If you’re a fan of the Batman movie franchise, then you’ll soon find yourself wondering about the love life of the Caped Crusader. After all, he’s been in “love” with everyone from Catwoman to Poison Ivy. Even the occasional prostitute has been swept off her feet by the wry sense of humor and charming personality of Batman. So, will Robert Pattinson (pictured above) become the next big love interest for Batman? Let’s explore the relationship between the English actor and the Dark Knight.

A Match Made In Heaven

Roughly six years ago, the Batman movie franchise took the world by storm. Director Chris Nolan introduced the world to a darker, more serious version of Batman, which many fans and critics applauded. Since then, the caped crusader has appeared in several sequels and animated TV shows, while the film franchise has explored the dark side of the character, which some fans have found fascinating.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Chris Nolan’s Batman films is the intense love-hate relationship that develops between the vigilante and his arch-nemesis, the Joker. In The Dark Knight, the Joker makes a pitch to Harvey Dent to “join [him],” taunting the caped crusader with “the perfect plan” they have cooked up together. In the background, an opera singer serenades Dent with the iconic “opera joke,” pitching him “the fantasy” that is “Death by Radio” (the original title of the movie). Later in the film, the Joker reveals that he has been manipulating Harvey Dent all along, setting him up to be the fall guy in a “bigger plan” to bring down Batman. The brutal fight scenes between Batman and the Joker are some of the most exhilarating sequences in recent movie history, while the film’s ending remains one of the most talked-about and controversial in cinematic history.

Robert Pattinson

It wouldn’t be fair to say that Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy “changed the game” for popular culture’s favorite caped crusader. Robert Pattinson has been playing Batman on film since 2005’s Batman & Robin, but he’s been busy appearing in other productions as well. Most recently, he starred in the third season of Netflix’s acclaimed crime series, Stranger Things. The actor also stars in the forthcoming Brigette Bardot biopic, which hits theaters this week.

In addition to starring in one of the most popular TV shows of all time, Stranger Things, Robert Pattinson has also appeared in four James Bond film adaptations, as well as the sci-fi comedy, Galaxy Quest. He was also one of the leads in the critically-panned Cosmopolis, a movie adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s Novel, The Hunted. With roles in numerous well-known films and TV shows under his belt, it’s clear that Robert Pattinson is one of the most sought-after actors of our time. But what exactly is the appeal of this British actor to Hollywood?

Why Is Hollywood Afraid Of Robert Pattinson?

If we had to characterize Robert Pattinson’s appeal to Hollywood, we’d say that it’s a combination of everything from his undeniable good looks to his accomplished acting career to his well-deserved popularity both in and out of Hollywood. But perhaps the thing Robert Pattinson has most in common with Hollywood’s favorite fallen hero, Bruce Wayne, is that both men have a sense of humor that is both self-deprecating and strangely charming. While other A-list actors might try to play it cool and impartial in the face of bad reviews or poor audiences testing their masculinity, Robert Pattinson’s humor always comes through.

In an interview with The Independent, Robert Pattinson commented, “You’d think I’d be terrified of the fame but I’m not actually that bothered. I think it’s a good platform to be on. I was talking to my publicist and she was saying that I should be grateful for all the attention I’m getting. I think it’s a good opportunity to create something new and not be beholden to one formula.”

The appeal of English actor Robert Pattinson to Hollywood appears to be mutual. Although he hasn’t been attached to a major film since 2015’s Dark Times, the Hollywood Reporter estimates that he will be co-starring in three to five major motion pictures by the end of 2019.

The appeal of an English actor like Robert Pattinson to Hollywood is rooted in a combination of factors. First, let’s talk about his good looks. In an interview with The Telegraph, director James Ivory commented: “He is absolutely gorgeous, and I think that has a lot to do with it. People connect with beauty and feeling that it’s directed at them, that it’s a personal message. They can identify with the person who is beautiful.”

Secondly, we need to discuss Robert Pattinson’s Hollywood career. The Hollywood Reporter notes that the English actor has been “working steadily, landing A-list roles despite competition from rising stars.” And while other Hollywood stars like Tom Hanks and Angelina Jolie might get all the attention, it’s important to acknowledge that Robert Pattinson has been steadily contributing to the Hollywood professions for several years now.

In an interview with Vogue, Robert Pattinson commented: “I don’t worry about not being the handsomest or the most gorgeous in the world. I’m a very lucky person. All the attention that comes my way, I enjoy, but I also feel like it’s a responsibility, to do the best job that I can and show my range as an actor. I wasn’t born to be a star, but I certainly like the role that I play.”

From Comic Relief To Grand Theft Auto

While we could go on and on about Robert Pattinson’s good looks, it’s important to note that not all star appeal is Hollywood’s acquired taste. For decades, the Hollywood reputation system revolved around comic relief: finding humor in situations that are usually serious. In other words, Hollywood stars would play comic relief to each other on set, breaking the monotony of a serious acting role. But in the digital age, this genuinely affectionate brand of comic relief has become less relevant. Today’s Hollywood reputation system hinges more on the qualities of an actors and directors than it does on their looks. In fact, Hollywood stars like Robert Pattinson and Logan Luthor, the star of the new Batman movies, have transcended the relevance of comic relief in their own right. So, if Hollywood is afraid of Robert Pattinson, it may not be because he’s so attractive, but rather because he brings a sense of depth and maturity to his roles. After all, Hollywood didn’t make Batman its own trick. It adapted it from the comic books.