Batman may have saved our lives. In 2005, the Dark Knight inspired a generation when he stood against the tyrannical Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Now, nearly ten years later, our favorite masked vigilante may have saved yet another life, helping a young man named Robert Pattinson overcome his depression. It seems that Pattinson, who gained worldwide fame as the male lead in the wildly successful Twilight film series, suffered from severe bouts of depression that nearly destroyed his life. While promoting the final installment of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn – Part 2, in November, Pattinson opened up to the press about how he coped with his depression and the role Batman played in helping him pull through.

Depression Runs In True Blood Family

Pattinson is far from the only celebrity to have battled depression. His wife, Kristen Stewart, revealed that she, too, suffered from depression following the sudden and unexpected success of the Twilight films. However, Stewart is one of the few celebrities who has had the courage to publicly discuss her mental health struggles. She credited the films for helping her see the brighter side of life and curbing her depression. “I definitely think that the movies helped me a lot,” Stewart told Vanity Fair in 2015. “When I was starting out, I would never have dreamed that I would be doing interviews and talking about my career, but because of the movies, I get to do that.”

Stewart’s mother, Eve, also overcame her own bout of depression and helped her raise her daughter. While in the midst of her own battle with depression, Eve made it her mission to help young women who were also struggling. She launched a nonprofit organization, The Raising Women Project, which provides support to women who are facing a hard time. Among other things, the organization helps them access therapy and prescribes them medication when necessary. Eve also founded a mentoring program called Beautiful You, which works with teenage girls and teaches them how to love themselves. For her efforts, Eve was bestowed with the Global Women’s Entrepreneur Award in 2017.

A Role Model For Mental Health

Pattinson’s depression got so bad that he decided to take a sabbatical from acting in 2014. During that time, he entered a residential treatment center in Malibu where he underwent therapy and received medication. He also gained more than half a stone in weight and dropped nearly ten pounds. His therapist at the Malibu center, Dr. Steve Lee, said that having something to look forward to – in the form of his movies – helped Pattinson combat his depression. Lee added that the actor’s decision to take a break from acting was a no-brainer. After all, if fans want to see more of his trademark smirk, they will have to wait a while: Pattinson announced in October 2017 that he was bowing out of acting for a little while to focus on his personal life. Since then, he has been keeping a fairly low public profile.

A Better Life Thanks To Batman

Pattinson’s depression led him to a dark place. It wasn’t just about the numerous rumors of his drug addiction or the suicide attempts (one of which was apparently provoked by his grandmother’s death). This is a man who, at one point during this struggle, considered ending it all. His depression and anxiety took over his life, and he became physically incapable of functioning. As a result, he lost a huge chunk of his early 20s. All that time, his grandmother, grandmother’s partner, and aunt (his only surviving family member) looked after him. They helped pay for his medication and therapy and even bailed him out of jail once. They were the ones who encouraged him to get back on his feet and live his life. And to their immense credit, they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Today, Pattinson is happily married to Kristen Stewart and continues to work towards bettering the mental health of others. He has dedicated his life to changing the way people look at mental illness. It’s an incredible transformation to say the least. When asked what would have happened if Batman had not come along, Pattinson replied, “I have no idea. I probably would have spent the rest of my life in jail or on the streets.” Perhaps Batman’s biggest contribution to this world will be his inspiring example of strength and perseverance for those facing mental health challenges.