While the “Killing Eve” trailer might not give too much away, one thing is for sure – the 47-year-old actress looked incredible. She showed off her statuesque figure in a low-waisted gold dress that accentuated her curves. This isn’t the first time Ford has cast Pattinson as a male character, having previously portrayed him in the “Belle” trailer and the “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” movie. Regardless, this is still an amazing opportunity for the English actor, who is probably best known for his role as Christian Grey in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy.

As for the trailer itself, it doesn’t reveal too much. We do get to see Pattinson’s character, Robert, and Eve (played by Villanueva) as they engage in a conversation in a dark parking lot. Robert seems to be on his way to see Eve, who we can assume is a potential new client, when they are interrupted by a pair of “Killer Bees,” two female assassins who are on a mission to murder him. The trailer ends with Robert fleeing from the scene and getting into a car with a mysterious woman (played by Pugh) who could also be a fellow assassin. It’s anyone’s guess as to who she could be planning to murder. Could she be the Killer Bees’ target?

Regardless, it’s evident that Pattinson and his stunt double, Peter Sartain, put in some extensive training in order to film the scene. The actor showcased his acting skills by conveying a sense of urgency while running away from the two female assassins. Although the scene where he’s forced to fight off the women wasn’t in the novel, it’s clear that author Neel Kashkari wanted to include this element in order to provide some suspense to the story. There’s also a scene in which Robert’s character wears some special glasses that allow him to see in the dark – something that’s not available to the average person. These scenes were presumably filmed at night, as there’s a good chance that Robert’s eyes will be opened by the lights from the movie screen. It’s just a slight detail, but it makes the trailer that little bit more exciting. The suspense is almost unbearable as you don’t know if Robert will come out alive at the end of it all. Unfortunately, “Killing Eve” isn’t the only film releasing in theaters this month – there’s also “A Wrinkle in Time” to look forward too. Hopefully, these final weeks of 2019 will offer plenty of surprises. We can’t wait to see what Hollywood has in store for us this year.