With Twilight now complete and his latest movie under heavy promotion, Robsten is back! It was only a matter of time before we saw Pattinson strut his stuff on the red carpet once more. And boy, did he ever! There were a host of celebrities at the premiere including some of our favorite stars like Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde, and Vanessa Hudgens. But the real head honcho had to be Chris Brown. Who else could it be? He’s got a new album coming out, and he wanted to remind everyone of his talent. In a classy move, the singer invited Robert to join him on stage for a little duet! They made the most magical music together, and we can’t help but be in love with both of them. One of the greatest celebrity duets of all time! That’s what I call class. So here are some of Robsten’s most stunning red-carpet moments.

Enchanting Elegance

The most charming sight at the premiere was undoubtedly Robbie’s elegance! It seemed like he had just stepped out of a fair isle white shirt and black tie, and he looked simply divine. He styled his hair in a simple yet charming bow, and he matched every outfit with the right accessories. It’s no wonder he’s considered to be one of the most stylish actors now. The world was enamored with this enchanting prince charming.

The Perfect Pose

Speaking of style, Robbie’s pose at the premiere was perfect. He walked the red carpet with his hands in the pockets of his slick jeans and kept his stylishly messy hair off of his face with his favorite black leather jacket. The British actor looked every bit the part of the sophisticated movie star he’s portrayed so handsomely in films. It’s obvious why he’s drawn so many comparisons to Audrey Hepburn. We can only imagine how gorgeous he’d look in a full length ball gown!


The former model’s choice of clothing is always pretty fabulous. Not only does she wear the costumes impeccably, but she incorporates her passion for fashion into her environmental and social initiatives. Olivia has promoted sustainable fashion, and she’s passionate about recycling. So when we think about her favorite brand, we can only imagine how Eco-friendly her wardrobe must be!


Classy is one of the keywords that comes to mind when describing Olivia’s style. She’s always wearing the most exquisite dresses and has graced the covers of Vogue numerous times. But she’s never been afraid to show off her legs either, which is something we love about her. So while we may see her wearing classy dresses on the red carpet, we know she’s never afraid to switch into something a little less classy if the occasion calls for it. Like when she’s promoting ethical fashion or an environmentally friendly product. Then she can wear what she wears best: her unique sense of style. That’s what makes her so special. She’s not afraid to be different, and she’s certainly not afraid to experiment with fashion. She’s created a fashion identity all her own.


Vanessa has graced the pages of Vogue many times, but she’s never shied away from showing off her elegant side either. After all, that’s what made her famous in the first place. You may have seen her wearing a beautiful blue dress with white polka dots on the red carpet, and it’s safe to say that she looked absolutely elegant. She wore her hair in waves, which made them pop against the pale skin of her brow. That’s how you carry elegance into every photograph. It’s no wonder she’s always been compared to another famous blonde, Grace Kelly. There’s something about that golden glow that is just so radiant. She’s like a luminous light that leaves an impression on everything she touches. Which is quite the accomplishment for someone who’s been around for 70 years now. She’s certainly earned her place in the history books.


Sophisticated may be another word that comes to mind when we think about Robbie’s style. While he always looks dashing, he manages to keep a sophisticated air about him. It’s difficult to pinpoint what exactly makes him so sophisticated. Maybe it’s the perfect balance of elegance and sexiness that comes with his bone structure or his sharp mind. Whatever it may be, we’re in love with his style. This sophisticated English actor always manages to look like a total charmer.


As beautiful as they are, we can’t talk about the stars of the film without also mentioning their stunning appearance. They are the real beauty queens of the cinema. They grace the screen with their glam and their grace, and we can’t take our eyes off of them. It’s difficult to find the words to describe their beauty. Maybe it’s the delicate yet commanding air that they carry with them wherever they go. Or maybe it’s the way they carry themselves with such ease. Whatever it may be, they are the most stunning of the stunning. They are the female counterparts to the equally stunning Robert Pattinson.


Dazzling is often a word that fans use to describe the handsome Twilight star. And it’s easy to see why. He is absolutely dazzling in a blue shirt and white tie! How many other young men can wear this color combination and look this good? We bet you’d be hard-pressed to find one. We were mesmerized by his charm, humor, and good looks. It seems like it was only a matter of time before he became the darling of Hollywood. And it hasn’t been long since then!


Emma Stone is one of the hottest actresses of our time. And, quite frankly, she’s one of our favorite stars. We can’t get enough of her smile, her dimples, and the way she carries herself. While on the red carpet, she looked absolutely gorgeous in a black lace dress. She also looked radiant while promoting her latest movie, Battle of the Sexes, which comes out next year. We can’t wait to see her in more elaborate and creative dresses as she continues to evolve as an actress.


We can’t leave Hollywood without mentioning its most elegant, graceful, and fashionable star. It seems like just yesterday we were singing the praises of Audrey Hepburn, and it’s been an honor to see such an icon live on in the glamorous and talented Emma Stone.


It’s no secret that Chris Brown is a very good-looking man. We’ve all seen him on Instagram, and we’ve all seen his beautiful baby girl. It seems like forever ago that he was embroiled in a violent feud with Drake. But, in true Chris Brown fashion, he hasn’t changed a bit. He looks just as good now as he ever did. While promoting his new album, X, he looked effortlessly handsome. He styled his hair in a neat, old-school bowl cut and wore a black T-shirt, white jeans, and a diamond stud. What a class act!


Now, speaking of class, let’s not forget about the seductive Olivia Wilde! The beautiful Irish movie star has always been considered to be one of the most glamorous and seductive women in Hollywood. While promoting her new film, The House of Gucci, she looked every bit the part of a seductress. With her pale skin, black dress, and red lip gloss, she looked stunning. We can’t help but be captivated by her beauty and style. This is the woman who keeps us dreaming of a perfect day. And we’re not alone. The world seems to have fallen head over heels for this glamorous actress.


Speaking of the world falling for his beauty, let’s not forget about the dazzling, radiant Rebecca De Mornay! What a charmer! While on the red carpet for her new film, Sisters, she lit up the screen with her beauty. It seems like it was only yesterday that we were saying goodbye to Reese Witherspoon and hello to Rebecca De Mornay. Like her sister, Mindy, Rebecca is a stunning beauty, and what a talent she has! While on the red carpet for the premiere of her newest film, she dazzled us with her charisma. It seems like her Instagram is filled with stories of her glimmering smiles and captivating eyes. This is one to watch out for. Just when you thought 2018 couldn’t get any more exciting, Rebecca came along and showed us exactly why.