While a lot of people were busy speculating on what Batman’s next outfit would look like, several fans were already brainstorming about the actor’s previous one. And it turns out that they may have guessed right!

After seeing Pattinson’s stunning Joker outfit in The Joker, several Batman fans have been trying to replicate the design and style of the English actor’s costume. Is it possible to craft a decent Batman costume without having access to a professional tailor? We took a look at The Dark Knight Rises and examined Robert Pattinson’s (very accomplished) Batman outfit to find out.

Style Inspiration

The first movie to really inspire this trend was The Dark Knight, which came out in 2008. Not only did it feature an amazing Joker outfit, but Christopher Nolan’s movie also introduced several design elements that would later become iconic themes for the genre.

First, there was the cape. The Dark Knight wears a black cape, covering the torso and part of the legs, for the entire duration of the film. This design was a total game-changer, not only because it’s an element that hadn’t been seen in movies before, but also because it totally altered the way people perceived Batman. Before The Dark Knight Rises, people just thought of Batman as a guy in a bat costume. But thanks to the black cape, the character now had a sense of mystery surrounding him.

Another defining feature of Nolan’s Batman is the use of Velvet Shields, a fabric made famous in The Dark Knight. The fabric is a blend of synthetic fiber and silk, which gives it a luxurious feel. While creating his look for The Dark Knight, the Christopher Nolan’s outfit shop collared several different velvet blends to use for the capes, providing the audience with a sense of variety.

The third and perhaps the most significant element of Nolan’s Batman is the relaxed attitude the character exudes. Throughout the movie, we see Batman in various situations, from car chases to fist fights, and he always seems to be in a state of dressing mode. This is not the case with other comic book movie heroes, who usually wear uniforms or at least simple, classic attire.

These three elements—the Batman cape, velvet shields, and relaxed attitude—all influenced the way people viewed the character, and they still do today. It’s not just the fans who have been attracted to the unique look either, as Robert Pattinson’s costume has become a sort of mechanical solution to create a mystical Batman costume.

The Making Of

To craft the perfect Batman costume, you’ll need to pay a tailor multiple ­appointments to measure you in several phases (the first one being the most expensive). The costume maker will take your measurements, give you some basic instructions, and then walk you through the fitting process (this is partly to make sure that the clothes fit you perfectly). Depending on how long it takes the tailor to craft the clothes, you can either wait for the costume to arrive or go ahead with the tailor’s instructions, and make a hasty guess. If you decide to go ahead, you’ll have to be ready to finish the clothing within a few days!

The reason why it’s so complicated to make a perfect Batman costume is that it takes a lot of planning and precision in choosing the right fabric and styles. The cloth and style of the Batman cape matter a lot, along with the type of armor the character is wearing. For example, you cannot use leather for the body of the Batman, as it would become very hot, even if it’s a nice touch (leather is a common choice for the body of a cowboy or western hero).

If you want to make a quick profit, you can create a briefcase for Robin (who is now part of the DC cartel alongside Batman and Joker) and charge people to look at it as he walks by. The briefcase can be found in several hues including red, black, and green—three of Robin’s traditional colors (and you’ll probably go bankrupt quickly).

The Final Countdown

With all the planning and preparation done, you’ll need to wait a few days to finish the clothes. While you’re waiting, you’ll need to be patiently watching the dressing room for updates on the progress of your costume.

When the clothes are finished, you’ll have a sense of pride and satisfaction, as the tailor will have worked hard to give you a perfect fit.

This is one of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive proccesses ever included in a movie costume, but it’s worth it in the end. You’ll gain a sense of mystery and immersion by wearing this suit, and not only will you feel like you belong among the caped crusaders, but it’s also a great look for your neighbors, coworkers, and even strangers you meet in a movie theater.

Do you think Robert Pattinson’s Batman suit is real? Let us know in the comments below! And for more information on making your own Halloween costume, check out our handy Costume Tutorial video!