It’s safe to say that Robert Pattinson has been in quite a few comedy skits over the years — maybe even more than you’d expect for a guy who’s arguably one of the most recognizable faces in the world. You’d think that with so many funny scenes, he’d have found the time to write a comedy book or do a stand-up routine, but nope. He’s saved all of that for fans, giving us a glimpse into the funny man’s mind via weekly YouTube videos. Since the videos are usually uploaded just days after the previous one, it’s easy to keep up with what’s new and what’s funny about Mr. Pattinson’s world. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good laugh every now and then? We certainly know we do.

One of the most talked-about and most-viewed videos of all time is Mr. Pattinson’s take on the Batman meme. He starts off simply reciting the famous line from the meme, which at the time of this writing is the most-viewed video on YouTube with over 9.4 million views.

In the video, Mr. Pattinson is playing an evil genius who plots to take over Gotham City. But instead of using conventional methods like guns or bombs, he decides to implement a more unique plan. He creates an army of cute little pocket monsters and uses them to take over Gotham — kind of like a mix between The Karate Kid and Stranger Things. As he puts it:

“You see these little guys here? They’re my masterpiece. You know what I did? I invented a potion that gives anybody whatever they want. I want the world to fall in love with me. So I made these little guys into miniature versions of myself and I’ve injected them with the potion. Now they’ll wander around and collect likes on TikTok and Instagram.”

What’s so funny about this clip is that it’s a fantastic parody of the Batman meme, but it also hints at the darker side of Mr. Pattinson’s character. In the next scene, we see the little monsters devouring people, presumably as part of their plan to take over the city. It’s a satirical take on the very idea of an adorable, cuddly supervillain – which in turn is a parody of Batman’s iconic nocturnal activities.

We wouldn’t necessarily put it past Mr. Pattinson to take this kind of dark turn. After all, there’s a reason why he’s been in so many comedy skits over the years. He’s incredibly versatile, able to transform himself into a variety of characters.

If you’ve never been exposed to Mr. Pattinson’s work, this is a great place to start. Even if you have, it’s still worth checking out his latest YouTube videos to see what’s new. And who knows? You might just laugh so hard that you’ll find the time to write that book or give that stand-up routine a try.