Ever since Robert Pattinson was cast as the new Batman in 2018’s Aquaman movie, fans have been anxiously waiting to see more of his take on the Dark Knight.

More recently, however, photos from the set of the film have caused speculation around the globe. Some people think that the photos of Rob in a Batman costume are a fake, while others believe they might be the real deal. We decided to investigate and find out what’s going on.

First Look At Rob’s Batman In Costume, But Is It Real?

The first official photo of Rob in his full Batman outfit was released a few days ago. Many fans were really excited to see this first look at Rob’s Batman, especially since it was so different from his previous costume choices. The photos also revealed that he would be sporting a full hood and cape in this film. So it looked like he was going for a more traditional Batman look.

Although the photos were confirmed to be real, many still doubted whether or not they showed the actual costume that Rob would be wearing in the movie. After all, the photos were taken before the editing process was completed and there were still some camera glitches in the final product. So, while it was obvious that Rob was in costume, it wasn’t yet clear whether or not it was the final product.

Here Comes Another Set Of New Photo Tests From Batman Begins

Just a few days after the first official set of photos from Aquaman came out, another batch of leaked photos from Batman Begins were released online. This time, it was Warner Bros. that decided to play it safe by printing out some of Rob’s costume tests from the set of the Batman Begins franchise. And this is something that he’s been doing since the inception of the character.

Usually, when a new movie is being made, filmmakers will go through numerous fittings and multiple trials before settling on the right costume for the main character. But, with Batman, this process seems to be happening much quicker than usual. Since the character first appeared in Batman Begins in 2005, he’s gone through four costume changes:

  • A leather jacket and jeans in Batman Begins
  • A black shirt and jeans in the 2006 sequel
  • A black shirt and a leather jacket in The Dark Knight
  • A grey hoodie in The Dark Knight Rises

So if we compare these latest batch of photos to the previous ones, it’s clear that Rob has gone through another evolution as Batman. The leather jacket and jeans from Batman Begins have given way to the black shirt and jeans from The Dark Knight. But, despite the stylistic differences, the essence of the character hasn’t changed.

What’s next for the Caped Crusader? The rumors say that he’ll be appearing in several upcoming movies, including a Joker standalone spin-off. But, for now, all we can do is speculate and hope that these leaked pictures are just a ruse to keep us mesmerized until the next big reveal.