There is no question that one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood is that of Robert Pattinson. With his dark eyebrows, piercing eyes, square jaw, and classic five o’clock shadow, the actor has graced our TV screens and magazine covers for years. While he’s never been known as a particularly good actor, perhaps best known for his portrayal of Edward Cullen in the popular Twilight film series, he has definitely found success as a leading man. Since starring as the tortured vampire in Twilight, Pattinson has built a Hollywood career that includes acclaimed performances in high profile projects such as The Great Gatsby, Maps to the Stars, and Beautiful Creatures, not to mention the aforementioned Twilight films. Aside from acting, Pattinson is also known for being a part of the fashion and music scenes, and recently he was named one of the most fashionable men in the world by Elle magazine. With such a prominent place in Hollywood, it’s no wonder that people are curious about his personal life.

Since starring in Twilight, Pattinson has been linked to some of Hollywood’s most beautiful women. He was previously married to the talented actress and singer Kate Winslet from 2004 to 2011, and he has a daughter, Mia, with her. Since breaking up with Winslet, Pattinson has shown interest in other high profile women, including the Duchess of Cambridge, later to be known as Kate Middleton, and the actress Kristen Stewart. Most recently, he was linked to the Hollywood royalty Emma Stone, who he had been seen cuddling with at the Venice Film Festival in August 2019. The two are rumoured to have been dating for a while, and their cozy pictures at the film festival may have been a publicity stunt to promote their upcoming project, The Sun.

So, is Robert Pattinson the modern day Robert Bruce, the Batman of literary fame and cinema? Let’s examine the evidence.

Has He Played The Part Well?

A lot of people forget that before he was the hottie to beat in Twilight, Pattinson had a rather unremarkable acting career. He was actually born in London, but grew up in Los Angeles, where he studied acting at the prestigious Beverly Hills High School. After graduation, he moved to London to pursue a stage career, performing there for several years before returning to LA to try his hand at film. He made his big screen debut in the 2002 film The Lost Prince, which starred Nicole Kidman and Antonio Banderas, and he followed it up with a string of unsuccessful films before Twilight. Since then, he has been slowly climbing the ranks as one of Hollywood’s most bankable leading men, and he has been nominated for several awards, including two Golden Globes. His performance in the 2007 film The Golden Compass was particularly noted for its intensity, and he received critical acclaim for his portrayal of the young Lord Eddard in the 2008 film The Raven.

While some people may argue that he has been rather fortunate to land roles in some of the most memorable films of our time, it’s also important to point out that he’s not always been successful. Prior to Twilight, he was probably best known for his role in the 2004 film Domino, which was a box office bomb. Since then, he has had a few big hits and some misses. The most recent film to receive a theatrical release is the action thriller Deadpool, which was released in 2016 to critical acclaim and box office success. In 2017, however, the actor released a statement that he was taking a break from acting to focus on his wellness and personal life, and since then, he has chosen to play it safe rather than take a risk with his acting career. His choice to take a break may have something to do with the fact that he is now well known for being a part of the “It” clan alongside his siblings, as well as for being a part of the famous “Pattinson family”. While some may see this as a downfall, his family has made him very happy, and he has never been shy about expressing this.

So, while it’s true that before Twilight he had never even heard of Robert Pattinson, he certainly has since then, mostly for the good. While some may say that he hasn’t played the part of Batman well, it’s also true that he hasn’t played the role badly, and he has certainly held his own among other leading men. Ultimately, it’s up to the viewer to decide if Pattinson is the perfect fit for Batman, but he certainly is a good candidate. Who knows? Maybe with a little bit of help from Heath Ledger and Michael Gordon, his performance in The Dark Knight could even become legendary.