One of the most intriguing aspects of the 2021 movie, “Far From Home,” is its mystery box storyline. In the movie, Meryl Streep’s character, Florence Griffiths, gets a mysterious package from Los Angeles—and inside she discovers a tiny violin, which she later brings to life with her magical talent.

The mysterious package isn’t anything special. In actuality, Florence gets a lot of mysterious packages from Los Angeles—and inside each one she discovers a violin. But what makes this particular gift so special is that it’s from Bey and Robert Pattinson. It’s not an isolated incident either. The two actors have been spotted holding hands several times, and since they’re both musicians, the speculation is that they’re planning on tying the knot.

Why Did They Suddenly Hold Hands?

The Far From Home footage is obviously just a fictionalized version of Florence and her journey to becoming a famous violinist. But it brings up an interesting point about the two actors: They’ve never really been photographed holding hands, aside from the odd couple of casual pics that they’ve both shared on social media. So what’s the story behind this sudden public display of affection?

It might have something to do with their characters’ contrasting personalities. On one hand, you’ve got Florence, who is a total ice queen. She’s so uptight that she dislikes even the most normal interactions with people. The last person that she wants to be bothered with is Robert, since he’s the son of one of her wealthy patients. So in the Far From Home version of events, she completely ignores his attempts to engage with her.

Then there’s the other side of the character: You’ve got Robert, who is far from being a typical rich kid. In the books that he’s been spotted reading, love interests are usually a bit more toned-down. Gone are the brooding stares and deep thoughts. In their place is a charming and affectionate presence that completely warms Florence’s heart. It’s an altogether different side of the character, who seems to have found his voice in the musical theater world, much to the delight of audiences. So, while Florence may still feel cold towards Robert, their relationship is definitely blossoming.

What’s Next?

It’s easy to assume, especially since their characters are so different and have ended up on such opposite ends of the emotional spectrum, that these two actors wouldn’t have much to say to each other. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, the Far From Home footage shows them having a fascinating conversation about art and literature, which would seem to indicate that they have a lot in common. So, while it’s great to see their professional collaboration as an actress finally paying off, it also seems that their personal relationship is going to be the bigger story in the near future.