Looks like there’s more to Robert Pattinson than just book fame and fortune. It seems that the British actor is more than just a pretty face after all. It seems like he’s also got a thing for cars and driving. In fact, it seems that he has a bit of a thing for all things automotive.

Recently, Robert Pattinson‘s sexual harassment charges against filmmaker Terry Gilliam were dropped. The actor was facing up to four years in prison for allegedly pinning the director down and groping him. Instead, the judge ordered Pattinson to complete a community service program and pay Gilliam a $6,000 (£4,400) legal fee. Besides, all of Gilliam’s unreleased films will be given to the legal team.

While this may be good news for Gilliam and other victims of sex crime, it’s bad news for car enthusiasts and other fans of classic vehicles. It seems like a number of Robert Pattinson‘s sex videos have leaked online. Some of the clips appear to be genuine, while others might be CGI or stock footage.

Bobby Gets His Hands On Some Hot Wheels

The first leaked video shows Robert Pattinson getting his hands on some hot wheels. The video starts off with an older woman walking in on the actor playing with some toys. According to the woman, he starts singing “You’re so beautiful” as he rids her of her clothes one piece at a time. The woman runs out of the room in embarrassment as Bobby continues his ministrations. He eventually gives up, realizing the woman wasn’t into it.

This video was supposedly filmed in 2010 and it looks like Robert Pattinson has a thing for hot wheels. He previously filmed a similar scene in 2005, when he was accused of raping Elizabeth Taylor’s grandson, Robert. The 2005 video wasn’t the only one he filmed that year either. The actor was also filmed having sex with a dead deer. In that scene, he is only wearing a necklace.

A Little Bit Of A Dirty Robert Pattinson

Another video shows Robert Pattinson in a bit of a dirty mood. The video starts off with the actor seemingly masturbating while watching TV. It isn’t long before he starts to get up and go toward the kitchen. He opens the fridge and begins rummaging around inside it. After a bit, he comes back with a beer in hand and sits back down at the table. This time, he takes a swig from the drink before continuing his session. The guy is clearly wasted. When he is done, he stumbles around the room a bit before going to bed. This scene definitely doesn’t seem to be from a PG-13 movie.

This video was supposedly filmed in 2014 and it looks like Robert Pattinson is having a bit of a rough day. Maybe he ate some bad fish or came down with a virus. Whatever the case may be, it seems that the actor didn’t get much sleep last night. Even the photos of his tattoos are a bit jumbled. The ones on his chest and back are in order, but the ones on his arms are slightly off. This might be because he wasn’t wearing the same shirt in all the photos that leaked online.

A Whole Lot Of Fucking And Sucking

The fourth and fifth videos were allegedly filmed in 2014 and they show an even more sexually aggressive side to Robert Pattinson. In the fourth video, we are treated to multiple instances of the actor being fucked by a group of men. The men all appear to be enjoying themselves as they fuck the singer. In one scene, one of the men even lies down while getting his cock sucked by the English actor. The video ends with the men spraying their loads all over the place.

In the fifth video, Pattinson films himself licking an ice cream sandwich and then sticking his tongue in Charlie’s ear as he eats. Later on in the video, we are treated to some oral sex and the two begin 69-ing as their clothes go flying off. They end up having unprotected sex as a result. At one point in the video, we can see an expletive etched into Charlie’s chin (in reference to Pattinson’s character in Sex & Sleep). Needless to say, these videos are going to make a lot of people very angry. They aren’t happy that the guy they idolize is apparently a total sleaze. Some of the men in these videos might even consider suing the British actor for sexual harrassment.

More Filthy Tasks For Bobby

The final video of the five-part leaked series shows Robert Pattinson getting in some more dirty actions. The video starts off with the singer lying in bed with a cigarette in hand. He seems to be in a bit of a lustful mood and decides to start touching himself as he stares at a wall covered in graffiti. He eventually gets up and decides to clean it off. As he wipes down the wall, he notices a small hole and, after some prodding, discovers a cockroach. He proceeds to kill it with one swift kick.

It’s no secret that Robert Pattinson is a bit of a car fancier. In fact, the British actor has said that he would like to have his own private collection of classic vehicles. Given his love for cars, it should come as no surprise that he would like to have sex with them as well. It seems like he has a thing for women, as well. His numerous sex scandals and legal controversies have resulted in a fair share of ex-girlfriends and hookers. He has also said that he gets his energy from “screaming at the top of my lungs”. This type of behavior might be the reason why some people feel that he isn’t really that good of an actor. The man is clearly unable to function peacefully in society and it shows in his interviews.