Wondering what movie to see this weekend? Hoping for a blockbuster that will leave your head spinning? Well, you’re in luck because here is the ultimate guide to the newest movies. And by luck, we mean meticulous planning and research.

Released this week, the eagerly awaited Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is set to crush all previous box office records. With an opening weekend predicted at over $100 million, Warner Bros. and DC’s epic rivalry is looking like it will be more profitable than ever. And with production values to match, it certainly won’t hurt either.

Batman v Superman is just one of a handful of movies coming out this year that you absolutely must see. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that you can’t possibly understand modern cinema without having seen them all. Fortunately, the cinematic universes of Warner Bros. and DC Comics intersect in the most convenient way possible: through the characters and stories of the most recognizable and revered comic book heroes. So let’s take a look at how Robert Pattinson’s Batman story will link you directly to the World of Wonder in a way you couldn’t previously imagine.

The Many Faces of Batman

Let’s start with the obvious: Batman is one of the most recognizable and iconic superheroes of all time. The Dark Knight has managed to retain his popularity even after almost 70 years since his first appearance and has inspired a variety of other superheroes and vigilantes across various media. So it is entirely fitting that Warner Bros. and DC would choose a well-known and established actor to play the role of the Caped Crusader.

Pattinson, like most actors, has gone through various phases in his career. However, he has always been able to channel the essence of Batman and bring the persona to life perfectly. In 2006, he played the Dark Knight in the much-loved and parody-laden movie House of Gucci, and since then he has maintained an impeccable reputation as one of the greatest living portrayals of the Caped Crusader. (We’ll get to the other one in a minute.)

A Look Into The Past

To fully understand the character and legacy of Batman, you have to look into his history. The Dark Knight was first introduced to the world in a sensationalized and rather violent manner in 1939. Born in London in 1888 and inspired by the work of American crime writer, Arthur “Batman” Beatty, the Caped Crusader quickly became a pop culture phenomenon. Batman’s adventures were later adapted for various media, including radio, television, and film.

The character’s design was heavily influenced by German artist, Theodor Klein-Roentgen, who created several drawings of Batman that appeared in various publications in the ‘20s. Roentgen often used a stylized brawny man with a cape and cowl. It is this design that would inspire future portrayals of Batman.

The Incredibly Versatile Clark Kent

While Batman has been recognized for his brilliant crime-fighting and acrobatic stunts, Superman is usually credited with furthering the character’s legacy through his various feats of strength and otherworldly abilities. However, this is far from true. In a perfect world, we would all appreciate and value the work of both characters, but as fans of the comics know, the Man of Steel has had some pretty cool moments too.

Kent, in his initial appearances, was more of a coward who hid behind his journalistic reputation. However, the character evolved over time into someone far braver and stronger than the average man. The ultimate expression of this evolution is Superman: The Movie, released in 1978 and directed by Richard Donner. If you’ve never seen it, we recommend you rent it as soon as possible.

The movie changed how we look at Superman. Prior to that point, he was considered a supporting character in Batman’s stories. However, Donner shifted the focus away from Batman and established a more unique and dynamic storyline that was unlike anything we’d seen before. Suddenly, Superman’s world was no longer limited to his home planet of Krypton – he had entire cities and countries to explore. And explore he did. In the end, we are shown a montage of the Man of Steel’s many adventures and meet a variety of fascinating characters who helped shape not only his backstory, but the DC Comics Universe as a whole.

The Many Voices Of Batman’s Enemies

Now, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and revisit some of Batman’s greatest hits. While we’re at it, let’s remember the fallen as well – those that stood against the Dark Knight and helped change the game. In 1940, Bob Kane and Bill Finger were the first to introduce the concept of an underworld of criminals and thugs who worked for the Batman. To this day, Batman’s rogues’ gallery includes some of the greatest villains of all time: The Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler, and many others. Let’s not forget about them and their various memorable and iconic one-liners. It would be a shame to leave out any of these iconic villains, so here you go.

World’s Greatest Detective

With all the villains from the Golden Age of Batman, what would make a great detective out of Sherlock Holmes? His acumen for solving crimes and ability to analyze situations could easily translate to figuring out the best film to see this weekend. Plus, he is arguably the greatest detective of all time, so he’s got that going for him.

Since the days of Sherlock Holmes, the character of Batman has continued to enthrall audiences worldwide with his adventures. However, in today’s world, the Dark Knight often has to work harder than ever to keep up with the growing number of crime lords and madmen who want to bring him down. With a little help from his friends and allies, Batman may just be able to stay one step ahead of his many enemies and continue fighting crime in his beloved Gotham City.