Robert Pattinson has never been one to shy away from publicity. The British actor has been in a few high-profile relationships over the years, most recently splitting from his partner of two years, FKA Twigs. Since then, he’s maintained a fairly low profile, shying away from the limelight. But that all changed earlier this year when he made the surprising decision to become Batman.

Fans have been patiently waiting for Pattinson to don the cape and cowl ever since, and it seems they won’t have to wait much longer as he’s confirmed to play the iconic role in the upcoming film, the highly-anticipated sequel to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. While audiences will get to see the full extent of Pattinson’s Batman transformation in early 2021, he’s finally spoke out about the iconic role in an interview with Esquire (which you can read in full here).

Robin Was Influenced By James Bond

One of the first rumors that surfaced regarding the casting of Pattinson in the role of Batman was that the actor had been approached to play opposite Daniel Craig in the next James Bond movie. While nothing has been confirmed regarding a Bond cameo, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the legendary spy influenced the character of Batman’s sidekick, Robin. After all, both men are known for their dashing good looks and debonair style.

However, aside from a similar haircut and a love for martinis, it’s hard to directly compare the two men. Where Bond is a cold-blooded killer and a philanderer, Pattinson is a romantic who cares deeply for his friends and family. Still, it’s evident that the British actor was strongly considered for the role of Bond. In fact, he’s even been listed as a top contender by various outlets.

No Regrets, Just Good Timing

While nothing has been confirmed about an appearance in Bond 23, it’s clear that Pattinson wouldn’t have turned down the opportunity to work with Daniel Craig. If anything, it’s evident that the actor is looking for the next exciting chapter in his life and sees the role of Batman as a good opportunity to do so.

Pattinson revealed in the Esquire interview that he started receiving advice and guidance from those close to him regarding taking on the role of Batman. He said:

“One person I turned to was my stylist, Livia, who has been with me for ten years and helped me to evolve as an actor. She has worked with some amazing stylists in her time, so she knew exactly what would work for me. She suggested I try on some of the costumes that I’ve seen and felt that they would be perfect for me. I actually ended up liking them all. I also read a lot of Batman books as a kid and always wanted to be the Dark Knight. So it’s kind of perfect that I get to be him now.”

The Character Is Very Personal

While the role of Batman has always been associated with comic books and movies, the character has never really been played in real life. That is, until now. Pattinson revealed in the Esquire interview that he drew on his own experiences as he prepared for the role, citing the “incredibly complex” character as the main inspiration behind his portrayal.

“I try and put myself in the shoes of the character. He is a really interesting man. A lot of people will relate to him, I think, because he is so human. He has so many flaws, just like us, and I think the more we can relate to him, the more we can understand and love him. But, at the same time, you may feel angry with him, like how would you feel if you were in his situation. Batman is a very personal character to me, in a good way. He is very human and very relatable. We can all identify with him in some way.”

Batman Is More Than Just Looks

While it’s true that Batman is often described as handsome, the character is much more than that. He’s a brilliant detective who dedicates his life to fighting crime. Even his imperfections, including his need for privacy and his reliance on hired help, are revealed to be part of his great genius and charm.

“One of the things I love about Batman is that he is not just physically perfect. He is brilliant and charming. He is an amazing mix of something that is very pure and good. He always believes that the right thing to do is the moral thing. He hates bullies and thinks that fighting evil is the best way to be. He is very principled. He hates crime and feels he has to take the law into his own hands because the police are not doing their job. So there are many layers to the character, but he is physically perfect, too! I couldn’t resist.”

If you want to know more about the amazing actor who will soon become the Dark Knight, be sure to check out his and Bond’s shared history in the next James Bond movie, where he’ll play opposite Daniel Craig. And if that isn’t enough, you can also catch up on all the latest news and gossip about Robert Pattinson here.