Ever since he was a child, Robert Pattinson has been fascinated by Batman. When he was younger, his mother would take him to see the Dark Knight when he was in London. Now, as an adult, he finds himself in the same boat as thousands of other fans. He has big shoes to fill. We have to remember that the last time we saw Batman was in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. After 10 years, audiences are hungry for more. Will Pattinson be able to bring the Caped Crusader to life on the big screen? Let’s take a look.

Will The Batman Be More “Dark”?

For the past 10 years, Batman has roamed the screens in some shape or form, making thousands of devoted fans happy. However, since 2003’s Batman Begins, the Caped Crusader has been portrayed by a more mature actor, Christian Bale. While audiences may not have noticed, the people who work behind the scenes have. Director Christopher Nolan felt that Bale’s rendition was the best yet, and made the controversial decision to give him the reigns as Batman. Even Bale’s co-star, Gary Oldman, has admitted that he is worried about what changes Batman will go through in the next film.

With a new generation taking over film franchises, will the Batman remain dark and brooding? After all, the first two films in the Nolan series were heavily inspired by Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke and Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Although there are no concrete details about the plot of the upcoming Batman film, fans are undoubtedly wondering what version of Batman will appear in the movie. If The Dark Knight Returns holds any clues, it will be a gritty, realistic approach to the character, as Miller’s seminal work often focuses on the darker aspects of Harvey Dent’s story.

Many fans may also feel that Bale’s Batman was not the iconic character he was originally destined to portray. At times, it feels like Christian Bale’s Batman is more of a prototype than the actual character. In a 2010 interview with CNET, Bale admitted that he feels like he is playing with a ‘kitchen sink’ version of Batman and that audiences should not necessarily expect a clean-cut heroic image. He has since added that he would like to see an ‘aged’ Batman on the big screen, and that this version would be more ‘human.’

Will The Dark Knight Become More Socialist?

Besides adopting a more mature demeanor, Christian Bale’s Batman also displayed more political awareness and activism. The Dark Knight trilogy is largely responsible for inspiring Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. As the character’s popularity soared, so did Bernie’s approval rating. During the 2016 presidential election, voters credited Bernie with giving them “sick of being sick of the establishment.”

The Dark Knight helped to fuel Sanders’ support among voters. According to a 2015 YouGov survey, 43% of registered Democrats and 45% of registered Republicans claim to have seen or read The Dark Knight. The movie’s popularity is even surpassing that of President Obama, who had a 40% approval rating at the time. Interestingly enough, the character’s popularity has not wavered since then. In 2019, he still had a 40% approval rating among registered voters. Will that translate into support for Bernie in the upcoming election? Probably. The Dark Knight is often credited with bringing a more realistic approach to superhero movies, which in turn, will inspire future filmmakers.

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