Well, we said it once, and we’ll say it again: Robert Pattinson is one handsome fella! Even though we’ve known him for a while now, he still manages to amaze us with his timeless beauty.

The Twilight saga has come to an end, and Robert Pattinson is finally stepping out of his comfort zone by trying something new. Well, new for him, at least. This time, he’s paying homage to the Caped Crusader of fiction with his Robert Pattinson Batman Suit. It’s no secret that the handsome Twilight star is a big fan of the Dark Knight, and now that he’s donning the iconic outfit, we can’t stop staring at him!

It seems like only yesterday that we were eagerly awaiting the premiere of this year’s highly-anticipated Batman movie. And now that it’s finally here, we can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theaters now, and it turns out that the wait was all worth it. The film is amazing! Even though it’s a huge leap forward for the DC Extended Universe, it still has that family-friendly feel that makes it accessible to everyone.

What’s also fantastic is that the movie didn’t just introduce us to Batman and Superman, but also brought us closer to several supporting characters from the comics. We got to know them better than we’ve ever known any of the characters before, which only makes us more excited for what’s coming next. For example, the new live-action Gotham series is set to premiere on FOX this fall, and it’ll feature several familiar faces from the Batman universe. So, we have a new generation of fans who will grow up with the superheroes we all love. It really is a beautiful thing.

While we were distracted by the big-budget superhero movies, Robert Pattinson was hard at work putting the finishing touches on his costume for the Batman movie. He told reporters during a recent interview that the suit is designed to evoke images of the Dark Knight from the 1960s, but with a modern twist. Of course, since he’s playing the part, he has to keep it fresh, so he’s constantly upgrading his outfit as new technology becomes available. Right now, he’s rocking a GoPro on his helmet so he can keep an eye on everything as he drives. It’s no wonder why he decided to forgo his usual facial hair for the part.

The original Batman suit hasn’t been seen since the 1966 movie, and to this day, it still stands as one of the most iconic looks in cinema. It’s easy to see why. Not only does it evoke a sense of nostalgia, but it also provides a beautiful contrast to Robert Pattinson’s sun-kissed good looks. However, it would be a mistake to think that this is just another pretty face in a costume. This is a fully functioning piece of cinema gear, and it takes a lot of expertise to don it and drive it like he does. If you watched the movie, you probably noticed that Batman’s movements were somewhat smooth, but not entirely natural. This is thanks to the incredible work of stunt men who were part of the Houdini Program, an advanced stunt team that works on filming in the UK. They taught him how to fight with a sword, and now he’s bringing that skill to the big-screen version of the Dark Knight. He’s not just playing the part, he’s living it!

Well, we can’t say for sure, but it seems that Robert Pattinson is finally experiencing the fame that came with his star turn in Twilight. As we’ve seen countless times before, being famous doesn’t always translate into genuine happiness, but it certainly makes for an interesting ride. Now that he has his own superhero suit, it will be interesting to see if he builds on this new success and decides to continue acting or moves away from Hollywood full-time to focus on fashion and fine dining. This is the type of question that the famous magazines often ask him, and it’s something that he’s probably getting sick of answering. But for now, he’s basking in the glory that is Robert Pattinson, and we’re just happy to have him back. We missed him when he was away, and now that he’s going to be a regular part of our lives again, it’s going to be great!