The news that Robert Pattinson had reportedly been battered by the Batman haters in New York City spread like wildfire on social media last week. Twitterati and Instagrammers took to Twitter to share their outrage at the cowardly act that left the Twilight star physically damaged. As a result of the vicious attack, Pattinson was forced to cancel the remainder of his Fashion Week shows in New York, including his critically-acclaimed debut presentation, citing safety concerns as the primary reason why.

While most would be quick to sympathize with Pattinson following this week’s attack, there are many who believe that he actually deserved the abuse. A group of haters even went so far as to suggest that the Hollywood actor had brought this on himself by sticking his nose in other people’s business.

Why Did The Haters Target Robert Pattinson?

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight following the attack, Pattinson made it clear that he was not going to bring any more chaos to the Big Apple. “This is a dangerous city. I’ve never felt unsafe there but now I feel unsafe,” he said. As for the perpetrators of the attack, Pattinson was quick to point out that they are not a representative of the majority of New York City. “This is not how New Yorkers see things. They don’t see these things and they don’t want to believe these things,” he said. “I would like to reassure everyone that this is not the New York City I know.”

This sentiment was echoed by other celebrities who responded to the outrage on social media. While many were quick to condemn the attack, there were some who believed that it was actually justified. Case in point, Jamie Foxx who tweeted last week, “If this is what y’all think is funny, I’m afraid ya’ll might have a bit of a sickness.” While we’re not going to advise anyone on what’s “sick” or “healthy” when it comes to humor, we will say that it’s an extremely poor choice to joke about violence and aggression. When you consider that the perpetrators of the attack are still at large, it’s not exactly the kind of joke that anyone should be having. Especially when you consider that this is a man who is more than capable of harming someone with his bare hands.

Although it may be incredibly frustrating to live in a world where people constantly find something to complain about, it’s more than likely that your complaints actually make a difference. On the off chance that you do happen to experience problems in the city that you live in, it would be wise to lodge a complaint. Even if the people around you don’t share your concerns, at least you can rest assured that your voice is being heard. It’s sad to see that in this day and age, a lot of people seem more worried about fitting in with the trendy crowd than they do about actually being considerate of others.

Is Gotham Allowed To Be As Crude As They Want?

While it’s not exactly surprising that so many people would have an issue with the way that New Yorkers reacted to the news of the attack, it is a bit of a contradiction that they would feel this way about Gotham in general. After all, Gotham City is one of the most vibrant and liberal-minded cities in America. In a place like this, the kind of violence that Robert Pattinson experienced is certainly not acceptable.

Then again, Gotham has always had a reputation for being a bit more “street” than other cities. With no policemen to speak of and a history of anarchy and crime, it’s no wonder that some people feel unsafe there. Even the most seasoned and experienced of New Yorkers can have a hard time feeling secure in this city. Especially when you consider that the most recent election saw the incumbent Democratic administration lose a huge amount of confidence in the city, largely due to the party’s appalling treatment of the working class. Naturally, this led to more than a few crimes being committed by frustrated citizens who felt that their voices had been silenced by an unfair electoral system. This type of environment only encourages antisocial behavior and thuggery. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that some of these thugs could be the very same ones who attacked Robert Pattinson. When you consider that this is a man who is more than capable of physically harming someone, it’s not a stretch to believe that these violent tendencies played a role in the attack.

Nevertheless, it’s important to keep in mind that just because some people feel unsafe in Gotham doesn’t mean that everyone else shares this sentiment. Indeed, it seems that many people in the city feel that this actually makes them more secure. As the saying goes, sometimes the most unlikely places are the safest. After all, who would think to hurt a celebrity in an unlikely place like a movie theater? This is likely why so many people who saw the attack expressed their disgust at the idea that the perpetrators would target a place where they know there will be lots of witnesses. In this way, this type of incident serves as a warning to all would-be offenders: This is a city that will not tolerate violence towards women and minorities. This is a city that will throw criminals in jail and make sure that they never threaten anyone ever again. This is a city that believes in standing up for what is right and speaking your mind, even if no one else does. These are the things that make New Yorkers who they are and it would be a shame to damage that by allowing racism, sexism, and violence to become commonplace. This is a fight that we will all join together to ensure that our city remains one of the safest and most welcoming places in America.