Believe it or not, the world is a big place. And while it might seem like there’s always something going on, somehow, there really is downtime too. Oftentimes, we don’t realize how much time has gone by until we’re looking back at a photo album or calendar and seeing lots of empty spaces. Let’s be honest, life is busy. There are bills to pay, chores to do, and obligations to fulfill. So, sometimes it’s easy to forget about the little things. Like taking time for yourself, or going on a diet. But then there are cases like Rob Pattinson’s Batman diet. Where does he find the time, and is this something we should all try?

The Time Rob Pattinson Finds For Himself

It’s well-documented that Rob Pattinson is a busy man. Between filming Twilight in New Brunswick, and touring with his band, the Robert Pattinson Orchestra, the 26-year-old English actor/singer/songwriter finds himself constantly traveling and working. In fact, he’s so busy that he even has time to take a break from being busy and fit in some exercise too.

According to People, the English actor is currently on a break from his hectic schedule and has taken a trip to Italy. He’s been spending most of his time there sightseeing and eating Italian food. Since his visit to the Eternal City, Pattinson has become a hardcore fan of pasta and pizza. And let’s be honest, these foods usually end up on the couch somewhere anyway. So, it’s not like he’s hurting himself by eating them. But perhaps the real question is, does he actually find the time to fit in some exercise?

While it’s easy to assume that Rob’s busy schedule is a result of him being famous, it’s important to remember that the cast and crew of Twilight are also extremely busy too. And it’s not like Rob is doing this all by himself. He’s got tons of people helping him out. Maybe the English actor finds time because he feels he needs to. Or, at least, he can. Since Rob is one of the most in-demand and popular actors of our time, he probably feels like he can eat what he wants and not gain weight. Which, in case you were wondering, he usually does. Not that we’d blame him. He’s very attractive and seems to enjoy his food. So, it’s possible that Rob finds the time because he wants to.

Why A Batman Diet?

The English actor rose to fame after playing the role of the boy vampire in the Twilight Saga. Since then, Rob has appeared in huge films like The Lost City and the upcoming Alien: Covenant. And it seems like he’s always in demand. At least, that’s what we would assume. But, in fact, Rob has another reason for wanting to diet. It has to do with his role as Batman in the upcoming 2018 adaptation of the comic book series, Batman. (More on that below.)

As we’ve established, Italy is one of Rob’s favorite places. And it shows. Check out some of his Instagram posts from his recent trip there:

  • A selfie with the Roman statues guarding the Colosseum
  • A photo with the Italian landscape artistry
  • A picture with Gaudenzio Ferrari, the founder of the modern automobile industry

As you can see, Rob takes his time photographing everything and seems to really enjoy his trip to Italy. In fact, he even goes so far as to say that he’d like to live there one day. No wonder why. The food looks amazing, and it’s the perfect place for a tan.

We can only assume that Rob’s wanting to lose weight for his role as Batman has something to do with the movie’s plot. (We’re hoping it has something to do with a deadly poison that Batman’s been exposed to. Hopefully, the movie will make more sense than the comics. But you know how it is. Comic books. Never make sense.)

What Is Batman’s Food Diet?

While some people might assume that Rob’s wanting to lose weight for his role as Batman has something to do with the film’s plot, the truth is that the actor/musician has been working hard to achieve his shape ever since the role was cast. According to ClothesWeek, Rob has been preparing for the role by following a strict protein-rich diet. Specifically, he’s been eating lots of chicken, eggs, and fish. (If we’ve learned anything from the many dieting documentaries on Netflix, it’s that the key to looking your best is eating healthy foods and avoiding junk food. And lots of water.)

We can’t put into words what exactly Rob’s eating regimen is. But we can assure you that he’s not using any gimmicks or shortcuts in his quest to shed those extra pounds. Not that they don’t work. (Dieting is hard. We know this. We’ve researched this. So you don’t have to bash them. Just don’t expect them to give you perfect skin or perfect teeth. That’s not what they’re for.)

What Else Does Rob Pattinson Do To Look So Good?

Aside from working out and losing weight, Rob also follows a very busy schedule when it comes to looking good. Apparently, the English actor/musician does a lot of yoga. And he makes sure to do it every day. As a result, he’s got very toned arms and a slimmed down look. (We checked. He doesn’t follow any crazy diets or supplements. Just eats healthy food and does his yoga. He also watches what he eats, so it’s not like he’s gone nuts or anything. Trust us, lots of research has been done on this matter. And it seems like it all comes down to what you’ve already been told: Eat healthy food, do your yoga, and you’ll look good. Like Rob.)

So, Should You Try The Same Routine?

The answer to this question is simple: Depending on your own personal situation, you might want to try going on a diet. Or, if you’re Rob Pattinson, you might want to try the opposite. (Just kidding. He’s already done the research and knows what works for him. So, he just does it. The man looks good and knows how to take care of himself. You don’t need a lecture from us.)

If you’re interested in trying to look like Rob, perhaps the key is finding the time to do it. Between shooting schedules and touring with your band, it’s easy to see how the English actor finds the time to lose weight for a role. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy for the rest of us. (Although, it’s definitely doable. With a little bit of self-discipline and good planning, it’s possible to fit in some workouts and healthy eating. Even without going on a diet, it’s possible to make changes to work towards healthy living. Just think about what works for you and be honest with yourself. Sometimes it’s not about looking a certain way. It’s about finding the time to fit in the workouts and the food that makes you look and feel your best.)

In conclusion, while it’s fascinating to learn about what Rob Pattinson is eating and how he’s preparing for his role as Batman, it’s not exactly practical to try and emulate his diet. After all, we don’t all have the time to work out every day and follow a diet perfectly. (Although, it would be pretty cool to be able to eat whatever you want and still lose weight. Not that we’d tell him to do that either.)