It seems like everyone is growing a beard these days. From hipsters in Brooklyn to Hollywood celebrities, it seems like everyone is embracing the ‘stache lifestyle’. What exactly is a ‘beard’, and how do you grow one? Let’s dive in and find out.

The Basics Of Beards And Beard-Growing

A beard is a facial hair of a wide array of shapes and colors that is typically closely tied to a person’s identity. It is often a sign of masculinity, virility, and manliness. For centuries, men have been sporting facial hair, and the recent ‘beard boom’ is definitely thanks to the increased popularity of ‘manbassadors’. Beards are not just limited to adult men, either; people of all ages and both sexes can grow beards. Most notably, the hipster movement has made its own mark on the bearded world.

While some people prefer to grow an extremely full and unruly beard, there are others who opt for a more well-groomed look. The type of beard you grow depends on your personal preferences. However, there are some tricks to growing the perfect beard regardless of what style you choose.

The Best Way To Grow A Beard

As we have established, beards are closely tied to a person’s identity, so it is important to choose the right barber for the task. A good barber will be able to give you a beard that fits your personality and style. He will also be able to ask you a few questions about what kind of beard you want, which will help him shape your beard into the perfect style.

If you live in London, you can find many good quality, affordable barbershops around London. Simply tell the barber your general preferences (short or long, thick or thin), and he will be able to give you an idea of how much shaving cream you will need. Another great option is to go to one of the many cheap, yet excellent, salons near your home. They will give you a better price than most bars, and it is often the small, family-run shops that provide the best value for your dollar.

Whatever you choose, make sure you buy the right equipment. To ensure you grow the perfect beard, you will need a pair of safety goggles, a decent quality pair of barber’s scissors, a decent sized comb, and a shaving brush. Of course, you will need the cream as well.

How Do I Grow A Beard?

All you need is the will to grow a great beard, a pair of scissors, and your favorite grooming products. Simply follow these easy steps to grow the perfect beard.

  • Find a good place to park. It’s important to choose a safe place for your car, especially if you have children or pets in the car. This will ensure that they are not damaged by bad weather or other cars that might be driving on the road at the same time.
  • As you are walking to the shop, put on your goggles and get ready to grow a beard. You will feel that this is an important part of the process. It will feel good to have that full and hearty ‘stache. You will need to do this every day before you go to work, so you can look forward to a pleasant stroll to the office every day.
  • Upon arriving at the shop, give the barber your name and order a cup of tea or coffee. This will help establish a connection and ensure you get the best haircut possible. Barbers usually appreciate a little cup of tea or coffee before they start cutting hair. It is also a great way to get an idea of how the hair will look before you make a decision.
  • When the barber finishes cutting your hair, you will notice that he has a selection of different-sized face brushes. Choose the one that feels right for you and give it a little swish. You will also need to decide how you want your beard styled. Short and spiky or full and bushy? There are many options.
  • After you have given the barber your beard style, he will hand you a small towel to dry your hair and face. Towels are important to keep near the barber’s station as it will help with the drying process. It is also a great way to keep your neck warm on a cold day. Washing your hands before and after your haircut is also advised as it helps prevent infections.
  • Once your hair and face are dry, it’s time to do some serious thinking. Are you going to leave the house without your sunglasses? Of course not! It’s hot outside, and you might get some sunburned skin if you don’t wear your sunglasses. It would be a shame for your eyes to fry as you are walking down the street. So don’t forget to bring your sunglasses.
  • To make sure that your beard stays at its current length, you will need to trim it frequently. This means getting back into the chair for another round of snipping. While this might not be your favorite part of the process, it is important to maintain the shape of your beard as it grows.
  • After you have trimmed your beard, you will need to apply some oil to the skin near your nose. Just a little bit will go a long way. It will prevent face oil from clogging your nose hair, and it will keep your beard looking full.
  • Now that you have applied oil, it’s time for some optional eye makeup. Women have been wearing makeup since ancient times, and it has never been more popular than it is today. Some great products for beginners are the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and the Urban Decay All Nighter Oil-Free Matte lipstick. If you want to go for a more dramatic look, you can try the Barry M Liquid Eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner is one of the most popular and effective ways to define and shape your eyes. Simply follow the instructions on the container to achieve the perfect winged look.

The Final Step

The instructions will tell you to draw a circle around your nose with your index finger, which you did not do, so we will simply have to improvise. Reach into your pocket, get your car keys, and unlock the doors. Before you leave, look in the rear view mirror and give the thumbs up. This is how you will know you have done everything correctly and your beard is now complete. You can also ask the barber for some advice on how to improve your looks and lifestyle. This is typically what Barbers do anyway; they are there to help you grow the best beard possible. So do not be surprised if he gives you a few tips on how to make your beard look more attractive. This is what good barbers do.

Hopefully, this article about how to grow a beard was helpful. We would like to thank Robert Pattinson for allowing us to post this. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave us a note below! Keep up with all the trendiest news and info on celebrity beards, fashion, and lifestyle with our weekly newsletter.