Most people know Robert Pattinson as the pretty, quirky guy from Victoria’s Secret commercials and the Twilight films. What many might not know, however, is that he has a unique fashion style that has earned him the nickname “Batwing.”

Let’s take a closer look at the fashion style of the actor and see how it came to be.

The Style Of A Gentlemen

Robert Pattinson has always looked dashing in a tuxedo or a classic suit. With his gentle smile and elegant manners, it’s no wonder why people call him “Gentleman.”

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of the batwing fashion style is that it epitomizes elegance and sophistication, two very desirable qualities in a man. People who enjoy reading fashion blogs and looking at fashion Instagrams might also recognize the style as the masculine counterpart to the classic ‘80s bachelor pad – a place where men can escape from the world and enjoy life. Let’s take a closer look at the most defining features of his style.

The Jacket

Though he wears a variety of outerwear, the batwing fashion phenomenon started with his love for heavy overcoats. As the gentilly shirtless man himself often proclaims, “I like my clothes to feel like a little bit of a story.”

Many credit the coat-and-tie combination for creating the look. Even the most diehard of Twilight fans might not recognize the actor without his signature black overcoat. It’s not just the coat, either; the style is complete with a striped tie and pocket square. The overcoat is the key to unlocking the mystery that is Robert Pattinson.

The overcoat represents the traditional masculinity associated with the English upper classes. This is demonstrated through its weight, its cut, and its color. As he has proven time and time again, Robert Pattinson firmly stands for classic English style.

The Hat

Made popular by the actor, the hat is another crucial component of the Batwing look. Like the overcoat, the hat serves multiple purposes – it’s both an outerwear piece and a headwear. Made famous from his role in Water for Elephants, the hat is reminiscent of an Edwardian style, complete with a velvet flower crown. The headwear is reminiscent of a fez, and it serves as the ultimate ‘70s fashion statement.

As a designer, I can tell you that it’s not easy to put a hat on a man. It takes a certain kind of man to wear a hat, and it takes a special kind of hat to put a man in. As a man myself, I know that there is a certain type of man that wears a hat and I also know that there is a type of hat that will put a man in. And to be honest, there is a type of man that wears both hats and he looks like a regular Joe to me. And that’s the man I want to dress.

There is also a very specific type of hat that would look amazing on Robert Pattinson. It’s a wide-brimmed Stetson that I often see him wear in my movies. There is something about the wide-brimmed Stetson that makes it look like an elegant accessory for the head, like an Edwardian lady’s sun hat with a feather stuck in it or like a fancy cowboy hat.

The Trousers

You’d think that the most defining part of the Batwing fashion style would be the coat and the hat, but it’s the trousers that really set this look apart. Made popular by the “Kobe Bryant” of fashion, the Japanese brand DENIM is the key to understanding the versatility of the style. The range of denim items available from DENIM speaks to the fashion style’s universal appeal.

The British upper classes have long been associated with jeans, and it was originally the archetypal ‘70s man in a ripped denim jacket who popularized the style in the States. Since then, it’s only become more popular among men. In fact, according to a study from the NPD group, women are more likely to buy leggings than men are to buy jeans.

Men’s wear is evolving, and traditional forms like the three-piece suit are giving way to a greater variety of clothing styles. Traditionalists might feel threatened by this evolution, but we need to remember that fashion is about evolving with the times and never standing still.

The Shoes

It’s nearly impossible to discuss the style of Robert Pattinson without mentioning his shoes. Made famous from his work in The Rover, the actor often wears loafers. However, it’s not just any old pair of shoes; it’s the type of leather and the look of the shoes themselves that makes them so unique.

According to an article from GQ, when Pattinson wears his signature leather shoes, it usually means that he’s playing a gentleman or an Englishman. Though he doesn’t always wear the shoes when playing those types of characters, it’s clear that they are a part of his look.

Of course, the style is not just limited to leather shoes. The versatility of the fashion is what makes it so attractive – in addition to being iconic, the outfit can be completely different depending on the character he plays.

The Handbag

Another prominent feature of the style is the handbag. Wide-brimmed Stetsons might indicate that the actor is carrying a cane or a briefcase, but it’s the handbag that serves as the real key to understanding the identity of the fashion style. As always, the trick is in the versatility of the handbag that he carries. Usually a messenger bag or a smaller tote, the handbag is the perfect size to tote around your essentials for a day out – it’s what is known as a ‘one-stop shop’ for the busy woman or man.

There is also a very specific handbag that would look amazing on the actor. Not only does it go perfectly with the outfits shown in the photos above, but it also matches his temperament. It’s a brown leather tote bag with metal studs – something that would go perfectly with his taste in shoes.

Overall Impression

It’s not just the coat, the hat, the trousers, and the shoes that contribute to the uniqueness of the fashion style. The look is also defined by the way he wears them together. When we put all of these elements – the coat, the hat, the trousers, and the shoes – together, we get an overall impression of what makes up the style:

• The overcoat is a heavy cloth that men wear over their suits to keep warm. It has been around since the 17th century and was originally used as a military uniform back in the day. The weight and the cut of the overcoat create an impression of solidity and masculinity.

• The hat is an accessory that men use to complete their outfits. With its various forms and its versatility, the hat speaks to the fashion style’s universal appeal.

• The trousers are the mainstay of the fashion style. Since the 1800s, men’s wear has evolved into a greater variety of clothing options, and the trend is only continuing. Traditionalists might feel threatened by this change, but embracing this evolution is what makes the fashion style so vital.

This is just a small overview of the fashion style of Robert Pattinson. Though we might not always see him in traditional clothes, his presence alone commands respect.