It was only a matter of time before someone made a parody version of the Batman film posters. But that doesn’t mean we have to simply settle for the one seen below. You can download a full-resolution copy of Robert Pattinson’s Batman iPhone wallpaper free from the Google Play Store.

The star of the latest Batman film, Suicide Squad, seems to have taken a liking to Apple products, as he’s uploaded several iPhone wallpaper images to his personal website. The first wallpaper shows Pattinson posing in a black and white striped shirt with arms folded, wearing rimmed sunglasses and a black leather jacket. He has thick black hair and a trim beard, with his left hand on his hip and a smile on his face.

Check out the other two snapshots below, which show off his other famous looks from the movie. The third one has Pattinson in a completely black-suited outfit, looking pretty menacing.

There were rumors in February that Pattinson was going to be in a Batman film, so it’s no surprise that he’s chosen to represent the Caped Crusader in his wallpaper collection. He certainly looks the part, and the fans certainly seem to have taken a liking to the actor, giving him one of the best beard scores on OkCupid’s website.

Suicide Squad is currently in theaters, and it seems that the latest Batman film is already prompting people to make memes and spoof posters. Do you think Robert Pattinson will make a lasting impression as The Joker? Let us know in the comments below.