Both Robert Pattinson and Joaquin Phoenix have found incredible success in their respective careers. The actor best known for her role in the movie The Master recently wowed audiences with her performance in the Jokers trailer. Fans of Batman will have a hard time choosing between the pair as they each bring a unique charm to the role.

It’s been a while since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released, which means it’s time for us to revisit one of the most iconic scenes from the movie. For years, we’ve debated which actor plays Batman better; however, with the arrival of the Joker, it seems that the question is no longer relevant.

As the Joker, Phoenix embodies so much of what it means to be the Dark Knight. The maniacal laughter, the insane manner of speech, and the general demeanor all speak to an unsettling attitude that is emblematic of the character.

The film’s trailer initially sparked the debate, with many pointing towards Phoenix’s acting as the reason why they believed he was the superior choice. However, the latest developments have cast the debate in a different light. If you’re a diehard Batman fan, you won’t want to miss this comparison. It’s time to find out who has the best Batman!

The Trailer

The debate surrounding the best Batman largely started with the film’s trailer. Released in 2015, the video depicted a dark, gritty, and determined Batman, all of which fit Phoenix’s persona to a tee. The actor reportedly put in 700 hours of preparation for the role.

The trailer opens with Bruce Wayne falling to his death from the building that will become the Batcave. After a brief prelude, the camera zooms in on the suit-wearing figure, revealing the truth behind the Dark Knight’s identity. As the music builds, Batman dons his Batsuit and climbs into the night, ready to save the city.

While the trailer was a major reason for the initial debate, it’s really the culmination of everything that comes before it. The whole movie is focused on Batman overcoming his demons and learning to trust again. Even when the Joker appears, it’s still not the full version as there’s more backstory that needs to be told.

The Character

Just like Phoenix, Robert Pattinson also puts in a lot of work before the cameras start rolling, this time focusing on his characters. Besides being one of the most iconic faces of the Batman franchise, Pattinson has also portrayed the anti-hero in 2015’s Legend and the dashing Dane in The Rover, both of which are fantastic examples of his range. He’s certainly shown a breadth of acting talent that would make even the greatest actor envious.

The Comedy

The Joker being a comedian is perhaps the biggest deviation from the usual portrayal of Batman, but it fits perfectly with his comic book counterpart. The character has always been associated with comedy, and this version particularly makes us laugh. It’s a dark comedy that pokes fun at the excesses of the rich and famous, which is something that will remind audiences of Batman’s perennial favorite enemy, the Riddler.

The Badassitude

A major reason why many believe that Phoenix is the superior actor to play Batman is because of his unfiltered badassitude. This is best showcased in the trailer when he drops the F-bomb left and right without batting an eye. Aside from that, he displays an incredible combat efficiency and throws around some crazy punches, as befitting a comic book character. He’s also got a mean streak, as seen when he mercilessly beats another character with a wrench earlier in the trailer. It would seem that Phoenix has truly found his calling as he was born to play the part.

The Style

If there’s one thing that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and now the Joker trailer have in common, it’s their stylishness. In the dark knight’s case, we often get grimy shots of his battle-wear stained in various colors, be it green, yellow, or red, giving off a gothic feel. In the Joker trailer, we see a slick and polished Batman; the actor often seems to be enjoying himself as he swings between skyscrapers and dives into crowds of people, all while looking impeccable. In this way, both the Batman of Dawn of Justice and the Joker trailer embody the Dark Knight’s chameleon-like nature.

The Madness

Both men are known for playing characters that are a little bit off. The dark knight has often been quoted saying that he feels no pain, letting us know that this is a mask acting. In the same fashion, the Joker seems to revel in his mischievous nature, constantly breaking the fourth wall and playing with the camera. While we see the humor in their madness, it wouldn’t hurt to have a little bit of the mad genius in you as well.


Ultimately, all of this leads to a discussion of whether or not you believe that Phoenix is the man to lead the charge as Batman. If you’re a lover of the Dark Knight and have been holding off on seeing the latest Joaquin Phoenix movie because you were waiting for the answer to this question, then here it is: yes, Joaquin Phoenix is the best Batman yet!

Even if you don’t share the same enthusiasm, it’s still worth seeing the latest Joaquin Phoenix movie. You’ll have a blast no matter which one you go with because they’re both fantastic examples of talented actors bringing the Dark Knight to life. While we wait for Warner Bros. to give us more information about the Joker, it’s time to revisit one of the most iconic scenes from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.