With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice approaching, fans are getting very hyped. The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive look at one of the most anticipated superhero rivalries of all time. The article features Robert Pattinson (The Batman) and Ben Affleck (The Flash) as they prepare for the big-budget movie with costumed photographer Annie Leibovitz. She also chats about her experience working with the superstar actors. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll see in the piece:

The Prep Work

Before Affleck and Pattinson even suit up in their costumes for the movie, they have to go through an arduous prep work schedule. The photographer captured the actors in various stages of costume and makeup, as they work to establish the visual identity of their characters. The article says these are “the most painstaking parts of the process,” adding that Leibovitz “never felt more involved in the creative process.”

Pattinson and Affleck’s prep work starts two weeks before the shoot. First they do their research by visiting comic book stores and watching anime, checking out the costumes of other superheroes and villains. (Batman v Superman shows some incredible superhero costumes. It is hard to choose a favorite, but I would have to go with Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. She is stunning.)

Pattinson and Affleck also prepare by reading comics and watching movies, establishing a character reference point so that when they put on the costumes they will feel like they are embodying those characters rather than just dressing up like them.

The pair of them look very cool and collected during their prep work. (I love how they pull off the comic-book style of outfits. Being able to work with actors of this caliber is what got me into this business in the first place.)

Comfort Is Key

Affleck and Pattinson need to feel confident enough in their costumes to not feel intimidated by the cameras. As Leibovitz points out, “The costumes need to feel comfortable, like they were made for them.”

Comfort is key because the movie is going to be filmed in the actors’ understating and they are going to be standing and acting for long periods. This is why the costumes for Batman and Superman need to fit perfectly. (Yes, that is Ben Affleck in the background posing with his wife Jennifer Garner. He is helping her with her costume, which she is trying on multiple times. There is so much continuity in this photo. It feels like one big costume closet.)

The key thing about the costumes is that they need to be comfortable. The article says Leibovitz and her team of stylists and seamstresses worked “around the clock” to make sure these were the case. (This is a recurring theme throughout the article. While the film was being made, EW went to great lengths to keep the film’s costume secrets. You will see many behind-the-scenes images of the production team hard at work. So much effort went into creating the perfect Batman and Superman outfits for this movie, and I am sure audiences will get to see the result.)

Fashion Versus Function

While the costumes for Batman and Superman are important, there is also a functional aspect to them. They have to be able to move around in the films without a problem, and they need to be able to fight effectively. These two factors affect the way the costumes are designed. (This is one of the reasons why Wonder Woman’s outfit is different from Batman and Superman’s. She is a strong independent woman and does not let men oppress her. She stands for what is right and fights for justice.)

The article states that during the prep work phase, “There is always the fine line between fashion and function.” Even when Affleck and Pattinson are not in costume, they are still concerned about maintaining their fight stances while staying comfortable in their outfits. (This is why, even when in costume, Batman and Superman always have something utilitarian on their wrists. They need something to hold on to while punching and kicking.)

Batman v Superman is going to be one of the most anticipated superhero movies of all time. Even people who are not fans of the genre are excited about this movie because it is going to be so different from anything else out there. (I hope to see Gal Gadot’s booty in this one!)