The last two weeks have been absolutely wild. After weeks of teasing the world with barely any signs of life, our favourite indie pop-star turned up to the party looking cool as f*ck in a black t-shirt and sunglasses. He turned up to two events in one day, and had the audacity to smile while onstage. Then came the backlash. After his first concert in England in three years, Robert Pattinson‘s life was turned upside down. His fame got the better of him, and he unleashed a series of epic Twitter rants against the media, fans, and even his own team. Here, we take a look back at the outrageous Tweets and try to make sense of what happened.

Batman Or Robin?

The day after Pattinson’s epic return to Liverpool, a reporter asked him about the differences between playing there and in Hollywood. “It feels a bit different,” he said, before launching into one of his trademark stories about a fan who followed him around the city for hours. “I felt like Batman, being so popular that I had to wear a mask so people don’t know who I am. I mean, it’s been a real pleasure riding the wave.”

A wave of excitement spread through the Twitterverse as fans got a glimpse of the cool-headed celebrity they rarely get to see. Many were left wondering if the rockstar had finally found his mojo. The backlash, however, was swift and merciless.

One week after his return to England, Pattinson took to Twitter to complain about the media misrepresenting him. “I don’t understand why people keep focusing on the negative things. There’s so much good energy being brought to the table these days,” he said. When a Twitter user suggested that the paparazzi were to blame for his erratic behaviour, he had this to say.

“They have nothing better to do than follow me around and make my life a misery. It’s not my fault if the press don’t get it right.”

But perhaps the most damaging Tweet came from Pattinson’s manager. After days of speculation, the 53-year-old finally spoke out, admitting that he was to blame for his famous client’s erratic behaviour.

“Sometimes when you give a guy money, you expect an outcome. But I know that wasn’t the case with Rob,” he said. “He’s a good kid who got a bit stuck in his ways. If I took the blame, I’m sure he’d be the first to admit it. He needs to take more responsibility for his own actions.”

While the statement offered some clarity, it did little to appease the growing pile of discontent. Two months later, in a move that further divided his fanbase, Pattinson announced that he was ending his world tour. He cited “creative differences” as the reason for the cancellation.

The news prompted an outpouring of emotion from fans and critics who saw it as further proof that the actor/artist has lost touch with his true self. While the majority of the tweets have been negative, there have also been a small number of fans who believed that he had finally found the spark that was missing from his performance. Some even suggested that he was acting under the influence of some sort of mental disorder.

Pattinson attempted to defend his decision, saying that he “didn’t want to end up like Robin Williams.” But clearly, his own words in the past have had the opposite effect, and he is now faced with the unenviable task of trying to make amends. While he is entitled to his own opinions, he doesn’t have the right to be so vindictive. Especially since he now has a new responsibility as a father. He and FKA Twigs both adopted a baby girl in February, and the 30-year-old singer recently opened up about becoming a stepmother. Like Pattinson, she too was faced with a backlash, and had to apologise for offending some of her followers. But while she was merely responding to critics who blamed her music for inciting violence, it would seem that Pattinson is truly learning from his mistakes. At least, we wish him all the best for the future. Let’s just hope that he manages to keep his cool as a father-to-be.

How Did This All Happen?

On Tuesday, February 20, the Twitterverse was abuzz with excitement after learning that Robert Pattinson had married his longtime sweetheart, Katia Mishtal. The 36-year-old French model and actress became his partner in October 2018, after an extremely private wedding ceremony in Italy. While the public has had a ringside seat for the couple’s romance, their decision to keep their marriage a secret was motivated by fear. Mishtal’s camp feared that Hollywood would react with hostility to the news of her campaign to tame the wild man of British cinema. But that hasn’t been the case. The couple have been embraced by the mainstream media, and have amassed a legion of fans as a result.

The pair have used social media to communicate their story. In December 2018, they revealed that they had decided to keep their wedding secret after learning that the media had plans to splash the news across the front page. “I really don’t want anyone to know about this before the event, if that’s OK,” Pattinson said at the time. “I just want to enjoy this moment with my wife.”

Less than a week after their intimate ceremony, it was announced that Pattinson was set to embark on a world tour. At the time, he said that he wanted to celebrate his freedom and thank his fans for all of their support during his hiatus. The tour was originally meant to run through April and May, but was postponed after Pattinson’s wife became ill. While the illness was ultimately no fault of Katia’s, it didn’t help that her health issues manifested during the height of the tour. The couple were forced to postpone their wedding anniversary party until June.

The rescheduled tour saw the couple perform across North America and Europe. On July 12, they revealed that they were expecting their first child together. While the pregnancy has gone without a hitch, the new parent-to-be has still had to adjust to life as a newlywed. He has been unable to spend as much time with his wife as he would like, since his schedule is packed full of promotional events and photo shoots. Katia, meanwhile, has had to juggle her domestic duties with her role as a stepmother. In August, they welcomed daughter Lorella into the world. A few weeks later, it was announced that Pattinson would be extending his world tour by a further month. While in Europe, he would be joined by his band for a series of concerts. With his family life, work commitments, and burgeoning fame, the actor has found his life very busy indeed.

A Troubled Past

Pattinson has had a somewhat turbulent relationship with the media. Back in 2013, he came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and said that being open about his sexuality was one of the best decisions he had ever made. “I’m lucky to have someone in my life that I can be so open with,” he said. “They don’t judge me and they don’t play games. It’s always been nice to have someone like that in your life.”

He went on to praise the work that prominent LGBTQ+ figures had done to change the public’s perception of gay men and women. “It’s just so odd to see all these positive headlines about the LGBTQ+ community, when the reality is so different. I’d like to think that with time it will normalise and people will see that we’re not all like that.”

While the above comments might suggest that Pattinson is a progressive thinker, he has in the past used his fame to troll his fans. In 2015, he shared a series of bizarre photos of himself on his Instagram account, and wrote: “Funny how the media goes through cycles. Used to promote me when I wasn’t even that well-known. Now that I am, they don’t want to have anything to do with me. Media has short memories.”