Where Did He Get All That Money From?

Many fans were thrilled to see Robert Pattinson back on the big screen in Robin Hood but now that the movie is out, they’re wondering where he got all that money. He reportedly earned $45,000 a day for the shoot and it’s rumored that he made double that amount on Christmas Day alone. Where did he get all that money?

Let’s examine how he spent his days on set and what he did to make that much money. According to Forbes, Robin Hood was shot in multiple locations around London, including the historic Limehouse, where the action takes place. Apparently, filming in this area is extremely expensive because the production rented out the whole building, including the rooms inside, for just $50,000 a week.

Pattinson’s co-stars in the movie are UTA’s Sophie Turner and Anna Friel, as well as Jamie Dornan, Stephen Fry, and Mark Addy. Turner and Friel reportedly earned around $25,000 per day while filming, which adds up to around $75,000 for the two of them. Dornan, Fry, and Addy were paid $15,000 per day for their parts which brings their combined earnings to $30,000 per day. Thus, our total comes to $45,000 per day, or $225,000 per week.

Pattinson did not have any big-name co-stars in this movie, but he did have Tom Hardy as his stunt double, which might explain why he got so many offers from high-profile projects. He reportedly turned down a seven-figure sum to play the lead in Gone Baby Gone and he turned down a four-figure sum to star in Robin Hood, but he has worked for low wages before. He was in Water for Elephants and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and he is contracted for two more Twilight movies, which will earn him $1 million per movie. He also has a role in the upcoming Godzilla movie and it is rumored that he will be paid $400,000 for that role.

How Did He Spend His Time On Set?

It’s no secret that actors can be pretty wealthy when they have a successful movie career, but it still amazes people when they learn how much the actors in their favorite films earn. According to Total Recalls, Robin Hood is a historically accurate portrayal of the famous outlaw’s adventures and he spent a good deal of his time on set doing research. He reportedly read The Life of Robin Hood by Edward Carpenter a dozen times and in one interview, he said that he tried to become more like Robin Hood as he watched the movie. According to Forbes, Carpenter’s book was the most popular book among the crew while filming. It’s also rumored that they watched Robin Hood about a thousand times while filming.

Pattinson spent a lot of time with his co-stars, especially Fry and Addy, who he reportedly befriended on set. He hung out with them on set and took them to dinner, which adds up to about 10 hours of work per day. He also worked out a lot, which undoubtedly helped him look the part. In one interview, he said that he loved working out so much that he did it even when he wasn’t filming because he knew how much it would help him look like an action hero.

Was He Always So Handsome?

Yes. Even when he was just a child, people noticed Robert Pattinson. His mom, Vanessa Redgrave, said that he was born with perfect looks and a perfect smile and in one interview, she called him her little boy prince. It’s no wonder that Hollywood came knocking when he was just 19 years old. He is the son of late actor Sir Michael (Roderick Atkins) and his brother, Edward (Edward Michael), is also a well-known actor.

According to Celebrity Trackside, Pattinson grew up in relative luxury, which might explain why he was able to afford such expensive hobbies as collecting motorcycles and customizing them. He has been linked to several famous faces (he was allegedly kicked out of the house formerly occupied by Taylor and Taylor because he was bothering their daughter, Lily Walden) and his father confirmed that he had a very good relationship with his celebrity kids. He has also been linked to famous musician Ed Sheeran because he grew up listening to Sheeran’s music.

Will We See More Of Him?

We will. He has a very active social media presence and he often posts funny pictures and videos that make us smile. In one video, he dressed up as a Nazi for Halloween and he also gave some very funny speeches at the U.S. midterm elections in 2018. He is currently promoting his new show, Turner & Fry, which will premiere on Netflix on November 16th. It’s unknown if this will be his last movie before he heads to Netflix for the rest of his life, but his fans can rest assured that he will be acting in some capacity in the near future.