The night before Avengers: Endgame is released, Robert Pattinson stops by the Robert Pattinson Batman Hbo Scene. During the chat, he reveals why he thinks his latest movie is so special, and why fans of the Dark Knight should care.

Why Is Endgame Special?

One of the MCU’s most anticipated releases is finally here. Just over three years after the release of Avengers: Infinity War, we return to Earth for one last hurrah. The cast and crew of Endgame certainly had their work cut out for them. The pressure was on to deliver the ultimate Avengers movie. And they certainly did not fail to impress. While fans are still debating whether the movie is better than the last Avengers installment, it is fair to say that Endgame is the culmination of everything that came before it. And it sets up some pretty incredible pay-offs. Whether you’re a long-time fan or have only just gotten into the MCU, there is plenty here to excite you.

The Buildup To Endgame

Let’s take a moment to go back in time and visit some of the places and people that helped make this movie what it is today. As you’ll soon discover, the movie begins even before the first Avengers movie. In fact, it kicks off with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) meeting with Bruce Banner (Anthony Mackie). The Banner of Hesitant, the Hesitant Man, is the movie’s antagonist. And while the Baddest Hero of All Time is certainly a key player, this is definitely Avengers movie. That being said, Jackson’s character makes for an incredible foil to play against. Indeed, the tension between the two is what the movie is really all about. And it is Fury’s job to bring these superheroes together and keep them from killing each other. He’s a bit of a peacemaker, and he uses his considerable skills to try and keep the Avengers from going to pieces.

The Making Of The Costume

Even the most devoted fan of the Avengers cannot deny that the Infinity Warnings were among the most iconic and memorable outfits in MCU history. The costumes for both Black Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) and Aston Vulture (Michael Rooker) are top notch, as is Liv Ventress’ (Kristen Stewart) comically oversized Cap Shield. The Red Stinger Robot Costume for Bruce Banner’s (Robert Pattinson) partner Jessica (Vivien Mckay) is incredible, as is her Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) outfit, which she wears multiple times over the course of the film. Finally, we can’t talk MCU history without mentioning Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) classic Ironman outfit. The list of costumed heroes alone is enough reason to see this movie. So, needless to say, the Infinity Warnings are unforgettable.

The Score

If you ask anyone who has seen Avengers: Endgame how they felt about it, the answer will undoubtedly be “music meets film in the most perfect way.” To borrow a phrase from Mr. Fury, “it is a treat to the ears.” From the epic and classically tuned “Ave Verse,” to the uptempo “Django Reggae,” the soundtrack for Endgame is as good as the movie itself. The score by Nicholas Harding is yet another reason why this movie is special. Plus, it has a beautiful ending. That being said, the music in the movie is so good that it draws multiple audiences to the movies. Older audiences who know the songs and love to listen to them while they watch, and younger audiences who know none of the songs but love the movies anyway because of the great soundtrack.

The Direct Contact

The Russo brothers, the directors of Avengers: Endgame, have stated that they drew inspiration for the movie from The Matrix and The Dark Knight. This direct contact with great films is reflected in Endgame’s visual style. Indeed, this is a movie that looks like it was made part for part with a viewer’s eyes. The action dynamics and camera angles are both elements that draw on the Matrix (especially since one of the movie’s most famous scenes is a reverse bullet time sequence). The directors also mentioned that they were inspired by the comic book style of The Dark Knight for the final fight sequence between Tony Stark and Robert Downey Jr.. They even had comics in the shower scenes at Tony’s house.

What else can we say about Avengers: Endgame? Well, let’s just repeat what we said about the last Avengers movie and how it is the culmination of everything that came before it. The pressure was on for this movie to live up to the legacy of the previous films, and it certainly did not disappoint. It had everything a comic fan could want in an Avengers movie and more. This was a full circle moment for long-time fans and newcomers alike. Especially since it wrapped up everything we love about the Avengers cinematic universe. 

The final wish of the Avengers is for Robert Pattinson to play Robin Hood in a major motion picture. While Hbo might not be comfortable with that kind of integration, we know that he would do anything to be part of this universe once again.