It seems like Robert Pattinson changes his clothes almost as often as he changes his hairstyle. Since the actor debuted his long locks in January this year, the 35-year-old has been photographed in a number of different hairdos and clothing styles. One of the most prominent fashion trends inspired by Pattinson is the bespoke suit, which the actor has been seen wearing on multiple occasions.

While some men’s tailors create one-of-a-kind suits for high rollers, the star makes his bespoke suits available to the public. Does the publicity cost money? How much does a bespoke suit from J.M. WESTON cost, exactly?

The Rise In Popularity

Bespoke suits have been around for centuries. However, it was never really popular to betty, well, bespoke suits, as making them requires a lot of craftsmanship and expertise, which limits the market size. Most wealthy men bought ready-made suits from tailors, which are much more cost-efficient. This trend changed in the early 2010s as the popularity of Pinterest and Instagram grew, inspiring people to become more creative and experiment with unique patterns and designs.

It wasn’t until 2018 that bespoke suits really took off. Inspired by famous fashion personalities like Pattinson, people started wanting to create their own versions of the iconic style. However, they weren’t just limited to patterns and colors, as many men’s tailors offer a full suit custom-made with the client’s measurements in mind. This helped increase the demand for bespoke suits, especially in the last year, as the tailor-made suit has become the most popular style among men.

The Many Styles

While the bespoke suit has become extremely fashionable, it has also become a matter of style – not all individuals will have the same tastes as others in terms of design and style, which makes personalization incredibly important. It’s not unusual for men’s bespoke suits to be made with subtle patterns and unique trimmings, such as velvet or chambranle.

The demand for individualized suits continues to grow, as people now have the means and ability to make them. Although bespoke suits are an investment, tailors say it’s a small investment compared to buying a ready-made suit, which is made with less personalization and customization.

Is It Worth It?

Since the cost of a bespoke suit is usually higher than that of a ready-made one, it’s a common question: is it worth it? The answer is yes, depending on the price, of course. Like any other luxury fashion item, the cost of a bespoke suit will vary between $5,000 and $15,000. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind suit that will be passed down through the generations, then invest in a bespoke suit. It’s not only a matter of style, but you are guaranteed to feel confident and comfortable, even if you are attired in the most formal of settings.