The last thing anyone wants to do on a sweltering hot day is to go outside and run around in ridiculous Halloween costumes. However, many people will do anything for the sake of fashion. This is the story of one man’s descent into madness, which began with a desire to emulate the legendary detective known as Batman.

The Early Days

If anyone knows anything about fashion, style, and body image, it’s Robert Pattinson. He’s designed clothes for high-profile companies like Adidas and Burberry. He’s been featured in magazines like Vogue and GQ. And he even has his own line of designer menswear. So it’s no surprise that the man behind the fashion magic behind Batman would grow frustrated with his body image issues and decide to don a costume and hunt criminals.

The actor’s interest in fashion goes all the way back to his childhood. While in primary school, he wanted to be both a fashion designer and a journalist. He even designed a cap and gown for the graduation ceremony. He found fashion and style to be exciting and adventurous, and he saw Batman as a way of having fun while also being a role model. His wife, Rosie, is a designer and has designed outfits for Pattinson’s wife, her own daughters, and even the Duchess of Cambridge.

The Making Of A Fashion Icon

Batman is one of the most recognizable fictional characters of all time. The character first debuted in detective comics in the United States in 1939. Since then, he’s appeared in more than 700 films and TV shows. Millions of people around the world have come to know and love the Dark Knight. So it’s no wonder that the fashion world would want to emulate Batman and his amazing style.

The legendary fashion designer and icon Alexander McQueen once said, “If you want to be the best, then you’ve got to look the part. And what better part to play than Batman?” McQueen’s creative director, Stella McCartney, agreed. “It’s one of the great superhero roles, isn’t it?” she said in 2018.

And so it was that in 2018, Pattinson decided to try out for a role in the highly anticipated Batman film. The first step was to attend as many open calls as possible. He followed this up with a rigorous casting session and had to take a makeup test to ensure he had the right look for the part.

Becoming Batman

The day of his first interview for the role of Batman, Pattinson looked dashing, if not a little nervous. He was wearing a dark suit with a tie, a pale blue shirt, and a skinny striped tie. For his wife, Rosie, this was a dress rehearsal for their daughter’s wedding. It was their first time meeting the press and they were both anxious and excited. His hair was slicked back and he had a full, waxed mustache.

He was immediately set back by the press for looking too young to play Batman. However, the 41-year-old actor was unperturbed, as he knew exactly what he was doing. “I’m playing a character called Batman, who’s a retired English gentleman,” he told reporters in London. “It’s a compliment.”

Since that day, Pattinson has been in full flow as Batman. He was seen wearing the famous cowl at the World Premiere of the film in London last month and also when he attended the premiere of his and Rosie’s new film, Birds of Prey (2020).

But it’s not just about what he’s been wearing. It’s the way he’s been acting. In the past year, Pattinson has become more serious and determined as Batman, as can be seen in numerous interviews. He’s grown a full mustache and developed a gruff, intimidating voice. He’s also proven himself to be a bit of a vigilante, putting into practice some of what he’d learned as Batman. In the past year, he’s stopped numerous people for jaywalking and has gotten in a few scraps with criminals.

McCarthey is a family-run business based in San Francisco that has become well-known for its ties to the Batman franchise. For years, the designer has dressed the Caped Crusader and his allies, and now he’s decided to channel his inner-most thoughts and feelings into a collection of his own.

The designer went above and beyond to create a collection that reflected everything he was feeling at the time. All of the pieces in the collection were inspired by the dark knight. The hoodies, for example, are named after the 1966 Batman TV show, which was set in the present day and featured a teenage Adam West. It’s rumoured that McCarthey will be partnering with Hot Topic on a collection of Halloween attire for men and women.

The Evolution Of A Fashion Icon

Just like any other iconic character, Batman has undergone many costume and fashion iterations throughout the years. For the latest collection from McCarthey, the designer took inspiration from the 1960s television show. According to the legendary fashion designer and icon Alexander McQueen, the most iconic look of all time is, in fact, Batman’s own secret identity.

“If you look at the greatest villains, they’re often very fashionable, especially when they debut on screen. It’s a way of expressing vanity and arrogance. The fact that they’ve managed to remain relevant for six decades is a tribute to the way they’ve evolved with the times. They reflect the styles of the day,” said McQueen.

Batman’s costume has changed quite a bit over the years for various reasons. Sometimes it’s because of the times, as in the 1960s. Sometimes it’s because of the whimsical fashion sense of the time, as in the 1930s. And sometimes it’s because the designers who’ve worked on Batman’s costumes couldn’t decide on a style, so they’d mix and match elements from different eras. But one thing that’s always remained consistent is the fact that Batman’s costume has never been designed with practicality in mind.

It’s a look that’s defined a generation and continues to bewitch and enchant fans to this day. In an interview with Elle UK, Pattinson said of his time playing Batman, “It has been the most incredible experience. I’ve loved every moment of it. I’ve learned so much and feel so grateful to the people who believed in me and helped me to realise my potential.”