There is no denying that Robert Pattinson is one of today’s most popular and fashionable actors. The British hunk recently stole the hearts of moviegoers with his performance as a conflicted batman in the movie, The Batman. Now that the world knows who he is, let’s take a look at how he interacts with the notorious caped crusader, Batman.

Comic Book Hero

The Dark Knight was first introduced to moviegoers in the summer of 1989. Since then, the character has continued to evolve and inspire countless other stories and media. It’s fair to say that Batman has become a pop culture icon. In 2011, the most famous superhero of all time ranked number 7 on the list of Top 50 Comic Book Characters of All Time.

The Dark Knight and his supporting cast have inspired many other movies and characters. The character of Harvey Dent, for example, was inspired by Batman. In the movie The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent meet for the first time in many years. Their dynamic, and sometimes violent, rivalry continues to be a major plot point in the Batman series. It’s fair to say that the Batman of the current millennium is one of the most popular and influential superheroes of all time. And this popular and influential depiction of Batman continues to enjoy a large, passionate fan base even today.

New York City

One of the distinguishing factors of The Dark Knight is its setting. The highly anticipated movie was actually shot in New York City, with some scenes taking place in Gotham. When the first trailer for The Dark Knight was released, many fans were pleasantly surprised to see Gotham in the movie. But it wasn’t the first time New York City had been featured in a Batman movie. The Riddler also makes a cameo appearance in The Dark Knight, as does the Joker. These villains, and many more, are said to call New York City their home. It’s therefore only fitting that one of the most influential and popular Batman movies was shot in one of the most famous cities in the world. And it seems like fans agree, New York City is one of the most beautiful movie locations, to film a movie.

The Bat

The Dark Knight was originally meant to be a silent movie. However, the studio behind it decided to include sound effects and music to help the audience understand the story. Many of the film’s most iconic lines were added at the last minute, and even then they were ad-libbed. The movie would go on to become one of the most beloved of all time. Many people believe that the character of Batman was inspired by the real life antics of Bob Kane, the mastermind behind the legendary Batman comic books. The Dark Knight movie is often cited as the inspiration for the Batman series, which continues to this day.

A Love-Hate Relationship

One of the distinguishing factors of The Dark Knight is its portrayal of a hate-love relationship between Batman and the Joker. The Joker is one of the most iconic and recognizable villains of all time. He is also among the most popular, with a massive social media following. The Clown Prince of Crime has been seen by millions of people across the globe, thanks to the many movies, animated series, and video games in which he has appeared. When Bob Kane established the character of the Joker, he had no idea that it would become one of the most important and influential characters of all time. While it’s true that the Joker often appears to enjoy playing jokes on Batman, there is more than one layer to their relationship. Their interactions are often more complex than what is portrayed on the surface. If we look beyond the jokes and tricks, it’s clear that they have a genuine, albeit twisted, love-hate relationship.

A Passion For Justice

It is often said that Batman has a passion for justice that no other superhero can match. Even the most hardened criminals fear the masked vigilante. While Batman has been known to operate outside of the law on occasion, he generally tries to uphold the justice system. The Dark Knight has continued to uphold the justice system even in the face of impossible odds. The hero faces numerous threats to his life every day, yet he continues to fight the good fight. If you have a passion for justice as well, it’s clear that you’ll have no trouble finding an excuse to watch The Dark Knight.

A Familiar Face

While The Dark Knight is largely populated with iconic superheroes, some of its supporting characters are just as memorable as the main players. Harvey Dent’s journey from honest cop to crazed criminal was played out on the big screen in a way that was both heartbreaking and inspiring. The real Harvey Dent later credited The Dark Knight for keeping him off of drugs and alcoholism. It seems like the movie helped a lot of people, which is why it is often cited as a cult classic. One of the film’s most memorable scenes is the reveal of its protagonist. After being held hostage by the Joker, Batman escapes captivity and travels to North America, where he stops off in Gotham to check on his former colleagues. The sight of Bruce Wayne walking among his former cop comrades is a poignant one. It’s clear that this is a man who feels like a father figure to many of these men, and vice versa.

It is impossible to discuss The Dark Knight without also mentioning its lead actor. The movie’s protagonist doesn’t have many good qualities, but he is a man of principle, and therefore deeply moral. When asked about his portrayal of a man of such contradictions, Christian Bale replied:

“I never saw Batman as a man of contradictions. I saw him as a man driven by his passions…I think [the character] was never really written that way. [Bruce] Wayne is the most moral person you’ll ever meet in real life. He just doesn’t have anybody to share his moral compass with. So he keeps it to himself. That’s what makes Batman a man of contradictions. We’re all driven by our passions, but he just channels them into something more productive.”

A Whole Other Meaning

The Dark Knight was originally meant to be a story about an elite group of Batman allies, who banded together to fight crime. However, the film turned out to be much more. When asked about the changing story, director Christopher Nolan replied:

“When [producer Richard] Burton and I wrote the first draft of Batman, we never intended for it to be a story about a group of heroes. That was basically the idea when it was pitched to us…We were inspired by various characters and stories that we had read about, but we never sat down and said ‘this is what our story is going to be about’.”

The Dark Knight was originally meant to be a story about an elite group of Batman allies, who banded together to fight crime. However, the film turned out to be much more. The director said that the story was basically about Batman at this point. While there are flashbacks to the early days of Batman and team, it is clear that the story is meant to be understood as a standalone tale. It’s fair to say that The Dark Knight has influenced several other characters and stories that followed. And it seems like fans agree. In 2011, Comic Book Resources readers voted The Dark Knight as the 4th most influential comic book movie of all time.

The Dark Knight Rises

It’s been 10 years since the last time we saw Batman on the big screen. However, with each new installment, fans are getting more and more excited about the possibility of seeing their favorite masked vigilante appear on the big screen. While it is generally accepted that Batman is one of the greatest superhero characters of all time, there isn’t yet an official tally of how many times he has died. Despite this, the legend of Batman continues to grow.

In 2011, Comic Book Resources readers voted The Dark Knight as the 4th most influential comic book movie of all time. Since then, several more movies have been released featuring the Dark Knight. While most of them have not been as successful as theoriginal, it seems like fans still have high hopes for the future of Gotham’s most famous superhero.