Robert Pattinson has always been one of Hollywood’s most handsome and magnetic stars. When he isn’t filming, you’ll often see him pulling off an impressive combination of cool expressions and gestures as Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise.

While Pattinson’s acting talent has always been there, it wasn’t until recently that his professional career took off. After Twilight, he landed a starring role in the Divergent series, which became another big hit. More recently, he’s been involved with a family tragedy that has kept him away from the cameras for an extended period.

While his fans have been patiently waiting for him to return to the big screen, Pattinson has been working hard to transform himself into a more contemporary, approachable, and relatable star. Thanks to his dedication and a little bit of inspiration from Bruce Wayne (Batman), we’re finally getting our wish. The latest rumor suggests that Pattinson’s new film, the Rob Pattinson-directed Bel Ami, could be the biggest and most expensive movie of his career. It’s certainly looking that way, with current estimates putting its budget at over $30 million.

Whether you were a fan of the Twilight films or not, you’ll definitely want to check out this latest cinematic venture. It features an incredible ensemble cast that includes Alicia Vikander, Rupert Everett, and more. The film hits theaters this Friday, so you might want to make sure you have a ticket ready. The early reviews are extremely positive, and they’ve already called it “one of the most stylish films of 2020.” So, be sure to check it out. It’s sure to become one of the most memorable films of the year. And let’s face it, as long as I’m bringing up rumors, Pattinson’s casting as Batman in the 2021 remake of The Batman could definitely be a reality.

New Look Is The Best Look

While many of his colleagues have faded from the spotlight over the past few years, Robert Pattinson has worked hard to keep his celebrity high. And it’s paid off. The actor has proven himself to be a skilled practitioner of modern-day acting and an effective fundraiser for numerous charities. Most importantly, he’s maintained a firm commitment to his craft and continued to evolve as an actor. Thanks to his dedication, he’s become one of the most in-demand and recognizable stars in Hollywood. Nowadays, anytime someone sees or hears his name, they think of beautiful, stylish, and incredibly intelligent people.

The best example of this newfound confidence is Pattinson’s decision to transform himself for the role of Timothee Le Clercq in the 2019 film, Dreyfus. In the movie, the handsome and mysterious Frenchman traverses the city of Paris on a mission to avenge the injustices done to his father. In preparation for the role, Pattinson shaved off his eyebrows and plucked his eyebrows. It was a bold move that paid off. The New York Times called the transformation “an outstanding piece of acting.” In an interview with Vanity Fair, Timothee Le Clercq described his on-screen counterpart as follows:

“Robert is extraordinary — he could be a great actor. He has a lot of talent, but he doesn’t always use it the right way… He acts like a spoiled little child, like a little punk. But he’s a good actor, and sometimes his scenes in the movie are very funny. And when he’s angry, he’s really angry. And that makes me angry. It’s really good acting.”

Best Of Both Worlds

While many actors choose to play the part of multiple heroes or villains in their careers, Robert Pattinson has opted to do the opposite. Since starring in Twilight, he’s remained a prominent figure in Hollywood, yet avoided major blockbuster films. The actor has stated that he wants to play a variety of characters, which in Hollywood terms usually means one part villain and one part romantic lead. He’s managed to play both sides with equal success, appearing in films like the Divergent series, Where the Wild Things Are, and, most recently, Noah. In the epic survival story, Pattinson plays the role of Noah, the patriarch of a family that embarks on a perilous journey to save the animals of the world. While in many ways a typical, run-of-the-mill film role, Pattinson brings his usual charisma, intelligence, and good looks to the table.

For his next project, Pattinson will appear in two films in 2021. First, he’s set to star in the thriller, The House of Gucci, alongside Emily Blunt and Vanessa Hudgens. The film follows a young American woman (Blunt) who travels to Italy to investigate the suspicious death of her friend. She uncovers a worldwide conspiracy and is forced to fight for her life. While the film doesn’t have an official release date, it’s anticipated that it will premiere in the last quarter of 2021.

Pattinson’s other upcoming project is even more exciting. He’s set to star opposite Hollywood stars Julia Roberts and Michelle Pfeiffer in the psychological thriller, The Hotel Singapore. The story follows a brilliant but eccentric scientist named Elijah Price who has developed a way to unlock people’s dreams. With this device, he’s able to enter anyone’s dreams and see their hidden selves. He uses this talent to help famous singer Julia Roberts attain peace after the tragic death of her son. In the end, she agrees to help him put his invention to good use and enter her ex-husband’s dreams, where she discovers the truth about their son’s murder. The film is set for release on June 12, 2022.

It’s clear that, over the next few years, Pattinson will continue to evolve as an actor. One of the most in-demand stars in Hollywood, the actor is sure to continue attracting A-list projects and securing important roles in interesting and varied projects.