So you’ve probably heard that the cast of The Batman is set to hit the big screen this summer. Starring Robert Pattinson, the movie is based on the comic book series of the same name and sees the Dark Knight detective battling the criminals of Gotham City. While the movie will undoubtedly be a box office hit, it’s fair to say that audiences may be surprised at the relatively small number of people who actually know who the heck Robert Pattinson is.

Apart from the fact that he will star in the most expensive movie of all time, The Batman is also the name of the DC Comics character that he will be portraying on the big screen. Naturally, with any other famous person in a superhero or comic book role, there will be a huge focus on the character they are playing. But since this is a character that doesn’t have a very large fan base, it seems that most people will be surprised to learn more about him than his physical appearance.

If you’re one of these people, then you’re in luck because we’ve got you covered. Here’s a crash course in Robert Pattinson DC Comics: Who’s Who (and a little bit about his personal life). You’ll find this kind of information very useful if you’re ever planning to see The Batman or if you just want to know more about the guy playing Batman.

Robert Pattinson An Overview

Robert Pattinson was born in London on September 25, 1986. The youngest of four children, he was raised mostly in the United Kingdom but spent some time in South Africa as a child. He began acting at the age of four and had his first film role at the age of five. Since then, his career has grown rapidly and he’s now one of the most in-demand young British actors. Most of his work centers around fantasy or horror films, a little bit of drama, and often a hefty dose of humor. In 2018, he starred in the Broadway adaptation of E.L. James’ erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, for which he received a Tony award nomination. After several years of working mostly in movie theatres in the UK and internationally, he moved to Los Angeles in 2016 where Fifty Shades of Grey is now being adapted for the big screen. According to Forbes, his current net worth is $150 million.

Early Life And Career

Pattinson was born in London where his father is a British banker and his mother is Swedish. He has a sister who is two years older and a brother who is one year older. He began his acting career at the age of four in the television film Tales from the Dark Forest. At the time, his family was living in Sweden and he spent a lot of his early years there. In fact, he made his European film debut in the Swedish thriller Under My Skin, at the age of five. During that time, he also did some modeling for catalogs and had a minor role in the Swedish film Långt bortom snön. In 1989, his family returned to England and he started attending the prestigious London School of Economics. While at the school, he starred in several school plays and was also an active member of the debating society. In 2004, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Politics from the London School of Economics and shortly thereafter, he began starring in various films and had supporting roles in several big-budget movies. He also landed a spot in the British Army, serving in various capacities in Afghanistan and Iraq. After leaving the army, he had a supporting role in the 2011 film Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Comic Book Themed Films

Pattinson gained a lot of notice for his roles in the films The Twilight Saga and The Great Gatsby. In 2012, he starred in the romantic comedy film Bad Teacher, which was adapted from the Eloise Philpot novel of the same name. Since then, he has starred in several big-budget movies that were inspired by comic books, often in the role of a super hero or a member of a comic book team. Examples of these films include Batman (directed by Christian Bale), The Meg (directed by Jon Turteltaub), and the upcoming Deadpool (directed by Tim Miller). In the case of Batman, Pattinson will play the titular superhero in the upcoming summer 2019 release that will be the first in a trilogy. In the role of Harvey Dent, the villain in Batman vs. Superman: Doomsday, he will be competing with Ben Affleck for the title of Batman.

Fantasy And Horror Films

In addition to his work in comic book films, Pattinson also appears in a variety of other mediums, from commercials to music videos. One of his most well-known adverts is for Mountain Dew, which he starred in with Adam DeVine. He has also done some voice acting, most notably for the English-dubbed version of the classic Japanese anime Dragon Quest. He also provided the English-language voice for the title character in the 2016 video game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

Pattinson’s filmography contains many dark and horrific stories, often inspired by true events. His role as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Batman movie is a good example of this, as is his portrayal of Quentin Tarantulinu in the 2016 film The Hateful Eight. He has also starred in several horror films, often in prominent supporting roles. His most famous role in a horror movie is probably that of Dracula in the 2014 horror movie Dark Shadows, where he plays the titular character for the first time. The following year, he played another famous Englishman in Bojack Horseman’s Netflix series The Bojack Horseman, which is full of absurd humor and dark satire.

Personal Life

Apart from acting, Pattinson is also known for being a bit of a free-spirit. Not a fan of traditional romance, he is rarely seen with a girlfriend or a romantic partner. Instead, he is often sighted with his arms around various friends and family members. While he doesn’t like to focus on his personal life, he has stated that he is not ashamed of being in a gay relationship. In 2019, he was honored with the Stonewall Icon at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards for his advocacy in the LGBTQ community.

It’s no surprise that so many people love and support him considering his gorgeous looks and charismatic personality. He has also been described as one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood. With so many well-known women pursuing him, it’s clear that he isn’t interested in traditional relationships. In 2020, he was listed as the 8th most attractive male celebrity in the world by Forbes.

With all this talk of attractive men, it’s only fair to mention that Pattinson is also very good-looking. As you may have guessed, he is often typecast as a damsel in distress or as a romantic interest in other movies. One of his biggest assets is that, despite his Hollywood status, he still has that fresh and innocent look that is so attractive to girls and women. He is truly rich in both love and talent.