you go for a bold fashion choice, it can end up being both elegant and fashionable, but it takes some time to get used to. A lot of people have trouble with this sort of fashion choice since it’s not something that’s normally associated with them. There’s a reason why we haven’t seen too many celebrities wearing black recently, it can be hard to find the right fit for darker colors. Once you figure it out, however, it is so worth it.