It was originally reported that Robert Pattinson, the actor best known for his role as Cedric Diggory in the mega-successful Harry Potter series, would be making an appearance at this year’s Met Gala, a Costume Institute themed event put on by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In the end, he didn’t don the iconic mask and cape but he did show up in a rather unique get-up: a Batman suit.

A Brief History Of The Batman Suit

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. Back in 1939, a 12-year-old Bob Kane was inspired to create a superhero after seeing the amazing success of Batman, the character he created. This was back when comic books were actually considered literature and were read by many people of all ages. It is therefore not that surprising that the superhero was targeted at adults, especially since he was inspired by one of the most iconic villains in film history: The Joker.

Kane’s original pitch for Batman was to create a character who was as frightening to adults as the Joker was to children. To achieve this, he drew upon the dark past of the early 20th century and created a vigilante who dressed in “garish” outfits while committing crimes. Thus, the Batman costume as we know it was born: dark, intimidating, and most importantly, adult-scary.

How Does The Met Gala 2016 Costume Fit With The Batman Suit?

Many people were disappointed that Robert Pattinson didn’t make an appearance at this year’s Met Gala. The disappointed came from both children and adults who wanted to see the Twilight star as Batman. When the dust settled, it was revealed that the actor had in fact wore a Batman suit, which is quite an iconic look and one that has been imitated numerous times since then.

The Met Gala is an annual event that celebrates fashion and artists. The exhibition features clothes, accessories, and art that are for sale and designed to be worn by the patrons at the ball, which is an event attended by some of the most prominent figures in society. This year’s theme was “China: Through the Looking Glass” and the dress code was inspired by the costumes worn in the 1920s through the 1950s. Now, inspired by the Chinese New Year, the theme for the upcoming Met Gala is “Korea: Coming of Age” and the dress code is inspired by the style of the time period when the country was under Japanese rule (1910–1945).

There are many similarities between what Bob Kane and the Batman suit would have wanted for the upcoming Met Gala and it would not be that surprising if the actor decided to emulate his former collaborator and portray the Dark Knight at this year’s event.

Will Robert Pattinson Be Repaying His Costume Dedication?

Robert Pattinson is not the only superstar who will be making an appearance at this year’s Met Gala. In fact, the Costume Institute is honoring a number of famous faces from outside the world of fashion with unusual get-ups that will be on display at the event. Guests will have the chance to take a peek at these costumes as well and get a better idea of what the designers were thinking when they made them.

Who Else Will Be At The Met Gala?

Aside from the Dark Knight, other famous faces set to appear at this year’s Met Gala include:

  • Anna Wintour, executive editor of Vogue;
  • Meg Ryan, the actress;
  • Jill Scott, the singer;
  • Lady Gaga, the queen of pop;
  • Kanye West, the rapper;
  • Tiger Lily, the drag queen and owner of Cocktail Chic;
  • Mandy Moore, the actress;
  • Katy Perry, the singer;
  • Kelly Clarkson, the singer;
  • Rita Ora, the singer;
  • Lady Blue, the drag queen and owner of Cocktail Chic;
  • TikTok’s very own Roman Zobel, the co-founder and executive chairman of the company;
  • and many more.

Will These Celebrities Be Re-creating Classic Looks?

While many will be donning outfits that are both historical and iconic, other stars will be re-creating classic looks. For example, while many will be wearing floral prints as a nod to the spring, others will be wearing heavy coats in the coldest month of the year to recreate the classy yet elegant look made popular in the 1920s.

Which Costume Will Be The Focus Of The Exhibition?

Back in March, the public was given their first glimpse of the costumes that will be on display at the upcoming Met Gala and it wasn’t just any ordinary costumes: it was the ones worn by Laurel and Hardy in the 1927 film A Woman Of The Year. This historic production established the comedy duo as a power couple in the industry and put them on the map as famous Hollywood actors.

Laurel and Hardy were arguably the most famous comedy team of the 20th century and it is only fitting that their costumes are set to be the star of the Costume Institute’s “Finishing Touches: The Many Lives of the Batman Suit” exhibition.

This exhibition will feature many interesting costumes, but the Batman suit is set to be the centerpiece, drawing spectators and fans alike. When asked about his choice of attire for the exhibition, Laurel and Hardy’s Stan Laurel, Jr. said, “I think it’s awesome. I mean, this is one of the most recognized superhero costumes of all time. My father wore this costume in the 1920s and now we’re going to represent it in modern society. I think it’s great and makes sense.”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Stan Laurel and this is most likely due to his untimely passing in 1976, making him the first of the legendary comedy duo to pass away. However, his words still ring true and it’s safe to say that he would have been proud to see his iconic costume re-created and displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

What Will The Exhibition About?

The exhibition is divided into three sections and will focus on the many lives and styles of the Batman costume. For those interested in fashion, this will be a chance to see how the iconic get-up has evolved over the years.

The first section, titled “Make Way For Tomorrow,” will explore different aspects of the fashion industry in the 1920s and how the costume became established as a symbol of fashion and style during this time period. Many designers from this era are set to be included in the exhibition and will be sharing their take on what made the Batman suit iconic.

The second section examines the many forms that the Batman costume has taken over the years and will feature costumes from both fiction and non-fiction. These will include everything from movie costumes to Halloween costumes and everything in between. It is evident that the Batman suit has not lost its charm and continues to be a symbol of fashion and style even today.

The third and final section will conclude the exhibition and is titled “All Black: The Dark Knight Returns,” paying tribute to the late 1960s and the cultural and social revolutions that were taking place during this time. Many designers who were making a name for themselves at the time have been invited to participate in this section and will be dressing both men and women in all black ensembles.

The exhibition is open to the public and will be running from April 5 through October 5, 2016. This is a fantastic opportunity to see so many different styles and outfits that are dedicated to the “Dark Knight,” proving that “he” does not represent just one identity but many that continue to inspire fashion designers today.