We’ve all seen him. We’ve all heard of him. He’s graced the big and small screens in everything from films to TV shows. But, how much of his head really is big? Is he just another pretty face taking Hollywood by storm, or does he have more than meets the eye? Let’s examine his most prominent features and try to figure it out.

Big Eyes

Yes, the eyes. Let’s start with the eyes, shall we? First off, this is a rare breed. A genuinely big-eyed person. Someone whose eyes are a part of their expression. The eyes aren’t just a vessel for sight, but they play a huge part in how others perceive you. A person with big eyes is often perceived as being gentle, kind, and somewhat innocent. Someone you’d want to trust. It’s a powerful tool for your social interactions.

Long Nose

Now we come to the nose. We all know what a long nose is, right? It’s that thing that Robert Pattinson was born with and has never really grown out of. It’s always been there, in the same place, serving as a constant reminder of his humble beginnings. While some might see this as an annoying fault, for Robert Pattinson it has served as a source of pride. He’s never really shaken the perception that he was born into wealth and privilege, and he’s never shied from displaying his sense of humor about it either. He’s made some pretty funny faces while sporting that long nose of his.

High Cheekbones

Next up are the cheeks. We all know what high cheekbones are; they are those sharp, pointy things that stick out above our mouth when we blow our nose. They’re a mark of high social status and are often associated with beauty. Someone with high cheekbones is often perceived as having wide, generous smiles and as being kind, fair, and honest. You’d probably like to trust them, and you’d be right to do so. They are truly fascinating creatures.

Deep Voice

Speaking of fascinating, let’s talk about that deep voice of his. How did Robert Pattinson acquire that rich, resonant voice? Does he even use his voice more than others? He certainly doesn’t do any worse than most people in terms of yelling, but it’s certainly not something that he relies on. It just kind of is. He’s never really had to work at it; it’s always been there, waiting for him to tap into it. Now when he speaks, it’s as though the world stops, and everyone around him gets sucked into a deep, magical reverie.

Square Shoulders

Speaking of magical, let’s move on to the shoulders. We all know what square shoulders are, they are those things that stick out above your biceps when you raise your arms in a ‘T’ pose. They are a mark of strength and are often associated with masculinity. Someone with square shoulders is often perceived as having an authoritative, strong personality. You’d probably like to be on the same side as them as much as possible because they make it easy for you to hold your own. When you’re with them, you feel more confident and protected. You know they’ll have your back no matter what.

Narrow Shoulders

Moving on to the last item on our list. Now we come to the most important aspect of Robert Pattinson’s unique look. The hips. The narrow hips, specifically. When you see a woman with narrow hips, you see effortless beauty and inner peace. She may not necessarily look like she’s working, but you get the sense that something about her just clicks. With her hips narrow, she seems to glide effortlessly through the world. You want to be near her and fit in with her happy, peaceful vibe because, well, you’re not exactly sure what’s going on with you at the moment.

Short Hair

We’re just going to skip ahead a little bit here. You know what short hair is, right? It’s that thing that BFFs (best friends forever) Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio sported in the early 2000s. It’s become somewhat of a ‘cute’ look in recent years, but it’s certainly not anything new. People have been dressing their dogs in short hair since the 1700s, and it’s never gone out of style. You’re most often going to see it on young women. Someone with short hair is often perceived as being attractive, lively, and creative.

That’s really all you need to know about Robert Pattinson. You see, Hollywood stars are just like us. They have their good and their bad days. Sometimes they even look like they’re having fun. So, whether you love him or you hate him, you’re most likely to see the best and the worst of him. But that’s okay, because we’re all human and sometimes we don’t measure up to the very high standards that we set for ourselves. So, when that happens, we can always look at the mirror and laugh at ourselves. Just kidding. You probably already do that, which is why you’re reading this. 😉 But seriously, if you want to find out more, just Google any of the above mentioned things and you’ll see what I mean.