Many fans were surprised to see Robert Pattinson smile during the most recent trailer for The Batman. After all, the actor usually doesn’t smile on screen. However, the trailer shows a relaxed and bright-spirited Pattinson, who seems to be having a good time playing the iconic crime-fighting superhero.

While audiences were initially worried that his radiant smile was simply a part of the film’s marketing campaign, it turns out that he was actually just having fun. So, what is Robert Pattinson’s Batman smile and why does he seem to be enjoying playing the Dark Knight? Let’s explore.

The Making Of The Batman Smile

While it may come as a surprise to learn that Robert Pattinson is actually a really happy person, his public persona certainly doesn’t do much to corroborate this fact. The actor is generally known for his intense film looks and brooding on-screen persona, which is also the reason why he was initially approached to play Batman.

However, during filming, director Matt Reeves started to realize that there’s more to Pattinson than meets the eye. The actor, who took on the role of Batman in The Batman, revealed that he is actually “a really happy guy” in an interview with Vogue and that his on-screen persona is largely a facade.

“People think I’m this intense guy because of my looks. But, actually, I’m quite an ordinary guy,” he said. “Sometimes, I even have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.”

It’s been two years since then, and Matt Reeves has gotten to know Pattinson better. The two worked together on The Batman, and during the making of the most recent trailer, they found a way to bring out the charm that lies beneath Pattinson’s typically grim exterior.

Why Does Pattinson Smile?

Apart from being one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, Robert Pattinson’s role as Batman also brought him a great deal of fame and fortune. By most accounts, he’s actually a pretty humble and down-to-earth guy, which is probably why he decided to take on a superhero role in the first place.

It seems that after years of being an A-list superstar, Pattinson had to prove to himself that he could still be that same person off-screen. To do this, he decided to submerge himself into the role of Batman and see how it affected his personality. The actor said that he thinks of the character as a “toy” and that he tried to have as much fun with it as possible.

“I just wanted to explore the persona that he’s created for himself, and see if I could break out of my shell and have some fun,” he said. “It was a really interesting process. I’d never really considered the character in such a fun way.”

While it’s great to see that Pattinson is having some fun with a character that he’s played for almost all of his adult life, it’s also important to note that this is not a frivolous decision on his part. Instead, he’s doing this to prove to himself that he can still play a serious role whilst being funny or entertaining the audience.

Is Robert Pattinson Trying To Prove He Can Play More Than One Role?

With The Batman, it seems like Robert Pattinson is trying to prove that he can play more than one role. The actor has dabbled in comedy in the past, and even tried his hand at directing. Now that he’s playing a superhero, will he continue to play around with his persona?

The answer is unclear. While it would be fun to see what Robert Pattinson’s life is like outside of his busy acting schedule, it’s not a matter of if but when he’ll get his chance to play a lighter role.

In the meantime, it seems like he’ll continue to bring his A-game when it comes to his acting roles. The only question is, will the public continue to accept him as Batman?