The world has been waiting with baited breath for news about Robert Pattinson’s Batman movie. The British actor has been seen wearing the beloved cowl multiple times on the set of the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster. Since the character was first introduced to us in the 1960s, many have compared him to a renaissance man, combining the best of both worlds: the artistry of a human detective with the physical prowess of an Olympian.

Pattinson himself has been extremely careful not to give away too much information about the Dark Knight since taking on the role. In an interview with Variety, he noted, “I read the script and learned a lot. I wouldn’t say that I’m experiencing it, because it’s still early days. But I do like the direction that they’re going in. I think it’s going to be really interesting.”

Here are just 10 reasons why Robert Pattinson is a perfect Batman.

10. Genius

If there’s one thing we can say about Gotham City in Batman comics, it’s that it’s a genius idea. The city is full of brilliant inventors, scientists, and engineers who come up with gadgets, vehicles, and weapons that help Batman get the job done.

The genius in question here is Dan Gilroy, who wrote both of the Batman prequel films, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. In an interview with Screencaps, Gilroy shared his thoughts on the genius of Gotham City and what Batman means to him.

“I think there’s a certain elegance to the Batman story and how he’s been portrayed over the years,” Gilroy said. “It’s all about the grace of the fight, and how you fight with intelligence and skill using whatever is at your disposal. It’s a superhero as artist. I feel like Bruce Wayne is a kindred spirit to me. He’s an idealist trapped in a reality show. He’s a man who really craves a better world and is doing his best to create the kind of world that he wants to live in. So it’s an inspiring story, and it’s very moving.”

9. Ambition

Batman was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane as a comic book character. He was then brought to life through the cinematic medium by director Christopher Nolan. Since then, the character has become so ingrained in popular culture that it’s almost impossible to talk about Nolan’s Batman trilogy without thinking about the Dark Knight.

Nolan is arguably the biggest name in Hollywood today—thanks in large part to his reputation for making intelligent and dark films—so it’s no surprise that he wanted to tackle the most famous fictional character of all time.

Speaking with Screencaps, Nolan said: “Batman is an idealistic character. He’s not a bad person, per se. It’s an idea that has endured. It’s a character whose philosophy—’A man’s got to know his limits’—resonates with people. It’s a very ambitious project to want to tell the story of Batman.”

Ambition has always been a trait associated with the Dark Knight. Even in his earliest appearances, Batman was shown to be very driven, often working alone and preferring to take the high road rather than asking for help. In a way, he was the anti-hero of his time. Now that he’s one of the biggest movie stars in the world, Nolan’s ambition for his Batman movie is nothing to scoff at.

8. Intelligence

Batman has always been a popular character with both children and adults. The Dark Knight can be seen as a thinking man’s superhero, relying on his high intelligence and observational skills to solve crimes and combat evil. Even in his early appearances, Batman was shown to be a quick-witted character who comes up with ingenious ways to outwit his foes.

That same intelligence can be seen in the way director Matt Reeves handled the character in his own solo film, The New Batman. In a film that’s part of the DC Extended Universe, we see a more mature and battle-ready Batman, one who’s finally put his crime-fighting days behind him. The character still exhibits flashes of his former self, with even more intelligence and creativity to keep up with his enemies.

Since Christopher Nolan began his career with Dark Knight, he’s become the go-to guy when it comes to superheroes and brainy entertainment. Naturally, he’s brought his expertise to bear on the latest film in the DC Extended Universe, Aquaman, opening on December 21st.

7. Charm

Most people who love Batman, at least those who are fans of the comics, know that he’s a charming character. Quick with a joke and very friendly, the Dark Knight is usually surrounded by a crowd of adorers as he makes his way to his next adventure.

Batman has always been portrayed as a handsome leading man. Early on, he was often dated or married to beautiful women, which gave him an air of mystery that contributed to his charm. Even today, anyone could be Robin to his Batman. People are often drawn to the character because of his magnetism and charisma.

6. Style

From a classic car collection to a love for bow ties and Burt Reynolds movies, there are many ways in which Batman embodies a particular ’60s pop culture icon. The character was initially created as a pop culture reference to the trendy, rebellious, and cosmopolitan nature of that decade. Even today, people still dress up as Batman or go so far as to tattoo his image on their bodies. Not only is it an homage to the character, but it’s also a way of showing affiliation and support for the comic book creator’s works.

5. Adventurous

An important part of Batman’s charm is his reputation for adventure and excitement. He’s always ready for a fight and a good time, and it’s never been more apparent than in the last decade or so, since he began appearing in more comedic roles. As long-time DC Comics writer Paul Dini pointed out in an interview with Newsweek, “He’s a guy who loves experiencing new things and being creative. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, and he likes to solve problems in unconventional ways. That’s what makes him dangerous, because people usually assume that anyone like that is unstable.”

The adventure-loving nature of Batman is a big reason why fans have followed his story for so long. It’s always been a key part of his appeal for children and adults alike. Even his choice of Robin as his sidekick, who provides much of the comic relief, is a nod to this adventurous spirit. While most superheroes operate in the shadows, helping those who can’t fight back, the Dark Knight seeks out the fray and challenges those who would oppose him.

4. Mysterious

Another important part of Batman’s charm is his reputation for being a little bit mysterious. While most superheroes work in teams or have families that provide a sense of normalcy, Batman often works alone, seeking out the help of experts and professionals to provide an air of mystery surrounding his adventures and the people he interacts with. He’s a vigilante, after all, trying to clean up the streets and protect the innocent, so it makes sense that he prefers to work alone.

Many fans will attest that finding out what happened to Batman in the early years of his career—before he donned the cowl—was one of the major draws of the character. The mystery surrounding Batman was one of the reasons he became so popular in the first place. It added to his allure. The same goes for his rogues gallery. While other superheroes have had famous villains such as super-strong villains and monsters, it’s often been noted that the Dark Knight’s biggest threat is usually posed by humans who oppose him, such as Hugo Strange or even the Joker.

3. Self-reliance

Batman has always been a character that’s thrived on being independent and working alone. He first went solo after the collapse of the entire Batman family. They were all killed by Joker. Since then, he’s rarely worked in a group. Even when he did, he often ended up alone, as witnessed in the Dark Knight Returns or more recently, The Long Halloween. The same goes for his movies. In most cases, he’s been working on his own, often using technology that wasn’t available to the general public at the time to help him combat crime or retrieve evidence: for example, in Cold War, he used a drone to spy on a city, capturing countless images of people and places that would later become important in the plot; or in The Dark Knight, he used a computer to help him stay one step ahead of the Joker.