Fashion and music are often considered separate entities, with many people seeing the two only as separate interests. While it is true that your favorite singer probably won’t be wearing the same styles of clothing as you, behind-the-scenes it’s quite the opposite: many fashion designers become famous for their unique association with a particular musician, while some musicians even become famous for their fashion choices.

If you’ve ever seen the film Gentlemen Prey, you’re probably familiar with the character of Robert Pattinson, the openly gay British actor who plays musician Roman Grant. His character in the film is the epitome of cool, with a laidback nature, an affinity for old school gear, and overall a very fashionable sense of style. It was only natural that when the reboot of the film was released in 2021, Roman’s fashion style would be an important aspect of the narrative.

The film follows the story of Roman (Pattinson), who after a break-up, finds himself in a transitional phase. While trying to figure out his next move, he befriends an aspiring actress named Anna (Liv Tyler). One night, after leaving a party together, they end up in bed where they sleep together. However, after making love, Roman realizes it’s not what he wants and leaves Anna. Heartbroken, Anna goes on a murder spree, which lands her in jail. While in prison, she befriends a man named Dennis (Eddie Redmayne), who turns out to be the father she had previously presumed to be dead. She also learns the criminal lifestyle isn’t for her and decides to turn her life around. While trying to rebuild her life, she applies for a job as a DJ at a gentlemen’s club, where she meets up with Roman again. Now that she has a new purpose in life, Roman helps Anna get the job, which she later turns down due to wanting to focus on her acting career. Roman and Anna eventually meet with Dennis, who forces the two to confront their feelings for each other. After they admit their feelings, the three men decide to get a band together and begin performing at weddings and other such functions. The film closes with all of the characters getting together for one last party, which is themed around their style and reflects their personalities.

Pattinson’s Musical Journey

Although he’s best known for his acting career, Roman’s musical passion stems from a much earlier age. He began playing the piano at the age of five and continued taking lessons throughout his childhood. Before the age of 14, he had played in several bands and was even the lead guitarist in a band called The Little Flames. At the age of 15, he left school and began working to support himself. It was then that he started performing alongside other musicians, which would lead him to meet with casting directors and A-list celebs to this day.

Pattinson first got into acting with the intent to eventually pursue a music career. He admits having always wanted to be a musician from a very early age and having been influenced by musicians growing up. One of the first films he starred in was a short film called The High Life, in which he plays a musician who is discovered by a famous artist and becomes his manager. The role eventually helped him land a part in the film adaptation of The Vampire Diaries, in which he plays a young Klaus Mikaelson. Since then, he has gone on to star in several high-profile films, ranging from romantic comedies to prestige dramas and historical epics. He even took time out to direct a short film titled Staying Alive, which was screened at this year’s SXSW festival. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, he stated that he would “love to do [music and acting] at the same time…It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do since I was a teenager. It’s all I ever wanted to do. It’s all I ever wanted to be.”

The Evolution of Pattinson’s Style

To this day, Roman continues to be associated with a cool and care-free attitude. It’s not uncommon to see him sporting a beanie, shades, and a leather jacket, which matches the off-duty cool vibe he always conveys onscreen. It is, however, uncommon for him to sport only leatherjackets, as he is often seen wearing a beanie, shades, and a leather jacket. Additionally, whenever possible, Roman avoids shirts with sleeves. This not only makes him look cooler, but it also shows off his tattoos better.

When it comes to fashion, Roman often makes the right choice, whether it’s due to his natural sense of style or his effortless charm. One of the most memorable scenes from the 2021 film adaptation of The Rider was when Eddie Redmayne’s character, Dennis, dresses Roman in a sleek black suit and white shirt, which makes him look like a modern-day James Bond. While on the set of the film, Redmayne and Pattinson agreed that Roman would look far better in a suit than a swimsuit – a sentiment they both share. This is because Roman often gets mistaken for being gay, which he adamantly denies. When it comes to fashion, he is quite the original, which is why when he does sport a fashionable look, it always makes an impression. He is known for being very particular about the clothes he wears, which is why when he does sport a stylish outfit, it always makes a statement. Roman has been known to express his fashion choices through his social media platforms, particularly Instagram. Here, he shares a photo of himself in a striped shirt, which is an incredibly fashionable choice for this time of year. It’s not often we see this bold fashion choice on-screen, but it always makes an impression.

If you’re interested in fashion and music, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look into Roman’s clothing line, as it includes everything from shirts to hoodies, all featuring unique and eye-catching prints. Additionally, his Instagram page is a goldmine of style information, with several hundred thousand followers and counting. If you want to look like Roman, whether it’s for Halloween or just for fun, you can buy his ready-to-wear clothing line at stores such as Nordstrom and Barneys New York or purchase his items direct from his website.

The Evolution of Pattinson’s Friends’ Style

It’s not only Roman who has fashion savvy friends. The men and women who work with and know him are just as likely to make the right choice when it comes to fashion. A prime example of this is Pattinson’s friend and fashion designer, Glenn Rupert, who was interviewed by Vogue and stated that he always makes sure to choose a print that matches the personality of his friend. As an overall package, Rupert designed a shirt featuring a dog print that will make anyone look cool and stylish.

While we’re on the topic of fashion, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a look at the friends of actor-musician, Lena Headey. In a recent interview with Elle UK, she stated that she and her friends often get inspiration from each other’s fashion choices and that she attributes this to the fact that they are all very stylish women. In the same interview, she shared a photo of herself wearing one of Glenn Rupert’s designs, which makes us believe that fashion is quite the important aspect of their friendship.

Pattinson’s Relationship With Music

While fashion and music may be separate entities to some, it’s not uncommon for musicians to get inspiration from fashion, as many musicians are very stylish individuals. One of the most famous examples of this is English singer and songwriter, George Michael. In a 2017 interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Michael stated that he gets a huge amount of inspiration from fashion and that this makes him a much better singer. Michael has gone on to say that he often studies the physical movements and techniques of great singers, which he feels helps him become a better performer.

Another example of this can be seen in the 2019 film, Set It Down, where Roman’s character, Robert, covers Kate Nash’s song, Set Me Free. While on-screen, the two dance together and move in sync. This form of dance is known as the waltz, which was very popular at the time the song was written, in 1960. It was only natural that this would become a focal point of the scene, as it’s one of the most stunning dances to ever been captured on film. This is further proof that fashion and music are very much a part of each other’s histories, even if they are separate entities today.

If you’re interested in fashion and music, there are several routes you can take to explore this topic in depth. One option is to look into the style choices of the leading men and women in the film and TV industries. Looking at the fashion choices of those who are closely associated with fashion can help give you a better understanding of what is fashionable and why.