Hitting 50 is no easy feat, but it has only been a few days since the ‘On the Road’ star turned 49 and he already seems to be relaxing and enjoying life more than ever. Whether he’s treated himself to a new car or taken up rowing, he’s certainly been busy spending his big day with his loved ones.

The actor turned producer took to Instagram to celebrate his birthday with a sweet throwback to some of his classic looks. The photo reveals his new tattoo, which is a fitting tribute to his time on the big screen. It also marks the spot where the ‘Twilight’ star got his first tattoo, and now he’s added a few more in celebration of his big day.

The actor also shared a throwback photo from his wedding to Suki Waterhouse in 2014. It’s a fitting celebration for the couple, who tied the knot in an intimate ceremony just a few months after their engagement. The lovebirds previously dated for two years before getting engaged, and many of their guests made it a point to walk down the aisle in their iconic white gowns.

While many people are looking at his Instagram story to see what new projects he has in the works, the actor has been hard at work behind the scenes too. He has been busy producing music and collaborating with artists to create new songs for movie trailers and soundtracks. He’s also launched a children’s book titled ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, which comes with a soundtrack featuring tunes from some of his favorite artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Sia and Florence Welch.

On January 11, 2020, the actor and director spent the day celebrating with family and friends at an intimate dinner party. Entertainment journalists were there to catch a glimpse of the festivities and offer some analysis of what is going on behind the scenes. Let’s take a closer look at what we know so far.

He’s Been Tweeting And Instagramming A Lot Lately

Since the start of the year, the Hollywood heartthrob has been sharing plenty of exciting news on social media. He kicked off the year by retweeting a post from the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) about the state of digital marketing. The tweet read, “@robertpattinson Thanks for reminding me that I should be doing this interview in #hairspray!”

The following month, he shared a throwback photo of himself in a classic pose from the set of the Woody Allen classic, ‘Something Wild’. The photo was later revealed to be an advertisement for a designer suit that he wore in the film.

He recently revealed that he will star in a Woody Allen movie, which will be the 76-year-old director’s first Hollywood appearance in 17 years. The film will mark the screen debut of Pattinson’s character, David O. Russell. The actor will play a character based on the novelist and filmmaker, Howard Hughes. The movie will tell the story of how Hughes rose to prominence in Hollywood until his life took a turn for the worse.

Pattinson has also been busy touring the United States for the past few months, sharing snaps of himself in different cities and visiting landmarks like the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore with his Instagram followers. The photos show off the cities’ beauty along with the star’s playful sense of humor.

A Self-confessed “Workaholic”

In an interview with the Cut magazine last October, Pattinson revealed that he was a “workaholic” as a teenager and in his early 20s. He attributed this to the pressures of fame, which made it difficult to find time for fun. Since relocating to Los Angeles he has found time to pursue other interests, though he admitted that he still spends too much time at work. Even when he is not filming, he is still working. Over the past year, he has not taken a day off, according to his manager. This has led to some speculation that he is overworking to make up for lost time due to his former hectic schedule.

The actor has spoken openly about his struggles with addiction. In a 2018 interview with Vanity Fair, he detailed how he had to face his problem head on. “I’ve always been a workaholic. I wasn’t good at school, and I had a lot of problems as a teenager. I turned to drink and drugs to deal with my issues,” he said. “I dealt with it in a pretty unhealthy way. I was in a really dark place. I wanted to change, but I just kept taking drugs to try and calm myself, and I would drink whenever I wanted. It was just a destructive way of living.”

Pattinson eventually started seeing a therapist and getting help for his drug addiction. Now, he says he is a different person and credits his change in life to his recovery. “I’m not the same person I was five or six years ago,” he said. “If I could go back and do things differently, I would have started [seeing a therapist] a lot earlier.”

The Birth Of His Children

Pattinson is best known for his role as Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” saga. But the actor has been in the public eye for many years before he first played Edward. He rose to fame in the early 2010s after he played the son of Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Fong’s characters in the indie film, “Tell Me Something Good”. The portrayal launched him into the public eye and won him critical acclaim. He followed this up with another acclaimed turn as an autistic man in the 2014 film, “The Lobster,” which also won him many fans. In 2015, he earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “The Rover”. Since then, he has become known for portraying sensitive and complex characters.

The ‘Twilight’ franchise was a massive success and earned the actor a large following. So much so that when it came time for him to celebrate his 50th birthday in 2019, his fans had made it clear that they wanted him to do something special. In response, he released a short film, titled ‘Blackbirds’, which he also directed and starred in. The short film follows the story of a man whose life is turned upside down when he meets a strange and intriguing woman (played by Pattinson) by the sea. Using his director’s eye, he was able to capture the beauty of the British coastline in a way that many have never experienced. Using only practical effects and a minimal amount of CGI, he was able to create a magical atmosphere that many feel reflects their own experiences.

Behind The Scenes On Set Of ‘On The Road’

While Pattinson has been promoting his new movie, several journalists have been granted access to set interviews and behind the scenes photos from the set of ‘On the Road’. The resulting content provides some interesting analysis of what is going on behind the scenes. On the Road is the final movie in the ‘Rooster Crows’ franchise and sees Pattinson play a surfer who travels across America in search of stardom. The actor has been working hard to perfect his skills as a surfer, which in turn has helped him perfect his acting. His co-stars have also praised his dedication to the role.

Ahead of the film’s premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, Vanity Fair got to spend some time with the actor and found him to be a hard-working, but approachable professional. “I can’t wait to share the experience with my kids,” Pattinson said of working on the film. “One of the nice things about the Rooster Crows films is that we get to travel around and meet so many different people. This will be the last hurrah of sorts for the whole cast and crew. It will be nice to reflect on this time and share these last few months with our families.”

Director Jay Roach previously worked with the actor on “Bad Guy” and “Knock Down the House”. He has also directed several episodes of the television series, “Family Guy,” which is what led him to suggest that “Robert Pattinson is kind of like the Jewish Frank Sinatra. He does good work, but he’s not afraid to work with anyone.”