I have two young boys, and like any parent can identify, parenting can be pretty hectic. There are so many demands on your time, and when you’re a parent, there’s always something that needs to be done (but isn’t getting done). One solution to this problem is to reduce the amount of time you spend with your family and instead invest in your social life. This can be done in a number of ways, one of which is to see a movie every week. Seeing a movie with your family can be a bonding experience, and it can also be a good way for parents to discover new things about their kids’ interests and talents. One such talent that my boys have is acting. They both love watching movies, especially those that have a strong storyline and involve a lot of dialogue. One day, as I was checking out our local library’s movie section, I came across a Disney movie called Robbie. (If you’re unfamiliar, this is a movie based on the children’s book The Wonderful World of Disney, about a boy named Roger who befriends a stray dog named Robbie.) I had never heard of the book or the movie, but my boys had, and they were really excited to see the Disney movie adaptation. This got me thinking—wouldn’t it be great if there was a list of the best scenes from Robbie available? So I did some research, and here are the results of my inquiry:

The Library Song

One of my boys’ favorite scenes in Robbie happens when Roger sings a song while in the library. The song is an ode to books and the place that they hold in our lives. It’s a beautiful moment, and one that reminded me of why I love books so much:

“‘Cause you’ve been a good friend to me,
I’ll never forget your name,’
The librarian gave me a look 
Like I’ve never seen before. 
The librarian’s name was Mr. Roarke
And he opened up a whole new world to me.
I spent more time in that library 
Than I did in my entire entire life. 
And it was wonderful, 
Every bit of it, 
Because you’ve been a good friend to me. 
Never let it be said 
That Roger Simpson doesn’t love books.”

The Rainy Day

Another of my boys’ favorite scenes in Robbie happens when it starts raining the day that Roger meets Robbie for the first time. It’s a magical moment, made more magical by the fact that it’s both raining and storming at the same time:

“I had never been so wet in my entire life. 
The pitter-patter on the tin roof
Was frightening
But not as frightening as the thought of not hearing Roger’s cry for help

The thought of getting hailed in the face was horrifying
But not as horrifying as the idea of Roger being stuck in the storm.

“After what seemed like an eternity, the rain stopped
And so did Roger. 
I checked under his umbrella
And there was Roger, 
Half-asleep but smiling anyway
He’d had enough chillingto be grateful for a good old-fashioned American thunderstorm
It was then that I knew this was a person I wanted to spend my life with.

The Happy Moment

One of my boys’ favorite scenes from Robbie happens when Roger is walking home from school with his best friend Al. They’re both happy, and it’s clear that they’ve both been waiting for this moment all day. When Roger’s mother asks about his day, he replies, “We just talked about books, mostly.” This is one of my favorite scenes from Robbie, mainly because it’s clear that the moment isn’t forced; it’s built on a foundation of friendship:

“‘Mom,’ I said, 
‘I just want you to know that I love you.’ 
‘I love you too, she said.  
‘And I love you more than anything else in the world.'”

This scene also makes me think of parenting through children’s books. It’s obvious that Mrs. Simpson reads to her boys often, and it’s an important part of their bond. It’s something that children can learn from, and it gives parents an opportunity to show off the talents of their children.

The Endgame

My boys also love the ending of Robbie. Roger and Robbie’s friendship is able to withstand the challenges that their respective families put in front of them, and in the end, it’s a moment that both families can share. It makes me think about the importance of family in terms of growing up in a safe and supportive environment, and also how much our own parents mean to us even when they’re far away:

“‘Well, son,’ his father said, 
‘It’s about time for you to fly home. 
‘I know this has been a lot of fun, but it’s been a long day. 
‘And I have to be somewhere tomorrow.’ 
‘I hugged him,’ his father said, 
‘Then I looked in his eyes
‘And there was a glimpse (of happiness)
‘I knew that he loved me, and I loved him more than anything or anyone else in the world.’ 
‘Dad,’ I said, 
‘It’s been more than worth it.'”

I could go on and on about my boys’ favorite scenes from Robbie, but the point is, even though it’s a kid’s movie, Robbie isn’t just about kids. There are many adult themes running throughout the story, which means that it can really speak to adults too. It’s about family, friendship, love, and how those things are intertwined in each of our lives. It deals with issues that even adults can relate to, and that’s why I think it’s such a special movie.