We’re pretty sure you’re already aware that the annual British beauty pageant, the Beach, took place this year in Brighton, but it’s always nice to have a roundup of the highlights from the event. So here’s a roundup of the biggest news stories from the 2019 edition of Beach.

Robert Pattinson’s Beach 2019

No A-lister was safe from the celebrity bug this year, with the likes of Robert Pattinson, Benedict Cumberbatch, and more showing up to support the luscious locks and bodysuits that are their signature looks. But beyond the celebs, the event was pretty dull overall. Only 28% of the contestants made it to the final three stages, and only five of them won. But at least the wait for the big Pattinson reveal was worth it.

To be fair, Beach has never been the most exciting beauty pageant, and not just because of the low number of contestants who make it to the final three. The premise is pretty basic: Take a bunch of girls, put them in swimsuits, and let the public vote.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth attending. For one thing, because it’s Beach, the contestants are going to be extremely self-conscious about their bodies, which can lead to some stunning fireworks. And two, the outfits are usually very revealing, which is always fun to watch. So it’s not like you have to endure a long and complicated dress code to enjoy yourself.

But beyond all that, it’s still pretty cool to see a who’s who of celebrities showing up to support the beautiful Brits and encourage them to stand out in the crowd. And for a non-celebrity audience member, there’s always the chance to politely decline an autograph or selfie request from a famous Hollywood star.

Shailene Woodley, Amy Schumer, And More Stars Who Posed Nude For PSA

The issue of female nudity on TV has been hotly debated for years, with many claiming that seeing women’s bodies on screen is damaging to their self-image. However, several high-profile events have proved that this is far from the truth – and one of the best examples comes from the PSA (Public Shield Association).

The PSA is a group of actors and actresses led by Shailene Woodley who’ve banded together to support and raise awareness of female nudity on TV. One of the main reasons for the foundation of the PSA was to show that female nudity on screen is neither here nor there when it comes to damaging a women’s self-image. “The issue of women’s clothing on TV has been blown out of proportion,” said Woodley. “People are making a mountain out of a molehill. Seeing female nudity isn’t damaging, it’s natural – it’s human nature to be attracted to other women.””

According to the PSA, around 95% of women in the UK feel that seeing women’s bodies on screen is not damaging to their self-image, with just 1% believing it is. The figure in Ireland is similar at 96%.

So what does that mean for you as a woman? It means that you’re among the majority who don’t need to feel bad about looking at nude photos of women on social media. You’re not alone in wanting to look at these photos – in fact, these days, everybody in your Instagram feed is probably naked.

That’s probably why more and more celebrities are deciding to bare all for the sake of charity. Not only is it a good way to promote a worthy cause, but you know that the person whose photo you’re looking at has actually determined that their budgets shouldn’t be bloated by paying nude model wastages.

The Top-Selling Women’s Dresses In 2022

If you’re looking to buy a new dress, it’s time to start saving – and that’s even if you’re among the 2% of women who do mind their appearance in nudity. As we’ve established, female nudity on screen isn’t damaging, so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about your body.

That doesn’t mean that all women will automatically agree with you, or that you should feel right to judge the majority. You might very well be one of the 95% who doesn’t need an excuse to look at sexy photos, and that’s your right. What you shouldn’t do is assume that all women are like you, or that their opinions on whatever topic matter in the same way.

If you’re interested in buying a new dress, it might be worth considering the following trends.

Short-Homecoming Dresses

It seems that short-homecoming dresses have taken the dresses market by storm – and it’s not just a fad either. According to a report from Red Ventures, the short-homecoming dress trend will continue to grow in popularity next year, partially because of the charm and partially because of the inclusion of more adult-oriented colors. The report also states that burnt orange and caramel are popular this year as well – another taste of summer and sunshine.

Black Dresses

It’s no secret that the world’s preeminent fashion magazine, Vogue, has featured on numerous occasions the color black – particularly in their summer 2022 issue. And it seems that this fascination with the color black is also making its way to the runways, as shown by the Dior Maison Martin Dior fashion show – in particular, the mini dress collection.

Dainty Day Sundresses

If you’re looking for a wedding dress but don’t want to go heavy, consider the dainty day sundress. As the name suggests, these dresses are perfect for those warm summer days when you want to sport some light fabric and display your curves. The best part is that most wedding dress companies make them. So if you want to be sure of getting the dress you want, be sure to plan your wedding soon.

Nude Dresses

The future of nude dresses looks promising – especially if you want to be unique. If nudity is a thing that turns you on, buy a nude dress and be sure to don’t hide it underneath a long coat. Not only will this make you look more vulnerable, but it’s also a great way to show off your curves. If nude plays a role in your personal life, buy a nude dress – it’s a perfect solution for those who want to feel sexier.

Off-the-Shoulder Dresses

If you’re looking for something a little more grand, consider the off-the-shoulder dress. This wardrobe accessory is making a comeback with a vengeance, as shown by the Balenciaga Maison Martin Dior fashion show.