You may know that Robert Pattinson is the heartthrob and heir apparent to the throne of the Twilight vampires. But did you know that he is actually a really good artist? He has been showing off his skill at various events, and now we get to see the results of his artistry. This amazing drawing above is the artwork that Robert Pattinson did of Batman, the Dark Knight. It is so detailed and accurate that it is hard to believe that it was done by a mere mortal. If you have ever wondered what the Batman look would be like, a la Sherlock Holmes, then this is the drawing for you. It will give you a better understanding of how the great detective lived his life.

The Complexity Of The Drawing

Even without the presence of a camera, it is already evident that the drawing by Robert Pattinson is an intricate piece. As the name suggests, the Dark Knight is a very complex character to draw. You need to get the shape of his head, the movement of his body, and the expression on his face right. It is also helpful to look at the scene from several different points of views, which gives you the opportunity to study the placement of each element more easily. This is one of the reasons why drawings like this are considered to be masterpieces. The complexity of the task can be a real test of an artist’s skill.

Some elements of the drawing are a challenge to replicate, such as the receding hairline, the wrinkles on his forehead, and especially the positioning of his hands. You can get away with it if you draw them from the same perspective, but from a different angle they will be harder to convey. The closer the camera is to capturing the exact pose, and the more variations of it you need to draw, the more difficult it will be to achieve perfection. These things take time and patience, not to mention a keen eye for detail.

Not only is this a complex drawing, but it was also a laborious one. Robert Pattinson took a good six hours to complete this drawing. That is a huge amount of time for an average person. Imagine what it would take for an expert like him! At one point in the drawing, he even broke a pencil in half to ensure that he could keep going. This is why it is so impressive that he was able to produce such an incredible piece in so little time. Even the most skilled artists would have a hard time putting in these kinds of hours. So it really is no wonder that this is considered to be one of the greatest drawings of all time. What do you think? Is this the image of the Batman that you had in mind when you were asked to imagine Sherlock Holmes?

The Intelligence Behind The Drawing

This drawing by Robert Pattinson is a testament to not only his talent but also to his intelligence. He drew it knowing exactly what he was doing. This is not something that you often see in artists. They generally do not have the attention to detail that this drawing manifests. When you look at it, it is almost as if the artist were looking at you, the viewer, as they were drawing. This is partly because of the focus that he put into the drawing but also because of his keen eye for observation. He used his talent to portray the essence of what he saw.

What Is The Secret Behind The Success Of This Drawing?

It is not just that this drawing is well executed, nor is it because of its complexity, but there is definitely something else that makes it stand out. It is the fact that the drawing is so faithful to the spirit of Batman. If you ask me, this is how it should be. People who read comic books know exactly what kind of a character Batman is supposed to look like. So it is only natural that someone who looks like Batman would draw like Batman. This is just good fortune for the artist. Having such a skilled illustrator on your side can be very helpful, especially in today’s world of computer generated graphics. This is not something that you can necessarily say for everyone, especially those who were not specifically trained for designing characters for comics. Sometimes, you need a little help from above.

Whether you know it or not, this drawing could be seen as a sort of visual manifestation of Batman. We have all seen these sorts of drawings before. They are usually very rough sketches done in a few minutes to catch the flavor of the character. But this is different because it is so detailed, it is so well executed, and it took so long to do. This shows that, in addition to his artistic talent, Robert Pattinson has a great deal of dedication and hard work under his belt. These are the sorts of qualities that will help you succeed in life as an artist, no matter what kind you decide to specialize in. So go ahead and add another entry to your list of the greatest artists of all time.