It’s been nearly 70 years since Batman made his debut and turned into one of the most iconic characters in pop culture. Since then, thanks to comic books, graphic novels, and movies, Batman has constantly evolved with the times but kept his timeless look.

Now, with the evolution of media, the culture around the character has changed. While some might still prefer the dark and gritty portrayals from the comics and movies, today’s audiences want to see their favorite iconic characters in all their glory.

Recently, a viral trend has taken over social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Users are posting their own takes on iconic Halloween costumes such as Harley Quinn’s pantsuit, Poison Ivy’s green and yellow outfit, and Catwoman’s sleek lines. One of the most popular Halloween costume trends is the dark knight’s iconic outfit: Batman’s new Batman costume.

The actor who plays Batman, Robert Pattinson, has finally made the decision to don the iconic blue and purple suit and go head-to-head with the Dark Knight.

In honor of the 70th anniversary of Batman, we take a look at this years’ most popular Batman costume trends and how you can wear them.

Harley Quinn’s Pant Suit

The first lady of the blog world, Harley Quinn, is no stranger to controversy. First appearing in DC Comics in March 1981, Harley has gone through many phases in her life, constantly evolving with the times but always keeping her classic bold look. In celebration of the character’s 25th anniversary in 2021, fans can look back at the many classic Harley Quinn looks and feel inspired to try something new.

Over the years, she’s gone from a traditional maid outfit to frilly dresses and tight pants. But perhaps her most iconic outfit is her pant suit. While in some ways it’s a traditional blue and purple outfit, Harley’s choice of styling the pantsuit makes it unique. In fact, we can say that no two Harleys are ever the same. Her unique styling choices make her one of the most interesting characters in comics.

If you want to try out this years most iconic Harley Quinn outfit, you can start by re-creating the costume’s iconic pattern. Then, to finish it off, add a colorful array of accessories, like her famous signature yellow shades, red nails, or a giant white feather boa. For an even more unique look, add a belt made of white snakeskin. For men, a perfect fit is a plain white T-shirt with a collar and black pants. For women, you can opt for a red, white, and black dress or a black dress with a floral print.

Poison Ivy’s Fashion Evolution

The lovely and talented Poison Ivy has also gone through many fashion evolutions throughout her comic book and film career. A self-proclaimed eco-terrorist, Poison Ivy strives to protect nature and promote sustainability. Due to this, many of her outfits are designed with nature-friendly materials like hemp and silk. These days, you can also spot a Poison Ivy outfit in an animal-friendly product advertisement.

But the character’s unique nature does not solely reside in her choice of clothing. Fans of the character know that Ivy is always trying to find ways to improve her appearance. Since her inception in 1941, the lovely lady in the green dress (or the occasional yellow one) has constantly evolved her fashion choices to suit the times. Her outfit looks remain mostly the same, but she does add and remove accessories to suit her mood and event. For instance, at the end of the comic book series, her iconic dress becomes a bodysuit with furry boots.

To truly look like the character, you need to focus on the outfit and not your accessories. For men, an ideal fit is a blue denim shirt with a collar, white T-shirt, and black pants or chinos. For women, a white dress with a floral print or a classic grey dress work perfectly.

Catwoman’s Stylish Evolution

Our final iconic character look today is that of Catwoman. Perhaps the most glamorous of Batman’s adversaries, Catwoman’s wardrobe has a tendency to shock and delight. Not only has she gone through many changes over the years, but her fashion choices constantly evolve to suit her surroundings or event. One of the earliest examples of this comes from her debut in 1941. At that time, her outfit included a short skirt and long coat with a fur lining. Naturally, this was made of real cats. Since then, she’s gone from long gloves to fingerless gloves, from stockings to suspenders, and from a long dress to a short dress and back again. The list of changes goes on and on.

For women, a classic black dress with a red lining would look perfect. For men, brown leather pants and a plain brown shirt with a collar would do the trick. Accessorize with red or black accessories like a handbag, a gun, or even a whip. To recreate this fashionable look, simply follow these simple steps: