The news had barely settled that Robert Pattinson had married Hollywood actress Kate Winslet when the newlyweds were plunged into controversy once again. This time, it involved more lurid allegations of debauchery and betrayal—specifically, that Winslet’s former spouse had dumped her for another woman. The ensuing media frenzy was unprecedented, and it was all because of a sex tape. On one side, we had the happy couple, who had famously kept their romance a secret until their wedding day. On the other, a ravenous public who had no idea who this man was allegedly sleeping with. As the days passed, more X-rated videos and photos of the scandalous new couple surfaced online, further tarnishing their fresh start.

Robert Pattinson: A Luxury Yacht Salesman

In the weeks following the wedding, we were treated to a steady stream of news reports detailing the nuptials. There were interviews with the happy couple, scrutinizing their every move and declaring the union a success. Speculation swirled suggesting that they were both finally making amends for past indiscretions. It was a promising start to what would become known as the “Winslet Effect,” a media phenomenon that coined the term ‘Winsletizing’ to describe the act of taking a well-known entity and attaching it to an individual’s name for fame and fortune.

One name that didn’t feature in the initial euphoria was that of Robert Pattinson. Although he had publicly expressed support for his new wife, behind the scenes he was doing his best to sabotage the marriage. First, he refused to take part in any of the couple’s public appearances. Then, to add insult to injury, he hired a private detective to tail Kate. In the months that followed, Robert made several attempts to have the marriage annulled. On each occasion, the judge turned him down. At one hearing, the judge presciently remarked that, “In the event of divorce, the money would be better spent on childcare.”

When Robert finally decided to end the marriage, he did so with uncharacteristic generosity. Instead of trying to win sole custody of their children or seeking a financial settlement, he opted for shared parenting. As part of the settlement, he agreed to sign over full custody of their kids to Kate. Despite this show of solidarity, Robert kept a low profile and avoided all public appearances. He remained resolutely opposed to the media circus that had surrounded the couple’s wedding. In fact, he went to such extremes as to allegedly destroy evidence that would have aided any divorce proceedings.

Four years on, and five years after Kate’s first marriage ended in disaster, Robert was still trying to suppress his existence. He rarely granted interviews and avoided the limelight. He also refused to speak with any of his on-set co-stars, especially not with his ex-wife’s husband, Colin Firth. While Kate was busy promoting her new book, Behind The Scenes, co-written with the journalist Lisa Robinson, Robert maintained a discreet silence. Then, to everyone’s surprise, he dropped the bombshell that he had been in a relationship with yet another beautiful young woman. Naturally, the media had another field day. Suddenly, there were photos of Robert cavorting with his latest bedmate on the cover of every magazine. Some people even began to wonder if he had developed a taste for women that went beyond friendship. Was this the consequence of bad parenting, of being raised by a single mother, or was it simply a case of bad luck?

For those that have followed the twists and turns of popular culture over the last decade, it comes as no surprise that Robert Pattinson would become involved in another love drama. What is perhaps more surprising is that this time it would be with a member of the royal family. In fact, the Duke of Cambridge, who has been married to Princess Elizabeth for more than 70 years, was said to be “heartbroken” upon hearing the news. Although it was later revealed that the two had actually met years earlier through a mutual friend, their romance sparked a media frenzy that would last for months.

Upon hearing the news, people across Britain rushed to buy wedding rings, with some retailers reporting that more than half a million pieces of jewellery were sold in the week following the announcement. It wasn’t just about the rings, either. The entire wedding wardrobe—from dresses to suits—was described as “massive” and reminiscent of Queen Victoria’s grandson, King George, who married Princess Mary in 1893. Even the bridal bouquet—made up of orchids, lilies, and carnations—was a nod to the queen’s garden, which she tended with great care. The media had a field day, painting a picture of luxury and opulence befitting a royal wedding. Naturally, it didn’t hurt that the groom-to-be had been raised in a fairly affluent household, with a cook, a governess, and a housekeeper to help look after him. Even as a child, Robert had been surrounded by wealth and privilege. When he was eight years old, he famously tricked his way into a free chocolate bar by posing as a grown-up. The bar’s owner had assumed he was being hired to take the child out for the day. Unfortunately for the kindly shop owner, Robert didn’t let him off easy. He pocketed the money and ran off with his newfound friend, Victor Wilding. The boy king had some very exciting days ahead.

Those that knew and loved Robert Pattinson will be devastated by his apparent descent into self-destructive behavior. They will wonder how this could happen to such a kind, generous, and loving person. The reasons behind this unexpected turn of events are likely to be complex. Perhaps, like his character in the film The Beach, he is simply chasing his own tail, living a life of pure hedonism and self-gratification. Some will argue that his descent into addiction is an inevitable consequence of growing up in the spotlight. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the actor has surrounded himself with a team of doctors, counselors, and addiction specialists, who have been trying to help him for years.

One thing is for certain. At 42 years old, Robert Pattinson is no longer interested in simply being the pretty face that adorns the tabloids’ covers. Instead, he is looking to make a mark on the world stage, regardless of whether it is through his acting or his relationships. At this stage in his life, he has experienced plenty of highs and lows. He has triumphed over adversity, battled with addiction, and found love again. He even managed, against the odds, to raise a family with Kate, his childhood sweetheart. In 2019, it would seem that he is finally ready to make the most of this latest twist of fate and give the media what they want, a glimpse into the life of a wealthy, popular bachelor. As for his fans, it remains to be seen whether they will continue to support and love him, as much as they have done over the last 15 years. For now, at least, he has a nice, private life in which to lead it. As long as he keeps his private rooms private, who cares about the rest?