One of the highlights of this year’s Sundance Film Festival was the premiere of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, which featured some spectacular on-screen action and an equally good workout routine for its fans.

The film’s producer, Christopher Niehoff, posted a video online showing one of the film’s many intense fight scenes, which also happens to be a great workout for any fan of the Dark Knight.

The impressive display of martial arts skills shown by both Batman (acting veteran Will Smith) and Superman (actor Bernie Sanders) is exactly what the doctor ordered for fans of the comic book series who are trying to get in shape for next year’s sequel “Justice League”.

While it’s always great to see incredible stuntwork and fight scenes, the realism of these moments combined with the quality of the fight choreography and acting make them even more memorable.

A Real-Life Superhero

The 40-year-old actor and musician is more than capable of passing for an 18th century gentleman, but it’s his ability to work out that truly sets him apart.

Robbie, as he is known to his fans, started his workout regime as a way to lose weight after starring in the 2005 film version of “The Scarlet Letter”.

The British actor is featured in the new documentary “Saving Morrison”, which chronicles the actor’s amazing journey as he works his way to the top of the fitness industry.

According to the documentary, the English-born star lost 20 pounds in 15 days by following a vegan diet and taking up yoga in addition to his regular workout routine.

In 2017, the English actor was awarded a Special Achievement Award at the Sports Awards for his contribution to sport.

The vegan diet has proved to be the best for Robbie, as he revealed in a recent interview with PETAthat he has not had to take a break from his workout regime since he adopted the diet five years ago.

“I’ve always been very physically active, playing sports and stuff like that. I came from a very athletic family. I grew up in England and went to a private school, where they had an amazing sports program. I played a lot of rugby and cricket, and still do. But in the last couple of years, I’ve been making a conscious decision to change the way I eat: cut out all dairy and eat more plants. I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin and my mental focus on the work front. It’s amazing how much more energy you have when you eat well versus when you eat rubbish. You feel more alive and the work becomes so much more positive.”

The documentary also shows how much effort the former “Sexy Beavis” from “Queer As Folk” and “Dirty Ding Dong” has put in to succeed in his chosen field. “Morrison” focuses on Tom’s (Matt Hodge) quest to get into peak physical condition to fight crime, and the steps the 36-year-old takes to achieve his goal.

There were a lot of scenes in “Morrison” that made me laugh out loud, from Tom’s comical attempts at finding the perfect mate to his un-coordinated dancing during workout sessions, as you may imagine. However, there were also some scenes that made me cry, as the documentary shows how difficult it is to find anyone to match up with in Australia, where he lives, and how badly he wants to fit in with the “A-list” crowd. He wants to be seen as a serious actor, not as the butt of the joke that he sometimes thinks he is.

Whether it’s his dancing or his intense training, Rob’s workout videos always offer something new to see. He truly is a one-of-a-kind who offers something special to people who follow his routines, and I for one am happy to call him my trainer and my friend.