Many people believe that Batman and Robert Pattinson are somehow related. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While they both live an exciting life in the spotlight, their paths in the limelight haven’t crossed. Let’s take a look at the evidence and see if any of it supports the theory. We’ll start at the beginning and go through each piece of evidence one by one.

They Were both Born in June

While it’s true that both men were born in June, this is where the similarities end. Robert was born in London, England and grew up in Scotland. He then moved to Australia, where he currently resides. As for Batman, he was born in Gotham City and grew up in Fort Wayne. He later moved to Canada and then back to Gotham, where he currently lives. There’s no evidence that either man shares any other commonalities beyond sharing the same month of birth. One man’s night life could never be described as exciting as the other’s. They’re both extremely talented and stylish individuals, but beyond that, it’s fair to say that their lives are quite different.

Batman’s Family Is More Extensive

Another reason the two men might be mistaken for being related is because Batman’s family is more extensive than most people realize. In the comics, he’s got a lot of relatives that he’s very close to. He even has a cousin named Vicki Vale, who works for the police department. She’s been mentioned several times in the Batman comics, and always makes an appearance at some point during a story. She’s always been portrayed as an extremely cool and stylish lady, a total contrast to Bruce’s more stoic persona. He’s also got other relatives that live in Europe and Asia. This is because it was established back in the 40s that Batman’s parents were sent to an asylum after the events of The Dark Knight. While in the asylum, they both escaped and were never found. It was only after this that Bruce decided to pursue a life in crime fighting. The fact that he’s got such a large family and is very close to them is a key plot point in many of the Batman comics and animated films. It makes him a much more interesting and multidimensional character. Perhaps this is why some people think that he and Robert might be related. They’ve both got impressive pedigrees and it’s only natural that some people would want to claim them as kin.

Robert Wasn’t Born to be a Rebel

One more reason to believe that Batman and Robert aren’t related is because Robert wasn’t born to be a rebel. When he was younger, he attended Eton College, an all-boys school in England. There, he was the captain of the football team and earned himself a place at Oxford University. It was here that he became a full-time rebel. He dropped out of university and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film. He then went on to direct music videos and work on set as a still photographer. These days, he mostly stays out of the limelight and only performs in small venues around Los Angeles. He’s made a few exceptions, like when he had a small cameo in the 2015 film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was a very brief appearance, but it was enough to show that he’s still alive and well. And, as you might expect, he’s continued to work on set, as a director and producer. His company, Wave Crest, handles production on many movies and television shows. It’s an interesting journey, since he wasn’t born into a life of luxury or privilege. He grew up in a squat in London with nine siblings. The only child of actress Anna Maria Grover and musician Nick Griffiths, he has a very unique perspective on life. He’s been described as a “rebel without a cause.” But it’s more accurate to say that he’s a photographer without a camera. He’s taken his own photos for fun and, when he’s had the opportunity, he’s even gone above and beyond to take incredible landscapes and architectural shots. The most stunning and unique image that he’s ever taken is of a night market in Bangkok, Thailand. He visited the country as a part of a photo assignment and stayed in a guesthouse that was right in the center of the city. He spent a lot of time exploring the markets and getting to know the locals, who he describes as “laughing, happy people.” It was an unforgettable experience for him, as he found the people fascinating and the culture very welcoming. He also got the chance to see the temples and watch the sunset, which he says is one of the most beautiful scenes he’s ever witnessed. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Robert’s life and career is the fact that he’s a self-made man. He’s done very well for himself, working in high-profile studios and on big-name projects. But he’s also spent time in smaller offices, doing production work and editing for other filmmakers. He’s edited and co-edited eight documentaries and has his own production company, Pedestrian, which he started in 2012. To say that Batman isn’t a fan of his work is an understatement. He’s been quoted as saying, “I don’t even own a suit. I don’t need suits. I don’t even know how to act in front of a camera. I don’t even know how to act in general.” This is the exact opposite of what you’d expect from someone who is clearly related to such a well-bred individual as Bruce. And it’s an attitude that Robert has carried with him through life and into the public eye. He’s been described as a “superhero with no superpowers,” which perhaps best explains his unique perspective and refusal to play by the rules. Whether it’s to spite Batman or just for fun, Robert has continued to rebel against authority and defy expectations throughout his career. While some might see this as a negative trait, it’s really just what makes him interesting. As for the future, he’s got a lot of projects in the works, both in front of and behind the camera. And at the age of 47, he’s still as stylish and self-possessed as ever. He’s directed four feature films so far and is set to direct a fifth, The Game Changer, in 2020. It will be the first movie adaptation of the Mortal Engines series and it will be based on the upcoming book, Mortal Engines: A Brave New World, by English author, Philip Reeve. Stay tuned for more details on that as they become available. In the meantime, check out these incredible images of Robert Pattinson and browse his Instagram, where he regularly shares images of Batman and other famous figures. If you’d like to follow his adventures, you can also look up his travel adventures and short film projects on his official website, His Instagram and Twitter handles are @robertpattinson and @robertpattinson_org, respectively. While it’s great that he’s managed to carve out a place for himself in the spotlight, it wouldn’t hurt to let him enjoy the moment and not let it go to his head. As for Batman, he’s still going strong after more than 70 years. He’s been an inspiration to many people, especially those that can relate to his more solitary lifestyle and intense training regime. He’s also been known to help out with cases, when he feels that a certain person or agency needs a bit of assistance. He’s a complex character and a lot of fun to be around, even if you don’t share the same passion for cinema that he and his cousin obviously do.