It must be said that Hollywood’s sweetheart is quite the unique individual. The English actor has had a Hollywood career for almost two decades, yet he still finds time for some truly remarkable adventures. Earlier this year, the handsome hunk went on a luxury vacation to Italy with his wife, Kaya. While there, he set out to explore the country’s medieval towns and the Amalfi coast. He was later seen relaxing at the beach with a drink in hand, as well as wandering through the streets with a smile on his face. This was followed by a trip to Japan where the couple became world-famous overnight. The star then took a break from filming to spend some quality time with his kids, before jetting back to his wife and kids in Los Angeles. We couldn’t think of a more fitting way to describe his escapades than “remarkable”.

While we’re on the subject of Italy, it wouldn’t be a vacation without talking about the actor’s favorite place in the country. And, oh, how we love to talk about his favorite place! Of course, we’re talking about Venice, the actor’s latest vacation destination. He hasn’t been there in a while, and, when he does, he often spends time in a gondola, enjoying a ride across the water. He doesn’t even need a trailer to haul his stuff around when he’s acting in Italy, because he knows the country well enough to navigate traffic on his own. So, it seems, does his luxury vehicle. Because we can’t keep our eyes off of him when he’s in this amazing Italian car, we thought it would be a good idea to tell you about it, too.

A One-of-a-Kind Car

We’re not sure if there’s such a thing as a Batmobile vanity license plate, but if there is, Pattinson would certainly be on the lookout for one. The English actor has been spotted in a variety of extravagant vehicles in his time. He’s always been open about the fact that he likes to drive fast and that he’s rarely seen without a helmet. But his fascination with bats extends beyond his love of cars. According to Life & Style, the hunk has also been seen with a variety of bats tucked under his arm, as he explores the Mexican jungle and its caves. Whether he’s in a truck or a gondola, the actor seems to consistently be looking for ways to explore, and we’ve always loved it when he puts a new spin on an old favorite place. The list of places he’s visited is endless, and it seems that the more familiar the destination, the more unique his approach. This particular ride, however, is something else altogether. It’s not just any ordinary car. It’s a one-of-a-kind creation that we’re sure will catch the eyes of any who see it – especially since it was custom-made to resemble the famous Batman utility vehicle.

The Making Of A Legendary Car

Located in the English countryside, the house that Jackie O bought for her husband, Winston, in 1954 is pretty spectacular. It came with some pretty decent grounds that the couple started to grow their own veggies on. After visiting the place in the late 1960s, British artist David Bailey recalled in A Beautiful Mind that, “It was so exciting… to think that we could live in such an incredible house, with all the modern conveniences, and still have our toes in the grass.” That was then. This is now. While the gardener still waters the front lawn and the kitchen still has its original linoleum, we can’t help but wonder what the place would look like today. We can only assume that the grass would be a lot greener, and a much more complicated maze of pipes would probably run along the baseboard. Thankfully, Jackie and Winston’s bedroom still has its original cherry wood furniture and there’s a fireplace that still works. The bathroom, too, has not changed at all, and there’s still a bathtub with an overhead shower. We would have liked to have seen some other rooms updated, but we can’t complain about the things that haven’t changed.

What Is It?

If we’re not mistaken, this is one of the more unique cars to ever hit the auction block. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the iconic black and white patterned ‘bat’ emblem is attached to the front end, either. The design of this particular vehicle is somewhat reminiscent of a T-shirt, with slits along the front and back that accentuate its silhouette. According to The New York Times, the British newspaper The Times, and various other online sources, the actor purchased the car for £16,250 ($25,600) in 2011. Since then, it has been his daily driver. We would assume that he still keeps the same custom-made leather seats and the dash is still adorned with rows of dials and gauges. There’s also a wooden box that conceals his secret stash of weapons and other contraband. While the outside of this car may have changed, its insides remain the same. For better or worse, it’s still a beast inside.

Where Did It Come From?

This particular Batmobile first came about as the result of a design contest held by the Classic Car Club of Great Britain. The owner decided to give £500 to the best of the best, and the design he liked the most ended up on the road. Back in 2011, the British newspaper The Times described the car as “a true labor of love, a one-off tribute to the Dark Knight…[and] a car that will never be repeated.” In the years since then, the Batmobile has only become more of a collectible item, with prices reaching into the thousands of pounds. In 2018, it was estimated to sell for £16,250 ($25,600), which is probably what Pattinson paid for it in the first place. With its hand-me-down leather seats and its homemade-look dashboard, the vehicle definitely hasn’t been repurposed from a former life as a family transporter. The fact that his kids have their hands on the wheel is also a dead giveaway that, while the seats may have been changed, this is still daddy’s car.

Who Wants To Own It?

If you’ve ever seen the actor in a film, you know exactly who we’re talking about here. While we wait for Robert Pattinson to pop the question and become a full-time adventurer, we’ll enjoy watching his journeys in movies for a little while longer.