We all love a good storybook ending, but we usually want them to be true. Hollywood’s biggest star, Robert Pattinson, broke our hearts in the most wonderful way last Sunday when he tweeted out a goodbye note to his fans before jetting off to Italy to start shooting the final installment of his vampire series, The Twilight Saga. We’re still not over it. And while part of us still wishes he’d change his mind and surprise us with a comeback, there’s a bigger issue that we need to address – why does he make us so darn cute when he goes around slaying monsters?

He’s The Great British Actor Who Will Never Be Associated With Anything Negative

Robert Pattinson is on a press junket for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 in Italy, and naturally, all the major news outlets have descended upon him like bees to honey. Even now, as we’re getting ready to publish this piece, he’s being interviewed by a British newspaper about the backlash he’s received in the United Kingdom since the release of the first film almost three years ago. And yet, despite all these countless articles about his career and personal life, we can find no bad articles. The paparazzi haven’t found any bad pictures of him either, which is amazing when you think about how many bad pictures there are out there.

Robert Pattinson is the biggest star in the world, but he’ll never be associated with anything negative. It’s not that he doesn’t allow himself to be photographed while having a bad day or that he doesn’t curse in front of the camera. It’s just that he doesn’t want to be seen that way – as someone who is obviously having a bad day or a bad moment.

We’ve all been there. We’ve seen a gorgeous person walking down the street and been struck by their beauty. We’ve then imagined how amazing it would be to be dating them or taking them out for coffee. But when we glance at their Instagram account, we discover that they’re actually a very serious person with a lot of sad stories. We realize that our vision of them was entirely wrong. But by then it’s too late – we’ve already fallen in love with the beautiful blonde lying next to us and have started imagining how amazing it would be to be dating them instead.

Robert Pattinson is the great British actor who will never be associated with anything negative. He’s gorgeous, charming, and talented, and he has the power to make us all feel like we can be any woman on earth. Even after all these years, we’re still not over him. We’ll never be over him. He’s still the one that makes us so darn cute.

More Than Meets The Eye

We’ve all fallen for Hollywood’s bad boys before. Whether it’s the dark horse or the handsome man who steals the show, we’ve all been tricked by Hollywood’s most charming rogues. Unfortunately, many times, these men end up hurting the women who love them. While we’re still not over the fact that Robert Pattinson broke our hearts and is now traveling the world, we can at least feel relieved that he’s not doing it alone. He’s got Amber Heard by his side, and who knows what kind of protection she’s offering. She’s already proven to be a more than capable woman, and she’s not afraid to defend her man.

There are numerous reports that Robert Pattinson has been very controlling and manipulative in the past. We can’t say for certain that this is the case, but it wouldn’t be shocking if he’d developed a talent for it. And perhaps it’s time for him to finally grow up and start acting like an adult. There’s no point in ruling over someone’s life if you don’t even want to be in it yourself. Letting someone else make the decisions for you is incredibly passive and allows them to walk all over you. Wouldn’t it be better if he started acting like the big bad wolf instead and used his incredible charm to get what he wants? Wouldn’t it be better if he started treating Amber like the equal that she is?

We’d all like to think that Hollywood’s biggest stars are just like us – that they’re not defined by their roles or their bank accounts, but by the people who love and admire them. But reality often takes a sharp turn when the cameras stop rolling and the bills don’t get paid anymore. Perhaps it’s finally time for Robert Pattinson to grow up, put the camera down, and start acting like the big bad wolf we’ve always wanted him to be. He’s earned it.