There have been many rumors and speculations regarding the casting of the next Batman movie. While Christian Bale is supposedly the frontrunner to play the role of Batman, there are several other hot contenders. One of these men is Robert Pattinson. While we might not see him play the Caped Crusader until 2021, he’s already made his mark in the comic book world with his performance as the stunning scowling rogue, Raoul Waxman.

Being the son of Tim Burton and the late lamented, Belinda Campbell, one would assume that the young Pattinson would be inclined to become an actor. Despite this, he decided to pursue a music career. It wasn’t until 2014 that he began exploring acting and made his screen debut in the British TV series, “Party Animals.””

This year has proven to be a turning point for the 26-year-old Englishman. Not only did he star in the highly anticipated “Twilight Saga” movie, “Eclipse,” but he also landed the role of James Bond in the upcoming “Bond 20.” This is the third installment of the legendary character’s film series. Naturally, this news came as a huge relief to movie fans who had been waiting for years to see Pattinson in another major role. Not to mention that he had previously worked with Daniel Craig on “The Night Manager.”

In the comics, Raoul Waxman is known for being the biological son of a Russian spy and a French aristocrat. He is an extremely gifted pianist and a brilliant engineer who built his own device to combat crime. While we don’t know much about the character aside from his incredible looks and charm, Pattinson brings an entirely new dimension to the dark knight. Instead of the usual grizzled, gray-haired man in tights, we’ll get to see a youthful, vigorous Batman.

It is well-established that Batman is a popular character among fans of all genders. However, it seems that the appeal of the Dark Knight transcends traditional gender stereotypes. As the son of a famous fashion photographer, Julianne Moore, one would expect Pattinson to become involved in the world of photography. While he has worked with some of the top celebrity photographers in the world, he has never explicitly discussed his work in the fashion world with the press. But it would seem that this aspect of his career is something his parents had in mind when they named him after their favorite film director. It is clear that Robert Pattinson embraces the darker aspects of his dual identity and is truly committed to bringing this new dimension to the character. This is a far cry from the caped crusader who saved Gotham City in the ‘60s and ‘70s and continued fighting crime into the next millennium. This is a man who has been driven by his own inner demons and felt the need to create a personal hell for himself.

An Impersonation Of Vlad The Impaler

The year 2022 will mark the 300th anniversary of Vlad The Impaler’s (“Słoda” in Polish) infamous 1457–59 expedition to Transylvania. This is a region in what is now Romania, which at that time belonged to Hungary. During this time, Vlad established a rule that anyone who opposed him would be impaled on large wooden poles and left on display for all to see. This is a grim reminder of Vlad’s bloody crusade and the atrocities he committed as he waged war against the Ottoman Empire.

If the name Vlad The Impaler sounds familiar, it may be because of his appearance in the new Netflix series, “Walking Dead,” where he is portrayed by Mad Men and Game Of Thrones actor, Jeoffrey Totter. This was actually done with a bit of a twist. In the comics, Vlad is always seen wearing a mask to conceal his identity. However, for the movie, screenwriter Darren Lemmons decided to give Totter’s version a run for its money by removing the mask. And what a mask it is! The 83-year-old actor not only nailed the likeness of the infamous bloodthirsty ruler, he also did something that has never been seen before on screen. When Totter removes his mask for the first time, it is widely accepted that he will perish immediately. This is a fate that many have met, but few have survived. Aside from being a gruesomely effective impersonation, this version of Vlad is also quite a sight to behold. Not only do we get to see the full extent of Jeoffrey’s scarifying, but it also reveals a face that is both youthful and remarkably handsome.

A Grimace-Inducing Scare

In the comics, Raoul Waxman is an extremely gifted engineer whose work often puts him in dangerous situations. He invents a device that can track people by their grimaces. Because grimaces are extremely difficult to capture on film, he uses special, motion-sensitive cameras that are activated by subtle movements. If this sounds like something out of a science fiction film, it probably is. But it is an integral part of Waxman’s backstory and he has actually discussed this invention in interviews. While we don’t know much about Waxman’s early life, it is clear that he had a difficult time as a child. His father, Pierre, a French aristocrat, was killed by a bear when he was just 8 years old. This was a huge blow to Waxman’s mother, Anna. It was only a few years later that she married Wilhelm, the son of a German arms manufacturer. This family of industrialists had a lot to do with Waxman’s eventual rise to fame. As we have seen, Pierre’s death had a profound effect on his son. He began to wear his mask to disguise his true emotions, which in turn, made him even more determined to create a better version of himself. When a grown man wears a mask to cover his emotions, it usually means he is hiding something.

A Different Timelessness

Unlike the 1960s Batman movies, which were set in the present day and loosely based on the comics, the new “Batman” will explore the Dark Knight’s origins in a grittier, more realistic manner. This will not be a nostalgic trip down memory lane for audiences but rather a sobering reminder of the violence that the character is really capable of.

Director Matt Reeves brought this sense of authenticity to “The Batman,” which stars Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader. In an interview with Collider, the director said that he wanted to give the character “a kind of timelessness” by staying away from the more stereotypical elements. He also noted that they tried to stay “as true as possible” to the comics while staying “true to what the character is about.”

While the ‘60s Batman movies had a sense of humor, it was never really part of the story. In the Reeves-directed movie, there are several gags and quips that even diehard fans will enjoy. But perhaps the most memorable scene comes at the end, when Batman turns to the camera and delivers one of his trademark one-liners.

This Batman will be different from any other we have seen before. He won’t be afraid to show his true feelings. In fact, this character will be brutally honest and make no bones about the fact that he is an emotional being who needs to find peace within himself.

While we can’t predict how future studios will tackle the character, the 2021 release of “Batman Twenty” should serve as a good indication of what to expect. With Daniel Craig’s last hurrah as Bond, it will be interesting to see what direction the films take after his departure. But no matter what happens, we know that we will be watching the next Batman movie with interest.