We’re cheating a little bit here, but we have to start somewhere. Before Robert Pattinson came along, our love of vampire stories was reserved for literary works like Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and in film, it was usually Count Dracula who stole the hearts of moviegoers. There was a time when vampires were associated with royalty and aristocracy, and even now, there’s still some mystery as to whether they can truly die or not. The stigma surrounding vampires has lessened, but it’s still far from gone. These days, vampires aren’t what get us in the mood for romance, they’re usually the bad guys. That being said, the pale, aristocratic vampire became a symbol of forbidden romance and sex-appeal during the 1800s, which continues to this day.

How Robert Pattinson Came To Be

Pattinson is the the son of the late Paul David Morrison, a famous wildlife artist who specialized in depicting penguins, and actress Kate McCauley. He was born in London on October 12, 1986, and grew up in a large family with seven older sisters. At the age of seven, his father passed away, which left a huge impact on the young boy. After the passing of his father, Pattinson’s mother decided to move to Los Angeles, where she remarried and started a family with a man named Eric Johnson. The family then moved to an exclusive gated community in Beverly Hills, where they established their new, American lives.

After finishing school, Pattinson interned at a PR firm in Beverly Hills before deciding that he wanted to pursue a career in acting. His aunt, who worked for a talent agency, helped him get his start. She introduced him to some agents and managers who were looking for fresh blood. After getting some professional experience, he moved back to London to continue his studies at the University of London. In 2011, he graduated with a degree in English Literature. While at University, he took some classes with renowned acting coach Etienne Davison, and also worked as a waiter to help pay the bills. He subsequently traveled to New York City to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. While there, he auditioned for numerous parts, but didn’t get any acting gigs due to lack of opportunities in his home country. He then headed to Los Angeles, where he immediately got work. His breakout role came in the 2014 psychological thriller, Insidious. The following year, he portrayed Jasper in the historical drama, The Man in the High Castle. Pattinson has also had various roles in the popular TV show, Game of Thrones, as well as in the critically-acclaimed film, Good Time. Most notably, he portrayed drug lord Frank Maloney in the crime thriller, Dazzle You. Besides acting, he’s also passionate about painting and drawing, and often works on various pieces while on the set of a movie.

Before Robert Pattinson

Before Robert Pattinson, the actor who would later assume the moniker made an appearance in a 2011 episode of the popular sitcom, Parks and Recreation. The character, which was originally played by Andre Braugher, had been in a coma for most of the series’ run. He was brought to life via a remarkable makeup job by then-season six makeup artist, Kay E. Berry. The character’s name is Brian, and he’s the one who suggests that the townspeople attend a comedy show, hosted by Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope), to help them feel better. One of the characters remarks, “I love that guy. He’s so funny.”

Although Brian would go on to play an integral role in Leslie Knope’s life, it was the makeup artist who received the most attention for her work. After attending the comedy show, she received a standing ovation, which she described as “one of the most amazing things [she’d] ever seen in [her] entire life.”

Then, in early 2012, it was announced that Parks and Recreation would be ending after its seventh season. However, the show’s phenomenal success paved the way for a spin-off featuring Leslie KnOPE. While we were sad to see Parks and Recreation end, we’re incredibly grateful to Kay Berry for introducing us to Brian, and for giving us this memorable makeup moment. It was a beautiful send-off for a show that changed Canadian comedy forever.

After Robert Pattinson

Since appearing in Season One of Parks and Recreation, Brian has gone on to star in his own show, titled The Mandalorian, which is set in the Star Wars universe. In the series, he plays a human bounty hunter who track down and attempts to bring in for the Emperor’s justice those who have smuggled or stolen goods on behalf of the Rebels. He makes his living hunting down villains, much like his famous predecessor, Han Solo. While we were initially a little confused by the show’s existence, we’re now finding our way around and enjoying it. It’s definitely a bit of a departure from our usual TV fare, but it’s also brought a whole new level of fame to the actor. He’s no stranger to the spotlight, having been in the public eye since he was a young boy. His mother was a celebrity in England, and he followed in her footsteps. Later on, he’d assume the surname, Morrison, becoming one of the most recognizable faces in the world. Now, we just have to wait and see what projects he’ll be involved with next.